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June 25 2007

(SPOILER) Paul Lee Interview. Pulse interviews Paul Lee about working with Joss on Season Eight and he reveals some details about #5. Also there are a few pages from the comic.

I was once asked to name ten monsters who never made it into Buffy. I do believe I can strike one of them off my list.
Lookin' good, lookin' good.
I'm so looking forward to this issue. The little sketches are enticing and make me wonder.
They do look like that toast.

I don't think there is a prohibition against making Buffy look like SMG, though.

If there were, Jo Chen would be in deep doo-doo ;).

Looks nice, I like the composition of the coloured panel, really conveys the almost reckless fearlessness of a Slayer (assuming, of course, she actually is a Slayer).
Re: toast's invisible question-- Maybe. I was totally distracted by the ears and only now noticed what you meant. I think the ears support your interpretation.

The following insight and the promise of more Giles set high expectations for this issue:

Joss wrote her with great edgy attitude. She had a subversive streak to her. So I did my best to capture that.
I didn't notice the wings either, I like the look of the art, the hair on one of those slayers (?) looks like how Vi's was in season 7, Its probably not her, but I can dream.
Oy, I think I maybe that there is a decoy slayer that looks like Buffy means that there will be the death of a decoy slayer....
Dark Horse has pretty much already said that's what the story will focus on, the "short life" of one Slayer.
Yep, but wouldn't it be kind of cool to have her not be ? No demon in her, just all woman but skilled and determined and possessing the kind of grit most of us only dream about ?

Not sure how that'd fit thematically because i've never been totally certain what Slayerdom actually is (metaphorically) what with the demonic essence, crypto-rape but also empowerment aspect.

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