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June 23 2007

Pics of the Mal bust prototype that Razor's Edge is making. Remember the recent announcement? Well, take your first peek at what it's gonna look like. The full page is here.

Me, personally? I think it looks like Nathan with the only exception being that it doesn't. I'm quite disappointed, I was looking forward to this...

Well the clothing is nice. I think maybe the head is shaped wrong or something. He looks like he could be Mal's little brother.
He looks half asleep.
I think it looks KIND OF like Nathan from the side, but I think the full-on face is a pretty bad likeness.
I also think it looks like Nathan from the side but the front on view does make it look more like his younger brother! The jawline looks too weak or something. If the price is right I might still get it regardless.
It's more than a bust as it includes a torso.
Um... er... well, the gun is sculpted well. And that's about the only good thing I have to say about it. Likeness (and lack thereof) aside, the pose isn't done well. It looks like he's half-heartedly his gun out, like he's handing it to someone. The eyes are too unfocused and the angles are wrong for it to have any menace. He looks limp and wimpy. If an amateur sculpted this, I'd think it was great, but this isn't a very professional-looking piece. I just hope it's a REALLY early prototype.
Bad hair-do.
His eyes lack Mal's intensity, his hair is absurdly wrong and his hands are way too small. They look like woman hands!

The nose and mouth are really good though.
I have to say, it also lacks Mal's texture. He's rugged, tanned, he's been out for a spell you know? Also, while I agree that the air is a bit off (though it's not easy to get it quite right - the man has hair that has a mind of its own) the glaring error here (imo) is the lack of an expression on his face.
That's totally it, HelloSpooky! Mal is never expressionless, even when he is trying to be expressionless. There's always something going on behind those eyes. This thing looks dead.
My thoughts exactly Ninja MALi. The nose is nearly spot on.
Who is this guy, and why does he have Mal's costume and gun?
LOL! I think it's James Gunn with a new hairdo and no glasses.

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