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June 25 2007

Gender and Fan Studies looks at Firefly. Ongoing analysis of fan culture at Henry Jenkins' blog touches on the mixed gender appeal of "Firefly."

"Well, Firefly (and Serenity) is a Sci-Fi western and adventure story, so as a source text is very male-oriented (I am only saying this because it is supposed that boys like guns and adventures, while girls like romance and amassing Barbie merchandise). However, the hints of romance (mostly unresolved) and very engaging male characters portrayed by exceptionally cute actors make it very easy prey for female fans, stereotypically speaking."

I haven't gotten around to reading the whole thing yet, but the conversation seems interesting. Especially of interest is the part about women liking slash pairings. Me personally I'm not that much of a fan (though I don't slam it like some do), so I didn't know about the assumption that many fangirls tend to like slash. Have to finish reading this eventually.
It definitely looks like an interesting read, though I am also not sure how accurate the "women like slash pairings" assumption is either. I personally don't like it and haven't been able to understand its appeal, but to each his (or hers) own :) It's definitely a more involved read, so maybe I'll save it for later when I'm not at work.

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