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June 22 2007

AfterEllen posts Hot 100 list. As a reaction to Maxim's hot 100 list, AfterEllen compiles its own list, which includes Eliza Dushku in the top 20, and SMG, Alyson Hannigan, and Amber Benson further down the list.

On the Maxim list, you'll find Michelle Trachtenberg, and of course, an animated character from Second Life.

Oh come on! Tara and Willow were the cutest lesbian couple out there. Shouldn't Amber and Alyson gotten higher marks? Has it been too many years?
I'm a card carrying hetrosexual woman but I appreciate beautiful women as well as beautiful men, and this was a far more interesting list than I've ever seen in mainstream media.
Yay Katee Sackhoff because she plays the most kick-ass, complex, flawed female hero since Buffy. But I would have loved to see the stunning Mary MacDonnel on the list as well.
Now if we could just get a comparable list of "alternate" hot men, which would include virtually every man who ever appeared on any of Joss's shows, starting with James Marsters and Nathan
Fillion, and including our Big Purple himself :)
Crap, there are cards for that? Next you'll tell me there're meetings!
As I said on another site, this list comes a lot closer to my personal "Hot 100" than most others I've seen, including Maxim's, but I do have some serious quibbles with the placement of some of the names on this one (I mean, Meryl Streep comes in at #47, ahead of not only Aly & Amber, but Famke Janssen & Jennifer Connelly &... what the heck were the voters smoking? Again?)
"Crap, there are cards for that?"

I started to type the same thing about four times and stopped myself. If they have them, I actually was wondering if I should get one. It might come in handy someday.

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