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June 26 2007

Georges Jeanty Talks Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8. The Comic Book Bin's Leroy Douresseaux interviews Buffy Season 8 comic artist Georges Jeanty, who says he's is committed to the full run of Season 8.

No real new ground is covered, but he does say he's now working on Brian K. Vaughn's scripts for the series, and notes, "He [Joss] and Scott have got a hot line into some pretty big names in the comic industry, as well as some of the fan favorite writers from the show, so look for some exciting writers to come on board in the future!"

I love Jeanty's work on Buffy. He's a talented artist.

Incidentally, I resent comic book publishers when they throw a less-talented artist into a successful comic book line, thinking the line will "sell anyway." Readers get used to a certain style, and when that style changes in a bad way, it's hard to keep reading. I don't mind when publishers trade up, but when they trade down it shows.

Such a quality drop happened recently in a title I follow, a story about an angel who "helps the helpless" on Earth. No, no, not "Angel." This character was actually an angel who was deposed from heaven.

The art in this line used to be rich, lavish even, like an oil painting in every frame. It set a dark mood which helped bind the story together. Contrast that with the new artist, who must think Dexter's Laboratory is really neat, because the art lacks any subtlety whatsoever. The line now resembles a brightly colored child's plaything more than a dark, edgy story.

So I really, really, really appreciate Jeanty's work, and I hope he keeps going with Buffy.
So now I'd have to say I am defiantly a fan!

I think the editor maybe should've put "definitely" instead of "defiantly"...that is, unless Georges thinks he is defying the world by liking Buffy.

Anyway, nice interview, I'm really enjoying Georges' art, even if his Buffy is not entirely how I would imagine her. Really, the only likeness I have trouble with is Andrew. I'm trying to see Tom Lenk in there, but...I do not see him. Still, whatever, the guy is doing great work.
I have to say I like the idea of a consistent artist.

I hope Jo Chen stays on for the covers as well.
His work is fantastic on Buffy!
Hope he stays on for a longlong time.
I enjoy his enthusiasm about the whole thing, too. I read his interviews and I can practically hear squees of excitement :p
Huh. That's interesting that he didn't believe Scott Allie at first, and then Joss emailed him directly.

Speaking of Jeanty awesomeness, every time I re-read an issue I find new details I didn't notice in the panels on the first read. For example, Buffy's hair in #4 looks similar to Satsu's style that she admired in #2.

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