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June 22 2007

And happy birthday to Joss Whedon. He turns 43 today.

Happy birthday, big guy. We luvs ya.
Not the 23rd here yet so.... "I feel a pre-birthday spanking coming on"
Happy birthday, boss. Maturing like the finest of wines.
Happy Birthday!

Hope you have a wonderful day.
Happy day of mirth, Joss. Shiny it may be.
Happy birthday! Have a great day with lots of cake! :D
Yes quite, not the 23rd in the U.S. yet, but dear Joss, Happy Birthday Wishes. I hope you do ... NEAT STUFF, and are feted, wined and dined, and generally shown a good time!! (Having children, mayhap a private nap in your study would be a good time ...) And regarding presents, are you a rip and tear guy, or do you primly peel the tape away from the paper to save and recycle? :-)
I feel bad saying it while it's still the 22nd here, but somehow I don't think the universe will care all that much, so...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (original, right? I know!)
Many happy returns!
The great part being, it's still not the answer to "What is 6 x 9 ?" ;-).

Happy birthday Joss, and many more (sorry, no tips for getting twice as many drinks this year, s'your own fault for surviving past a multiple of 21 ;). Course, if life actually does begin at 40 you shouldn't be drinking anyway.

And #54367 in the big book of cheery birthday thoughts ...

... somehow I don't think the universe will care all that much ...

Ssshhh ! This is the one day of the year he has to try to forget that ;).
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSS!!!! Just like to state that 23 is my favorite number and you are my favorite person, so it all works out!
I think Simon just wanted to be the first. ;)

Happy birthday, My master! I shall be drinking a toast to ye this weekend.
you know what would be fun to do on your birthday?? how about showing up to b!x's portland CSTS. your status of god would go up so much more. there's nothing in it for me, i'm not in portland. just seems like a good time.
and hb.
Happy Birthday, Joss!

I hope you have a great birthday surrounded by the ones you love.
Happy birthday Joss! I hope I'm half as awesome as you are when I'm 43.
Heh. Just a youngun...

Happy Birthday man!

Happy Birthday! Wishing you an unconditional hug!

May be early here, but it seems like it is Joss Whedon weekend all over the world! Lots of us will be celebrating the wonder Joss has brought us this weekend!
Happy birthday O Great One!
Joss, have a blast for your birthday and the coming year ahead
Happy birthday, Joss. We'll be thinking of you tonight at the Arlington screening of Serenity.
Aww. Happy birthday, you awesome possum.
Have a very shiny birthday!
Happy Birthday, Joss. We're everso glad you got borned. Stay that way.

Although I’m trying very hard
To sound unlike a birthday card,
That’s all this is: so you may find it
Full of all that lies behind it
Admiration; friendship too;
And hope that in the future you
Reap ever richer revenue.

- Philip Larkin
He's not only getting older..he's getting better. Buffy Season 8 is proof of that.
Happy 43rd birthday, Joss! I say we all celebrate with pie, taking in "Waitress" with Nathan Fillion this weekend, and attend a Serenity screening this weekend.

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Warm wishes to Mr. Whedon on his natal day
Hoping many wonderful things come along your way
I hope you have fun all day long
And that everyone sings you a happy song
There's balloons, candy, and a chocolate cake
Covered in icing that tastes really great
Family and friends gathered around to wish you the best
As you blow out the candles with a long puff of breath
Joss: all over the country Browncoats will be wishing you a Happy Birthday by watching Serenity and raising cashy money for Equality Now! See how much you have accomplished in 43 short years?
Bon anniversaire, happy birthday Joss!
Happy Birthday, Joss! Hope it's a good year!
I hope you have a great birthday, Joss, doing whatever will make you happy.
Happy Birthday, Joss! I'm not near any of the Serenity screenings, but I'll be having my own to celebrate your day! May you have many, many more!
Happy B-Day to Joss from one of your many fans from Austin, Texas. I hope you'll be able to make it to one of the screenings, if not, take care man.
Birthday salutations to you,Joss!

You can't see it, but I'm doing the dance of joy in your honor.

Have a great one!
Happy birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Joss! I hope it's wonderful!
Happy Birthday, Joss! Hope you have a great, cake-filled day.
Have a great birthday! (And try to do more fun, less work... at least on the one day)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday!
Many Happy Returns of the Day!
Happy Birthday, and many more to come! :)
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Joss!
You no longer have the geekiest/coolest age. Ah, well. Have a good one!
Happy Birthday!
Still 6/22 in the States, but no matter! Happy birthday, Joss!

