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June 23 2007

Do the Impossible and then do it for free. In honor of Joss' birthday, for the next week you can buy the Done the Impossible DVD and get your choice of another copy or the soundtrack for free!

"In celebration of Joss's Birthday we are offering our first ever sale on Done The Impossible.

"If you order Done the Impossible between June 23 and June 30, and you will receive either 2 copies of the Done The Impossible DVD or one copy of the DVD and one copy of the CD Soundtrack, your choice (after you order, please email us your preference).

"This is a great opportunity to help spread the Firefly joy by giving your free copy to a friend (or complete stranger!)"

[ edited by C. A. Bridges on 2007-06-24 13:51 ]

There's a typo in the link (,com instead of .com).
So, you order off of Amazon, then just e-mail them? Has anyone done this yet?

Also, how is the soundtrack? Thanks, TBL.
The soundtrack is pretty decent, IMO. A few clunkers, but it's all personal taste. If you've seen DTI and liked the songs and Instrumentals.... yeah. By all means get it! :D
I ordered mine!! Yay me, can't wait to get it.

*The Blue Leopard* .... you don't even have to go to Amazon. Just click on the link at the top of this thread, you can order directly from the site. I don't have PayPal but it was really easy to order with my MasterCard.

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