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June 22 2007

New Spider-Man editor Stephen Wacker would love for Joss to do a Spidey story. The new editor of Spider-Man over at Marvel is asked by a fan at Newsarama about getting Joss to do a one-shot or an arc with the web slinger.

He says if he ever meets Joss,he'll ask him.I think Joss could write a kick ass Spider-Man.

Joss would write an amazing Spider-Man (hehe, no pun intended), and I've always thought as much.

I would die and go to heaven were this to happen.
Joss would definately do Spidey justice. It's been a long time since I've seen the bug with that lovable sense of humour that really made him famous. Of course, I don't really mind what Marvel character Joss pens, he has a real knack for putting some personality into these folks that have (in my opinion) become a little dry over the years. But you know what? I'd really like to see what he could do with X-23. She seems like the sort of character to be right up his alley.

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Yeah, X-23 is exactly the sort of Kitty Pryde / Illyana Rasputin kind of tormented character that we all seem to love. She's my favorite new mutant character of the last several years.

Speaking of this interview, apparently Marvel has got Tobey Maguire to write Amazing Spider-man or so they want us to think, plus a guy who probably writes for TV.

I'd love to see Joss write Spider-man someday, by the way. I think he said he had pitched something but he just wants to stay away from Marvel right now. Am I just imagining this?
Hey ! That's just a Spider-man title, don't forget the rest of us.


A mildly disgruntled, often overlooked 'Sensational Spider-man' reader ;). Or rather soon-to-be-former 'Sensational' reader since they're killing it. Wonder if they'll keep the team on ?

(check out the annual, very decent bit of comic writing IMO)

It's probably the next most natural choice for Joss (after X-Men) of the big two's characters, reckon eventually he'll end up doing a run. But i'm also of the "Joss should do 'em all" school of thinking. He'd be interesting on 'Batman' or 'Detective ...' too.

(and hmm, can we say "'52' was pretty successful and a big ol' cash cow, why don't we try that ?" - still i'll probably buy it for a bit, see how it goes, i've had a couple of minis finish recently so the monthly bill won't go up)


I think he said he had pitched something but he just wants to stay away from Marvel right now. Am I just imagining this?

Probably, since he currently writes 'Runaways' and 'Astonishing X-Men' for Marvel ;).

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Personally, I would love to see Joss do a stint writing for She-Hulk instead of Spiderman.
Hmm. I don't love this 3 Amazings a month idea. I quite liked having the different "flavours" of Spidey to read. I'm also really sad to see Straczynski leaving; his Spidey has been awesome.

However! Joss would be a brilliant Spidey writer and I have no doubt that his Spidey would be one of the most amazing, sensational, spectacular, and friendly neighbourhood Spideys ever. This is one not-quite-rumour that I would be absolutely thrilled to see come true. :)
Saje, I think I remember Joss stating that what with all the mega-crossovers happening all the frikkin' time, he isn't going to do anything more for Marvel after he ends his runs on both AXM and Runaways. Maybe I'll Google it a bit later, too. :)

[Of course the above is not an exact quote.]

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As long as he doesn't do away with Spidey, I'd be okay with Joss doing a Spiderman.
This is one not-quite-rumour that I would be absolutely thrilled to see come true. :)

Not-quite-rumour? Let's make it a full rumour!

My awesome inside sources tell me: "Joss [Whedon] is on board for the first arc of Amazing's new format, with an understanding with the main two writers [Dan Slott and Fred van Lente] that he'll come back to do some more work later on."

All true, honest to to god. (That god being Loki, but still...)
Or perhaps Muppety Odin. ;)
Time for me to be a kill-joy---I'd way rather see Joss concentrating on his creator-owned projects(obviously Joss will follow his passions and whatever looks fun for him at the moment, I'm just speaking in terms of what I'm more likely to check out, buy, and look forward to him writing). Maybe Marvel could keep him on by putting out some ideas of his (assuming he has any more in the near future that would best be told in comics) through their sort of indie-imprint(s). If not, there's always Dark Horse who'd be ready and willing and no doubt chomping at the bit to put out more Joss. Leave the characters and titles with baggage to someone else, or if Joss has to be on a Marvel superhero book, give him something new in the Ultimate line.

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Being even more of a kill joy .... what a tragic waste of Joss's amazing talent if he keeps concentrating on the creatively limited media of comics, rather that getting back to film, either movies or TV.
If you think comics are creatively limited (and how, exactly, are they? They're basically scripts with pictures. Joss writes scripts. Good art can illuminate good scripts the same as actors, cameras, lighting, and effects), you probably just haven't been fortunate enough to read the right ones yet. When creator-owned, comics can actually offer more creative freedom---there are no network executives to answer to, your content can be as extreme, bizarre, intelligent, and/or challenging as you like, and there are no budget constraints (unless it's a matter of page count).

It kinda makes sense for him to do comics while working on his film projects. Films take a good long while to get in motion and into the theatres for us to see. He seems able to have time for his comics work while he gets Goners going (or whatever live-action project may currently be in the pipeline). It gives us the option of checking out something Joss-created during the wait time between his films. Fully behind Joss-written comics, just wish none of them were guest stints on superhero characters from Marvel and DC.

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the creatively limited media of comics

Kris already beat me to it, but I'll still say--Them's fightin' words!
I don't really think you can have a creatively limited medium because in the right hands it's the limitations that drive creativity (e.g. by forcing the creator to transcend them - a boundary is only a boundary until someone steps over it ;).

To say 'creatively limited' is probably just another way of saying "Not my preference" (which is fine, not everyone likes comics the same way not everyone likes poetry) or, as Kris says, "I haven't read the right comics so I think they're limited". When's the last time anyone said paintings or novels are creatively limited (and was taken seriously) ? It's just a medium, what's done with it is only limited by the imagination of the creators (and maybe to some extent the reader).

he isn't going to do anything more for Marvel after he ends his runs on both AXM and Runaways

Ah, hadn't heard that, cheers for the info dark_tyler ;).

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