We'll be wishin' ya well at the Cleveland Serenity screening!
Happy birthday. I hope it's a good one.
Happy birthday, guy.

And now, a blast from the past:
The Joss Birthday Project @ The Internet Archive
Originally published 2001. Some images broken.
Happy Birthday to my favorite screenwriter, director and comic book auteur! They'll be reading, watching and appreciating you for centuries. (So long as apocalypses stay fantasies ;-)
¡Feliz Cumpleaños Señor Whedon!
Happy birthday, Joss.
Happy Birthday to you Joss. You and your works are the reason we're all here in the first place! Love to your house, from me and mine.

Don't even know if you like beer - or bud for that matter - but a toast seems in order, and most times I'm derivative and lame:

"For all you do, this bud's for you." ;)
おたんじょうび おめでとう ございます!
You probably can't read that, but I'm sure you know what it means. ^-^ Have a wonderful birthday!
Happy Birthday Joss!!! Thank you so much for everything!
Happy Birthday, Joss. I got you a present, but it's tormenting the people in my home. If I ever catch it, I'll be sure to get it to you. ;)

And, thank you.
As you go through life, bathe now and then.
If you encounter difficulties, eat cake.
Be happy that you aren't a camel. Or the guy behind the camel.
As you get older, it's important to moisturize. What you choose to moisturize is your business.
When life sucks, suck back. Then rinse and spit.
When all is said and done, it gets very quiet and everyone leaves.

Happy Birthday, Joss. 43 is just a prime number. The next time that happens, you will be 47, which has some sort of significance to JJ Abrams.

Eat some cake.
I just had the random urge to address this to Jossicle.

Anyway, you roxx0r. Enjoy your cakez0r. Etc.

ETA: Kevingann, hee... I am always putting that in birthday cards at the office and confounding people. :)

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Joss, glad you were born and stuff. Hope you have exactly the kind of birthday celebration you crave.

A lot of other folks are celebrating with you and for you. 'Tis a shiny weekend indeed all around.

And thank you for giving me so much enjoyment and so many things to ponder, and such way cool camaraderie with other fans.
Four - D - Three.

You sunk my Reaver Cruiser!

See, the extra coordinate, um, eliminated "Battleship" from consideration and, I-uh, went for a space...yeah, this isn't working.

Happy Birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday Joss!

祝你生日快樂﹗Really looking forward to the CSTS screening in Melbourne tonight!
To a wonderful man, happy birthday, Joss.
Happy Birthday, Joss!
Happy birthday Joss.
yay to another year of not dying!
Happy birthday and lots of cake!
38 minutes until your b-day California time.

Happy birthday! Your life is now like... 1/3rd of the way over. I hope you're enjoying the ride.

[ edited by Celluloid Novelist on 2007-06-23 07:26 ]
Not only is he more talented, he's also a year younger than I am. Grr, argh. Happy birthday, Mr Whedon.
Adding a bit more birthday cheer to the thread. Hope you have a good day!
Happy Birthday, JW. Glad you are still flyin'!
Okay, now it's the 23rd in California. Happy Birthday! JW.
Happy birthday, Joss! What a blessing you were ever born.

Now, a question I've been dying to ask you: why do you create such strong women characters?
Happy Birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday, Boss! Hope it's a great one.
Happy Birthday, Joss!

You have done much for your fans that keeps bringing us back to your work no matter what form it is in.

We admire that you stand-up for what you believe in and that you encourage others to do the same.

Much Luck. Much Love. Much Joy. Much Prosperity.
Happy Birthday Joss
Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin!!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, boss. We'll sing for it at Saturday's screening. Presuming, of course, that I don't forget to mention it they way I did last year.
Happy Birthday, Boss Man! Much love and cake to you!
Happy Birthday Joss!! Let there be cake!
Thank you for the pleasure your story telling has brought and continues to bring to my life!
Happy Birthday, Joss! Don't do anything today and just savour the moment. You're so damn busy that I swear you get 34 hours in your days!
Happy Mirthday! I have fruit cake left over from the wedding if you wants some!
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Alles Liebe für dich!
Your birthday party in the "Californian Governor's hometown" was a huge success. We even had ouzo and tequila in your honor. Sorry, you missed it. ;-)
My advise: Celebrate your Birthday a little less hang-overy, you'll feel the next day better for it, although you're twice drinking age plus one! But then the ballad of Jayne works much better drunk... Do as you please!
Cake! Cake!
Happy Birthday! And may Equality Now enjoy your present. Or may you enjoy Equality Now's present.

