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June 22 2007

James Marsters takes Center Stage in Atlanta, Sept 1st. He will be in concert at Center Stage Atlanta on the Saturday night. Tickets on sale June 23rd. Plus they've posted the James Q&A from the April Creation Event.

Oh, wow. How nice, I'm already attending.
What? I have to pay an extra $30??????

Why isn't he just doing a set at the Con? That's what I've been anticipating this whole time...
Excellent! Anyone attending please take a few pictures and share with us.

Thanks again, RavenU.
nathanieletc wrote > What? I have to pay an extra $30??????Why isn't he just doing a set at the Con? That's what I've been anticipating this whole time...

It's not cost effective for the event most of the time, since they have to pay him extra for the concert. I think the last time a concert was included with the price of admission for an event was when he did JM & Friends in Sept 2006. Almost everytime before and after he has charged admission to concerts or the actual event prices had reflected the charges. So either way you would have had to pay to see him in concert.

BTW - I'll be passing on Dragoncon at this timem I'm not into big squishy crowds.
"Why isn't he just doing a set at the Con?"

Realistically, you'd have to ask the Con organisers, but at a guess (a) they didn't ask him, so he's set up his own or (b) the D*C crowd moaned so bitterly last time he did a gig in a ballroom there about the acoustics and the performance that he's chosen to do a quality gig in a proper sound space. To be honest, D*C is otherwise so cheap that I'd rather pay an extra $30 for a decent gig and a party afterwards than get crap sound for free. It's always a problem with events held in hotels.

RavenU, a gig was included with the Rich Mix event in the Spring events that James did in Europe last month. But again, it was in a seated venue with cinema-quality sound system, not a hotel with a false stage and hired-in equipment. And it wasn't a cheap date, so your point about the costs stands.
Just FYI for anyone planning on going to this from D*C:

"The popular venue is less than two miles from the convention site and within easy access."

Don't assume "easy access" means you can easily walk from the con to the venue. It's about 17 blocks across some of the busiest streets in the city.

The cheapest way to get there is going to be to take the train to the closest station ($4 for round-trip fare + breeze card cost) and walk the three blocks from there to the venue. The easiest* way will be to take a taxi from con to the venue and back.

(*Note: Atlanta isn't a city where you can flag a taxi on the street. You'll have to call and have one come to pick you up, both from the hotel and the venue afterwards, so it may not be as easy as all that.)
"Why isn't he just doing a set at the Con?"

Doing it away from the con also means that local people who are not going to the con can go to the concert without con expenses or red tape.

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