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June 21 2007

Librarians will catalog the Serenity! Information about the Can't Stop the Serenity screenings in Arlington listed on the Official Wiki of the 2007 American Library Association Annual Conference in Washington, DC, which begins today.

Browncoats in the Washington, DC area spearheading the Can't Stop the Serenity charity movie screenings over the weekend in Arlington may be joined by librarians galore, who are in town to attend the 2007 Annual Conference of the American Library Association. The conference draws librarians and accompanying library professionals and also library vendors and publishers and authors from all across the country (and from all over the world!). A star-studded set of events is planned for the nearly weeklong event, so don't assume that the guy in the next row just looks like Ken Burns or Nick Hornby or that woman sitting in front of you just looks like Julie Andrews or Nikki Giovanni--! Shhhhiny!!

Ooooh! Shiny! I'm going to the screenings!
I'll be there Friday night!
I want to be there Friday, I'll have to see if I can go.

librarians = awesome*.
Browncoats = awesome*.

So librarians + Browncoats = awesome x 2?

* some exceptions, but generally true.

I'll be at the Saturday show.
I'll be at the saturday one as well. I figure, what can beat a day of Firefly? Ah yes. The drafthouse's fries.
librarians + Browncoats + yummy eats = awesome X 3.

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