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June 25 2007

Danny Strong singled out by Variety. Variety has named Danny Strong one of 10 screenwriters to watch. :)

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This is very exciting, getting Sydney Pollack to direct, and he is only 33 years old! The only reason I was sorry to see 'Gilmore Girls' go was because I was going to miss Paris & Doyle (Danny Strong played Doyle), but now I know he is working on much more exciting things.
Good for him! While it's cool to see Buffy alumni acting, this is almost more fascinating in some ways. So many people scoff when actors try to do more than one thing, but I think it's a great idea. And the subject matter is definitely of interest.
Danny Strong did good.
Very cool. Jane Espenson was actually bragging about this a bit at the Dallas screening on Saturday.
Danny seems so passionate about politics and he also appears extremely informed. It's wonderful to have a creative outlet for all that. I'm very happy and excited for him.
You could have worse dramatic models than Arthur Miller. Way to go, Danny! Can't wait until this one comes out, and with Pollack directing, yet.
Wow, I didn't even know Danny wrote...
O Danny Boy, the scripts, the scripts are callling,

Sorry; I've just been saying for years Danny (and Amber) will end up best known for what they do behind the scenes rtaher than in front of a cmaera.

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