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June 26 2007

Fan's recount of Jane Espenson appearance at CSTS in TX! Be there vicariously as one fan recounts "The Jane Espenson Experience!" Highlights include: new favorite ep of Buffy, best writer's rooms, and a rarely-used (by Jane) profanity!

Very nice.

Anyone else have reports on this?
Since you asked I guess it's okay to link myself? Not too sure but here you go. Hope it doesn't get deleted:

Also, I have the Q&A from the screening. I missed the first 30 seconds or so. I wasn't sure how to stream it (any help is appreciated) and the only way I found requires Windows Media Player:

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Here are a couple from the event in general:
Selenite's LJ entry
YouTube Footage of the Borders signing and pre-show lobby schtuff (from
Sweet! Thanks Devin.
I guess it's okay to link myself?

It's okay in the comments as long as it's relevant, which obviously it is. It's just in the main posts that we're not to self-link.
Looks like she hit all the highlights. I think I was in line right in front of her, heh.
Yay! Love her, thanks guys!
I don't remember meeting a flakbait....Hope I didn't bother you with my jumping up and down.
Great accounts by all who were there (lucky devils.) I adore Jane Espenson's writing, and she sounds a mighty pleasant person, to boot. Interesting how almost no-one mentions that she also wrote two "Angel" episodes, "Rm w/a Vu" and "Guise Will Be Guise." That's one more than she wrote for Firefly. Sigh. Angel routinely gets overlooked.

A question: does anyone who was there recall exactly why Jane listed the BSG writer's room first and Buffy's second in terms of what she got out of them? I'm curious as to her reasons.

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The important thing is that Jane recognizes the tube of wonderfultm that is Friday Night Lights (coming in August to DVD for an SRP of $29.98!). Word, Jane, word.
If you listen to the 18 minute Q&A you can hear for yourself what she says about the writers room. :) Also, she and I talked a lot more about Angel over dinner.

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Thanks!! That was great.

death is my gift, when I try to go to the audio, Windows media opens but nothing plays. Is there some other way I can try to get to it?
FYI, with 26 sites now reporting, the current take stands at $69,338.84 (est.) -- which means we have now surpassed last year.
Sorry for the confusion. She listed the writer's rooms in what I assume was no particular order. Jane was asked which was her favorite and she narrowed it down to three.

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