Either way, it's good.
Wishing you love, good health, happiness and fulfilment in all that you do, today and always.

Have a fantastic birthday, Joss!

May there be cake and shiny ballons of joy!
Joyeux anniversaire Joss ! (Happy birthday from France)
I wish you the best for the future, and thank you for everything you've already done.

(My first post couldn't be more perfect).
Happy birthday boss, hope it's a shiny one, with much presentiness and good cheer.
Raising my (water) glass to you this morning, bossman. It's a rather cool tribute to your rather cool... ness that this place devoted to JOSS THE WAY WE LIKE IT isn't just some Groundhog's Day retread of fan-gush and and flame-fanning. It's a living, breathing, relevant thing that asks hard questions while having fun. It raises interesting issues while goofing-off and doing things that matter. It's smart and silly and it tastes like chicken. It's very often about something. (Okay, sometimes it's about the pants Michelle Trachtenberg wore to a premiere, but you get what I mean.)

That's a kickass reflection of you and your work and your impact and that's I'm here. (And, happening to find my best friend, partner-in-crime, and new husband in these parts was the wildly caloric icing on the chocolatey cake. Oooh... cake. Mmmm. Have lots of cake.) Happiest of birthdays to you, Joss... hope it's a day filled with wonder and silliness and a year of adventure. (Plus, more cake.) Cheers, mate.
Happy Birthday Joss, thanks for being you. Have a good one.
Happy birthday to the god that is Joss Whedon, hope you have the bestest day ever ohhh and i hope you get the bestest pressies too. I pretty much just wanted to say thankyou for making the world a better place, with your work. Without Buffy I don't know where I'd be today (probably in some sort of mental hospital shhhh)I was gonna just type worship to everything you've ever created, done or said but I'm sure you probably hear that stuff everyday so just know that we all luv you here and I personally will be celebrating tonight for you (alcohol yum) You keep me sane Joss so thankyou and happy birthday. Have some worship HUGS.

P.S If the world didn't suck we'd all fall off
Happy Birthday, Joss. You're only about 23 years older than me.
Peace and long life. Live long and prosper. May your birthday be wicked awesome, as they say...whoever "they" are. I'll have to investigate this further.
Anyway, thank you for all you do, and for making me want to write.
Happy Birthday, Your Purpleness. Think not overly much about how many years you've seen, and instead on how many are to come. :)
I say turn tradition on its ear and have birthday pie!

Hope your day rocks beyond the telling of it!
Have a great birthday, Joss.
Happy Birthday - Keep Rockin' !
Happy Birthday, Joss. 43 is a good age. Enjoy!
And from us as well - with love and gratitude!
Happy, happy, oh great Hoppy Hoppy Bunny! (Sorry, An.)

Just had to weigh in with my "I'm SO glad you were born."

Hope you have a Very Shiny day.

Thank you.

Just a big ole honking THANK YOU.

Jill (new member here)
Hope you have a great birthday Joss!!!
To the man at the top of my hero worship list (actually the only person on it) Happy Birthday - hope you have tons of cake and a great day :)
Have you ever thought about *not* celebrating your birthday?

happy bday boss :)
Happy Birthday Joss!! you are such a step above bro. thanks for the HOURS of joy you've brought to my life! Many more friend.

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Hope you have a lovely birthday!! Have a relaxing day...spend some time with the kiddies and the wife. You can work on more amazingness!
Chestit Rozden Den! ( that would be the Bulgarian version).
Have a wonderful, beautiful day!
Happy Birthday Joss! Hope you have a great day! I'll be watching the BDM today along with pretty much every other browncoat across the world!
Happy Happy Birthday to my own personal Buddha! I hope you're having a wonderful one with your family. You're the coolest.
Have a happy day Mr. Joss--you rule supreme.
Day is a vestigial mode of time measurement. Based on solar cycles. Not applicable… I didn't get you anything.

But really, Happy Birthday!
Have fun, and cake (not just protein).
Oh capitan, my capitan. Oh hero of words, happy birthday!!
Bon Anniversaire! La fromage est belle! Je porte le fromage, le fromage ne me porte pas!
Happy birthday!
Congrats on another successful revolution around the sun!
May your birthday be of the happy variety!

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Don't want to interrupt the flow of champagne, but Mods, can the the birthday thread stay on the right side links for the day should it get dangerously close to falling off the page?
Congrats on another successful revolution around the sun!
- Love's Bitch

Blasphemy! We all know everything revolves around Joss.
Happy birthday to one of the very best writers ever!There's Dostoyevsky and then Whedon,or vice versa.:)
Happy Birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday, Joss. Happy Everyday, even.
Happy New Joss Year! may this be your best one yet!

