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June 23 2007

The Office Season 3 DVD anounced for September. The set features a Joss interview, deleted scenes and a commentary for his episode by BJ Novak, Rainn Wilson and writer Brent Forrester.

The Office season 3 stole my heart, stomped on it, mixed it into a curry pot, beat it about and then ate it. And I loved every minute of it.
Cool, but I wish it was coming out during summer vacation.
By the way, how ironic will it be if Joss ends up winning an Emmy for his work on another show? "Business School" is one of the episodes submitted for consideration on that specific category, and from what I've understood it's a favorite to earn a nod.
Wicked. I just bought seasons 1&2 for my sister after watching them online (illegally, I guess).
Good to hear. I bought S1 and S2 today at Sam's Club to catch up on everything since they're having a convention here in Scranton. A September release gives me a while month to watch S3.
I'm I wrong for wanting to hug a dvd cover? Because I do. Awesome!
Damn you iTunes and your special featureless episodes!

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