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June 22 2007

Entertainment Weekly loves Chiwetel Ejiofor. Entertainment Weekly is running a list of movie stars that they love, and the picture of our beloved Operative is part of the front page picture for the list.

I just love how this was posted today, just in time for the CSTS screenings this weekend. :)

They forgot to mention how outstanding he was in Tsunami, the Aftermath. The man is hot!
I haven't seen that. In fact, there's a lot of Chiwetel's work I haven't seen. I think the only films of his that I have seen are: Serenity, Love Actually, Inside Man, and Children of Men. I'm actually considering giving him a special place of honor, along with Christian Bale and Viggo Mortensen, on my Netflix list. :)
I love him too.

After reading that I finally know how to pronounce his name.
I know what you mean when you say, our beloved Operative (he's in the Whedon pantheon now) but it does seem a bit contraindicated. :>)

Chiwetel is a fantastic actor. If you haven't also seen Dirty Pretty Things and Kinky Boots, you haven't lived. He has the acting range of the great Rocky Mountains.
My personal favorite is Four Brothers. He's downright scary in that one, and you'd never know he was from England.
Chiwtel is quickly turning into a "must see" actor for me. I took notice of him in Amistad and try to see anything he is in. I have to say my favorite performance of his was Red Dust. Wait until you see Talk to Me. Chiwetel and Don Cheadle are fabulous together.

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Chiwetel and Don Chedle? *drool*
AND he cooks?

*drools more*
Yeah, I'm really looking forward to Talk to Me. I think it will be excellent and in all honesty I can see an Oscar nomination for one or both of them already.

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