(i have always wished you were born 3 days earlier, so we could share the same bday, hehe!)
Happy've done well.
Happy Birthday! You are the cake, the ice cream, AND the cookies, dude.
Happy Birthday!!!

I just did the Dance Of Joy in your honor!

I wish you much wonderfulness in the coming year!

(Phew!I'm winded.)
Tree pretty. Fire bad. Joss awesome. Happy Solar Return and Blessed Be, oh mighty brained one.
I admit I am borrowing from a seminal movie trilogy here, but remember:

It's not the's the mileage;D

Happy birthday, Master!
Hey Joss, one last birthday present for you.

The crew of the shuttle Atlantis got hooked, and the replacement crew member to the space station is glad the DVDs will be there, because he wants to keep watching.

Serenity is now not only officially in orbit, but wanted there.

(Good weekend, or what?)
Gosh I would have posted earlier but I was at the screening of the BDM!!
Well it's a bit late now but happy belated birthday Mr Sweden.

23/6 also happens to be my birthday. Can we start a club? I'm not sure what we'd talk about at meetings though. "June eh? Good month."
Birthday blessings, Joss! May life continue to be as generous in providing opportunities for you to express your boundless, thought-full creativity as we have been fortunate to share in (and be inspired by) the results. I attained 43 seven months ago, and my advice is: Whatever you do, don't be afraid to go deeper. That's where the magic is.
The crew of the shuttle Atlantis got hooked,

I'd say that is a one of a kind birthday present to be proud of.
Dear Joss, I guess I just need to say thank you. Thank you for your creative force and impeccable taste. Your work has changed my life in more ways than I could possibly tell you. You have made a difference in the world and certainly in my life. Much love to you and yours on this birthday. I hope you can feel it.
Belated Happy Birthday -- unless you're in Hawaii or somewhere near that longitude, in which case, it's still your birthday ...

Don't feel bad about not being 42 any more. Remember, it turned out in the Douglas Adams books that 42 *wasn't* the answer to life, the universe and everything, so maybe 43 *is.* Or you are. Or the dreams were right, and it's cheese.

Wishing you a great day and a terrific year to follow!
Happy B-day.
Late to the party? Me? Oh, well, belated Happy Birthday!

(Anyone save me some cake???)
Happy belated birthday, Joss! Hope you had a great day yesterday!
Happy Birthday (a day late)! Hope it was a great one.
The warmest and fuzziest feelings of love to THE MAN.

Belated Happy Birthday Boss-man! I hope it was a truly fantastic day and that you have many more such fantastic days ahead!
A very happy happy birfday to you! :)
It's a well known fact that birthdays continue until the very last birthday wish is offered. I expect your birthday will continue for weeks, Jossir.
Sorry I'm late. I was busy counting all the money raised in Toronto for Equality Now.
Happy Birthday, young'un.
Oh darn I missed it....well....happy birthday. A gorill-a-gram is on it's way.
Hey, happy late birthday Joss!

I'm glad you were born, I'm glad you were raised the way you were and I'm glad you survived enough birthdays to create all the wonderful fictions I've come to enjoy so much. I hope you'll survive many, many more so you can continue to invent more entertaining and thought-provoking worlds and characters.

And I'm very, very glad you had better things to do on your birthday than to reply to this thread! :)

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Wishing you all the best, dear Joss! Happy birthday to my favorite storyteller...thanks for everything! :-)
I'm late here...too busy this weekend to stop in and say happy birthday. I had to coordinate this thing called Can't Stop the Serenity. Joss, I hope you have (had) a fantastic birthday. Looking forward to getting obsessed with your next creation. No, not your unborn children. That would be creepy.
Happy, er, belated birthday to the J-man.
Late late late! (But I wasnt at the compy all weekend.)
Happy Birthday Joss! Have your pie and eat it too!

And oh yes, so very very awesome:
-The crew of the shuttle Atlantis got hooked-
Chiming in for another belated birthday cheer! Thank you for your talent and your stories!
Happy belated birthday! Reason for lateness? An awesome day of Firefly and evening of Serenity with fellow Browncoats. Hope you can forgive the oversight. =)

I hope you enjoyed your day!
Late, as always, but the sentiment is true: Happy Birthday to you!!! :)
Happy Big Damn Birthday Joss!!!
Friggin' getting used to tabbed browsing.

Edited and deleted 'cause I posted in the wrong place.

Er, Happy Birthday, again, Joss.

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