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June 24 2007

The Angel fan film 'Vangelis' now available to watch. Parts two and three can be found here and here.

Great to see it online. Kudos to Harvey Chin and co for such a stellar job.

I suppose they couldn't get the license rights to use any of Vangelis music for the soundtrack.
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Well done on getting it online :) Such dedication is rare!
Go Crazy Asian Man!
I loved the fake TV ads.

And to kefuffle and NickSeng-- glad you folks liked it! :)

To napua:
Actually, Ted Spellman and Fran Block from Fox's licensing department were EXTREMELY generous and were ready to write a license agreement to use the original "Angel" theme song had we gotten into SDCC last year. Extremely cool of them to do that for a fan film- and a shout out to the amazing Kristy Bratton from for setting that up.

But, the giant disappointment was that for all our reshoots and work spent on it, "Vangelis" just wasn't what this year's judges of SDCC wanted, which is a pity, for my part, not for the status, but because I really wanted for fans of Angel to enjoy this together and have a few laughs with them maybe in person, with most of the film being in-joke references to the show. So, that's why it's disappointing.

On the plus side, working for two years on the project has led me to the opportunity to meet some other great folks who are also fans of "Angel", like Simon, Scotto (I once again salute thee, sir!) :), Paxomen, and a dozen other "Angel" fans.

In the end, meeting other great fans maybe is what it's all about and made the effort of finishing this sometimes painful project worth it in the first place.
Long story short: Thanks to everyone at Whedonesque for your kindness towards our project! :)
Really enjoyed that dude - amazing work.
Hey robocod- thanks!:)
Coming from whedonesque members, those words really do mean a lot.


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