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June 21 2007

Brian K. Vaughan misses Runaways and may turn Giles into a goat. Brian K. Vaughan talks about writing for TV and comics in some short videos on Wired. He mentions in the 'Exchange Program' video that he misses writing Runaways now that he has left it, and he'll exact revenge on Giles if Joss kills one of his beloved characters.

...oh and, this is my first post (and my first comment). Um, hi.
Welcome, welcome... 'Orrible Cabbage
Poor Giles...
if Joss kills(...)
Uh-Oh... I think we might have a problem Houston.
All I get is headings, no text. I'll have to try at home I guess.
Whee! I love Brian K. Vaughan will all of my heart. Thanks for sharing!

Plus this is good. Maybe it means Whedon will keep the kids alive... maybe.
Cool post, 'Orrible Cabbage. BKV's Faith will rip it up.

And I think all discussions of murder, abuse and alcoholism should be backed by Lite Jazz chords.
Very cool. I can see why he and Joss get along.

For those interested, the video "Exchange Program" talks about Joss, Runaways and the Buffy comics.
As long as he is a goat for a shorter time than Amy was a rat I'll be fine :)

Plus Joss wouldn't kill one of the kids....would he?
Yes, because Vaughan never killed any of the Runaways himself...
Never dare Joss to kill a beloved character, 'cause he'll do it! He's funny that way.
Craig Oxbrow, you make a very compelling point, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. Joss should threaten to kill Molly in a vat of boiling tears if Vaughan doesn't resurrect MY FAVORITE RUNNER!
*pepares herself for the new Spin off: "Giles - The watcher goat"*


*Then thinks: Donīt dare Joss to kill one - itīll make him kill more*

And no, we dont want to know where this leads, want we?
lol.. I can now see why BKV and Joss are friends. I saw that article in Wired, it was really well done. Glad they added extra content on their site.
Well I'm still hoping that Joss will raise someone from the dead first (hint hint), but if he DOES kill anyone, then Brian will have to come up with something a little more original than a goat (because in 'A New Man' Giles already was kind of a big strong goat like guy...).
Finally, goats!
I've been waiting for someone to bring up the goat issue.
Or, say "goats".

(Also, I really need a newsletter. I designed one once, but it was for a wildlife charity.

No goats, though.)
I see some text here. Alas, I can't watch video where I am now.

I'd be ok with Xavin dying heroically. And I'm cool with goat-Giles, but sadly it seems unlikely that Spike will be nearby to provide witty commentary. So I think he needs to rethink that. It's not evil enough.

[ edited by Sunfire on 2007-06-22 00:38 ]
Xavin won't die heroically. He'll be shot in the heart after a tender romantic liason. Karolina will go insane and attempt to destroy the world. Afterwards, Karolina will recover her sanity and rarely mention Xavin again.

Oh wait...

Since dispatching beloved characters is a common theme, I wonder if Joss was hard on his toys as a kid. Did he toss them off the roof when he grew tired of them? You know, made them fly away like "a leaf in the wind."

Shakespeare was probably hard on his toys, too. I write that because Joss and the Bard share the same modus operandi, which is make the audience fall in love and then punish them for doing it.

So the lesson is simple, kiddies - beware and shield your heart (and possibly your toys) when reading Joss. :)
^^^ I'm not all caught up on Runaways -- I'm only through the first two collections, volumes 1 and 2. That said, I thought Karolina was gay?
Orphea, you're right, but keep reading.
Intriguing! OK, OK.
***Runaways SPOILERS for anyone not fairly up-to-date on the book***

If Joss or Brian kill Xavin, I'll like, revolt or something. As far as post-Volume 1 additions go, I find I'm liking Xavin a lot more than Victor, most issues, though I don't have a problem with any of the characters really.

Those hoping for a Gert resurrection, I understand the love for the character, but I think the come-back would cheapen a fairly strong death scene. Then again, Runaways is almost built on taking Marvel cliches and shamelessly running with them, re-working them, or turning them completely on their heads (the team is made up of certain "types" found in the Marvel Universe--a mutant, an alien, a robot, another alien that's a shapechanger, a magic-user, a son of evil inventors, a pet monster). So in an odd sort of way, Runaways having a major main character's resurrection might "fit" the tone of the comic (then again, they already did Geoffrey Wilder, so it's way too soon). I dunno, I'm just...against it on principle, I guess. I almost never like resurrections.

I hope this means Vaughan will return to Runaways soon after Joss leaves. Immediately after works too. I know he's talked about it as a concept that he wanted to leave for others to play with and that it could go on for a long time, but does anyone really wanna be reading the book long into its 500s ? According to a heck of a lot of longtime fans, some of the runs of those decades-old superhero books are made up of more mediocre and bad than genuinely good portions. I know that's how it felt at times when I was reading more superhero waited around in hopes that the bits of good would make up for the meh (TV comparison: my time with Seasons 1 through 4 of Smallville), or that you the reader would be gifted with an extended period of awesome. It feels like it's a lot different lately with the editorial having a keener eye for strong scripts than simply 5 alternate flashy covers per issue and pleasing the collector's market, but even so, you kinda worry about the continuity and overall vision of the story being kept intact if it changes hands with too many writers too many times.

Having some sort of ending in sight, however fuzzy, or even just knowing that you will end it, is much appreciated. I love Vaughan's works, but I don't wanna be contributing to any one of them for a huge chunk of my life (and for those simply saying, "well just stop reading them when you're sick of 'em", I don't wanna get sick of them and I don't want to end up feeling like I wasted money on becoming invested in a beginning without being rewarded with a conclusive end). Have the courage to end your stories and, if they're well told, I'll try out your next project.

I dunno, maybe it was out of Vaughan's hands. I don't know if Runaways started out creator-owned...probably not. Maybe, due to it's success, Marvel's required that it keeps going for as long as sales warrant it.

[ edited by Kris on 2007-06-22 05:39 ]
Even if Joss kills someone, he would never kill Molly... Damn, I guess thats why it would be her.
You know... we've have a goat easter egg on this site since the start. Nobody has ever commented on it.
Well, speaking for myself I can't see the bad in this. Goats are very fine, intelligent, independent & resourceful (if at times anti-authoritarian) creatures. I think Giles will make a very fine goat. ;-)
There was a brief discussion a couple of years ago about the goat sound:

It's all very silly.

Edited to linkify the url.

[ edited by Caleb on 2007-06-22 09:22 ]
Totally forgot that. Thanks, Caleb.
Ha! I clicked that once on accident when I had multiple windows open, and I wondered where it came from. I never suspected the sound came from Whedonesque. D'oh.

I really liked Xavin when he make a proclamation of his mad Skrull skills and then immediately goofed up. Funny! That's why he should die heroically-- I like him a bit now. Plus if it was a Whedon "death," it would be a character-building event, not an end point. I think Xavin's actually got a lot of growing up to do.
It's always the goats that get sacrificed. And scaped.
Giles is turned into a goat and needs to be rescued from sacrifice? Hmmm... maybe. When was the last time there were Giles hijinks of some kind? The vampire nuzzling scene comes to mind.

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