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June 22 2007

St. Louis Can't Stop The Serenity Screening. The St. Louis screening is this Saturday, the 23rd.

Silent auction, door prizes, raffles (including a chance to go on the Browncoat cruise!), costume contest and more! And of course, our Big Damn Movie!

June 23, 2007: Arrive at 11:00 pm
Pick up tickets and t-shirt (if ordered).
Pick up goodie bags!
Look at silent auction items.
Enter to win all raffles Browncoat cruse raffle, and the Event Prizes Raffle!
For those who would like to participate, we will be doing interviews of our guests. Receiving the St.Louis interviews will be the browncoats at Done The Impossible and Firefly Podcast.

11:30pm Costume Contest
The costume contest will be in the lobby of Keller Cine 8. One prize will be awarded to the best dressed male and the best dressed female at our event.

11:40pm Firefly Trivia
Who knows the most about Firefly and Serenity? Test your knowledge and skills at Firefly trivia. This will take place inside the auditorium we will be watching the movie in.

11:50pm Silent Auction closes and a few prizes
The silent auctions will close and the winners will be announced. And three raffles will be drawn.
The first raffle is for people who pre-ordered their tickets only:
The second raffle will be for everyone who is attending the event: Many names will be drawn for this raffle.
The third raffle is the Browncoat Cruise raffle.

12:00 Some final words, a message from Joss, and the BDM
A couple of words will be said, plus a message from Joss and then finally we can all watch the Big Damn Movie Serenity!

4 Jayne Cobb Hats
Cant Stop The Serenity t-shirt
Alliance Currency Money Pack
Special Edition Two Disk set of Serenity
Done The Impossible DVD
Signed Copy of Finding Serenity by: Jane Espenson
Signed Copy of On The Drift the cd by Bedlam Bards
Serenity Those left behind graphic novel
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Dark Horse comic Vol. 1
4 Action Figures donated by Star Clipper Comics

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Please make sure to use a period at the end of your link titles, thanks :)
Argh! It's at midnight. It'll take some super finagling to go. But it would be totally worth it...
Yeah, that . thing is really important. It is not just a grammar thing. Messes up the RSS FEED or something technical like that.

Whoo-hoo! Everybody is having such great parties! I mean shindigs!

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Doesn't mess up my rss feed.
"St. Louis can't stop the Serenity screening"? Why would anyone want to stop... Oh, wait. I get it.

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