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June 24 2007

The webcomic Weregeek celebrates Browncoat day. With a name like Weregeek, are you surprised they're Firefly fans?

That was sweet - great last line, too.

Happy Browncoats Day to all, now that it's over for another year...
Not only was that pretty cute, I just went through the entirety of their archives (granted, it's not that long of a comic, but hey). Mmmm, geekness.
There's a Browncoats Day?
Awww the end was cute!
Every Day is Browncoats Day... or should be! :)
theonetruebix: "There's a Browncoats Day?"

And a uniform and a huge clubhouse and a song and a secret handshake and a code book and the "57 degrees to official Browncoathood" and Browncoats secretly run the government and all commerce and industry and that's why there's some Browncoats on the back of a U.S. two-dollar bill.

You didn't know that?

Ooops, I probably shouldn't have said anything. Forget I was even here...
Yeah, great last line.
Don't worry, Quoter Gal. At least you didn't mention the ring.
While it is always cool to have the 'Verse acknowledged by the faithful, the actual date for "Browncoat Day" is December 9th.

There was a big hubbub last year about what to name June 23rd. "Serenity Day" and "Browncoat Day" were tossed around, and wackiness ensued. Thing is, there are a lot of newer fans who weren't around when "Browcoat Day" was originally established, and some didn't realize the name was already taken.

Browncoat Day has been mentioned often, but there is a thread on the O.B. (original board) which does clarify the reason for choosing December 9th. Click here to read the thread.

Again, it is very good to see someone who is obviously a Browncoat making a point to show his love of the 'Verse. Just wanted to clarify the day the fans actually designated "Browncoat Day", and the meaning behind it.

Edited to add: Of course all this commemorative date establishing can venture into taking things too seriously, and any dates are artbitrary. And, at the risk of sounding way too geeky myself, I never did understand why a Browncoat would designate "Unification Day" and celebrate it?! Some folks seem to have gone fuzzy on what that day actually means in the 'Verse.

Yep, that sounded really geeky...

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The problem with unification day is that...well, unification day was BAD. just cause it was the only "day" that was established in the verse, doesn't mean it was a good thing. :-P I also must say, 11thHour, it was kinda freaky seeing you on the DTI documentary. I was like "whoa...I kinda talk to that person."

Btw..I wanted to mention that I used to be "browncoat" but I looked at it again and thought, "wow that's generic."

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I also must say, 11thHour, it was kinda freaky seeing you on the DTI documentary. I was like "whoa...I kinda talk to that person."

It was freaky for me also to see me in the DTI doc. ;-)

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