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June 22 2007

Mark Kermode mentions Joss Whedon. He reviews the film 'Captivity' during his BBC Radio Five Live slot and talks about this post during a discussion about the controversy surrounding the advertising campaign for the film. Available to download as a podcast and to listen streamed.

He doesn't unfortunately give Whedonesque's name, preferring to call it Joss's blog.

I've pretty much agreed with every Mark Kermode review I've seen this year. Which either means he's got as shite or good taste as me, depending on how you look at it.

I've seen 4 trailers at the cinema for this now.
Seen posters, not seen the trailer though. 'Infantile piece of dung' , 'asinine', 'misogynist', 'everyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed', I think it's fairly safe to say young Mark is not a 'Captivity' fan ;).

Kermode's sometimes a bit up his own arse but at least he's not usually snobby about genre stuff. He's normally worth listening to, even when I disagree with his review.

(the 'Captivity' stuff starts about 20 mins in BTW, so a '15' and five '1's will get you there ;)
Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian calls it a 'queasy and mostly nauseating piece of torture-porn', and 'a very sorry and unthrilling piece of nastiness, peddling some pretty crass nonsense about what it imagines to be female psychology'.
I going to go see Waitress and Serenity instead.
But it's Elisha Cuthbert!
I'm apologizing right now for all the edits--not a good blood-flowing-to-the-brain day.

'everyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed'

As well, everyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed whilst being hit with rubber hoses. God bless Mark Kermode and the other fellow who chimed in for calling this film what it is. It's saying a lot that Kermode's compadre said he would, Rather sandblast his scrotum than see another piece of celluloid like Captivity again. But to find out, because I never bothered to read much about it (the poster panels were nauseating enough, thank you very much) that Roland Joffe, Roland.Joffe, director of The Killing Fields and The Mission, two absolutely towering films, is responsible for directing this piece of crap? Disillusioned X a million white-hot burning suns.

ETA: I meant to say also that I feel sorry for the poor bastards who review the wide spectrum of films to make a living. I doubt my eyeballs or my psyche would recover very soon from viewing films like that. I have a friend who makes a partial living from this and recently reviewed Hostel 2. No offense to Eli's relative here, but I will never see that or any other film where torture is the main event. More power to those of you who can find some artfulness in it, I do not begrudge you seeing films like or of its ilk (note that I don't believe the Hostel or Saw films are in the same category as Captivity). My friend knew my objections and was able to incorporate them a bit, having read that I'd seen Heather Matarazzo in an interview broadcast by the IFC Channel on cable, say that she actually got a thrill from being exposed the way she was (in so many words). Needless to say, my sensibilities were frozen for some time after that, just digesting the ramifications of what that meant.

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