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June 25 2007

Pictures from Vancouver CSTS screening. Including special guest, Jewel Staite!

Vancouver was apparently the only one of the 44 cities hosting a CSTS screening to have a BDH in attendence. We were lucky enough to be joined by Jewel, who was very sweet, and funny, and so gracious with the fans. Come check out the pictures...bonus points if you can figure out which one is me ;)

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I know!! I know which one is you!!!!

...but I'll let someone else pick you out from the crowd. ;)
And Jewel herself has referenced the event in her latest MySpace blog.
Keep checking that site because I haven't downloaded the pictures that gorramit took on my camera which include some nice shots of Jewel with our prize winners.
Great job by the way Samatwitch, all of us ITB folks had a great time, and loved seeing the trailer on the big screen.
I see samatwitch! :)

Wow, doesn't Jewel look amazing in leather? And there's a Jewel look-a-like holding a parasol!

Looks like a great time was had by all. Props go to the wonderful samatwitch, whose hard work made it all happen.
That was an awesome afternoon. and Jewel was amazing.

the best was her her explanation of the movies plot.

'Its a movie about a mechanic.....'
I'm telling you, we're going to have to have a "Great Northwest" shindig one of these days. . .

Kudos to the Vancouver 'Coats for a job well done. And it's amazingly cool how Jewel was willing to hang with you guys - what a sweetie!

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Meanwhile, no Jewel, but I just uploaded a little video we call The Birthday Moment.
I'm telling you, we're going to have to have a "Great Northwest" shindig one of these days. . .

I got email from someone saying that we should hold a Whedon con. My head exploded.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2007-06-26 06:04 ]
Hey, I think we are gradually gearing up for a con, b!X. But yeah, it's a hell of a lot of work.
On Flickr we've talked about having a Whedonesque get together somewhere and I think the Pacific Northwest (more northern the better, of course!) would be ideal!

Thanks for the kudos, everyone. I was lucky to have some great people (friends) working with me to make it such a great success. It was lovely to have the world premiere of the ITB trailer on the big screen at our event. (I'm glad I saw it in the runthrough earlier in the week.)

Jewel was very gracious in staying after the event to make sure everyone who wanted to talk to her or have her sign something or take their picture with her did so. And Matt just waited patiently which gave those of us who know Matt a chance to talk to him, too.
I got email from someone saying that we should hold a Whedon con. My head exploded.

I'd love that! The convention, not the head exploding.
If the Whedonesque-con (or Joss-Con) is in Chicago, you guys can stay at my place...Joss too.

And back on topic, Jewel looks great!
Is it possible for that girl to take a BAD photo? Seriously. She always looks fantabulous!
So which one is Caroline?
Caroline just edited the post (not sure what exactly was edited mind you), it's my post originally, and I'm the one you get bonus points for spotting :)

I'll give you a hint, I'm wearing a t-shirt referencing one of my favourite Mal quotes.
I added a full stop after the link. A lot of people forget to add the full stop when it's needed.

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