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June 25 2007

Reflections with X-Editor Nick Lowe Some Joss-love, Joss-dream projects, and the tale of getting Joss to write "Runaways".

Just a fun read that I thought was worth posting due to the number of Whedon references.

Great interview! Why does the comic world LOVE Joss like Scrooge loves money and the TV/movie world love him like leprosy?? Why? I like J's comic work a lot, but for me, his greatest achievements have been in the medium of television.

... also, X-Men 2 is so not the best comic book movie ever made. Shun me if you must, but it is so Batman Returns.
I think the missile launching penguins pushed 'Returns' over the edge for me (and the killing cos, as 'Begins' points out, if Batman kills too, what separates him from all the other wackos ?). 'Spider-man 2' is still my fave FWIW but it's a pretty close run thing between that, 'X-Men 2' and the original 'Superman'.

And IMO Joss' type of storytelling is perfectly suited to comics because a big feature of it is its serial nature (comics are naturally serial, TV can be but that makes it less syndication - and therefore less 'suit' - friendly and films almost never are, nor should be).

(BTW, for anyone still catching up on 'Runaways' there's a fairly huge spoiler in there)
Superhero movies? Spider-man 2, then X2, then Batman Returns. What is it about #2s (followed by craptacular threes)?
If we're strictly talking superheroes, it was all X-Men 2 for me and Spider-Man 2 was a close second. I recognize that Spider-Man 2 is a little more polished in terms of giving each of its important characters full, well-rounded arcs and maybe taking advantage of the momentum and what was started in the first film and making more use of it...but I guess I'm just more nostalgic for X-Men (due in major part to the cartoon and reading much more of the X-books than Spider-Man) and, IMO, the most powerful moments in X2 outdo the the big moments of Spider-Man 2.

Having said that, Spider-Man is a better trilogy than X-Men and I gotta say that, with only maybe one major criticism, I loved Spider-Man 3.

Unless V counts as a superhero, then V For Vendetta wins. Yeah, I've heard that the comic is apparently far superior to the film (my sister saw the movie and loved it as much as I did, then soon after became an Alan Moore junkie, read most of his works, and liked the film a lot less).

And then there's A History of Violence...

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