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June 26 2007

TV Week previews pilots for the fall season. Includes a three-minute clip of The Sarah Connor Chronicles and a 40-second preview for Moonlight.

They claim to have clips for all of the fall season pilots. That Geico Cavemen show, the Grey's spinoff, etc.

Unfortunately, Summer's only in the preview for about seven seconds total (if you're only watching for her, she comes in at around 2:25).

They also have a two-minute clip of Bryan Fuller's Pushing Daisies. I'm looking forward to this one.

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I'm also looking forward to Pushing Daisies.

I watched the Moonlight preview. Weird thing they did with the mirrors.
Pushing Daisies maybe (or maybe just wait for the DVD--I didn't watch Drive, so I might be getting better at resisting favorite creators' shows in hopes of getting a better look on DVD). Journeyman I think I might give a shot too (Kevin McKidd, okay ? Plus some equally attractive writer pedigree behind the scenes).

The only definite that I'll be giving a chance next season is The Sarah Connor Chronicles and if Alan Ball's new series on HBO ever sees the light of day.
Kris - what is the word on the new Alan Ball series?

In other news, there sure is a lot of really crappy looking stuff that I have no interest in coming down the pike.
The mirror effect is interesting.

See? I'm being optimistic about Moonlight...
zeitgeist, Alan Ball's new series (vampires--have we milked this fictional creature for all it's worth yet? We'll see) has at the very least entered the last stages of pre-production and, according to some sources, has begun filming of the pilot. It's called True Blood, based on a series of books I'm pretty sure I'll never get around to reading (the Dexter series is priority if I find time for TV-related source reading). It may or may not premiere in January 2008. Anna Paquin's in it.

"In other news, there sure is a lot of really crappy looking stuff that I have no interest in coming down the pike."

It makes me sad to see actors who're very talented and/or who've been involved with amazing shows already, get work on stuff that looks mediocre or crap. Peter Krause's thing with Donald Sutherland might turn out to be decent, but what's Lauren Ambrose doing on that Parker Posey sitcom ? What's Parkey Posey doing there ? Aren't laugh tracks dead yet ?

And I just gotta say that that was a fantastic way to sample the new season's offerings. I watched most of them (or parts of most of them), but some I skipped over after reading the descriptions.
I have to say that looks pretty pathetic. Even the Sarah Connor Chronicals looks like just an exercise in "lets blow things up". And if The Bionic Woman stays in that time slot, I'll give it a pass. I'm not giving up Criminal Minds, IMO the only truly excellent, intelligent and wonderfully acted series left on network TV.
All I can say is thank the gods for cable.
Bionic Woman could be good.

On one hand I trust NBC even less than I trust FOX, on the other hand I did think the new BSG would suck. And Lost and Alias started off good.
Moonlights snippet didn't do anything for me either way. It was like walking in the middle of someone else's conversation -- caught my attention, but I want to hear a little more before going full-on eavesdrop.

I cracked the code on Gossip Girl... that's Kristen Bell doing voice-over. Ok, so I have no clue how the character fits in, but it was just a 1:53 minute clip.

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Oh, I am there for 'The Bionic Woman', looks great, nice cast and also (this may not have come over properly in the trailer) she's frikkin' bionic, yo ! ;)

Also checking 'Pushing Up Daisies' because I love it when great, quirky shows get cancelled out from under me. No, really. Plus, Friel. 'Nuff ;).

(and Lee Pace really gives it that essential great, quirky, cancelled pedigree ;)

Probably 'Journeyman' even if the clip didn't exactly inspire and Big Kev's accent maybe sounded a wee bit dubious and 'Sarah Conner Chronicles' cos it's time-travel and Summer, maybe 'Moonlight' (I actually quite liked the mirror thing), maybe 'New Amsterdam' (though again the clip looked a bit 'meh'), maybe 'Life'. I like procedurals but 'K-Ville' seemed very by the numbers so i'll probably skip it and pretty much all the funnies weren't IMO (the Parker Posey one was especially cringeworthy I thought and not in the good way).

It's fairly easy to give them a few episodes, a lot look like they won't get past that though either thanks to the network or just my tastes (hopefully there'll be a few pleasant surprises).
It's called True Blood, based on a series of books I'm pretty sure I'll never get around to reading (the Dexter series is priority if I find time for TV-related source reading).

If you do get the chance, by all means try the books out. Charlaine Harris is an excellent writer, and the main character, Sookie, is a hoot.
Thanks for the reminders/heads-ups, Kris and deepgirl187.
Well I certainly hope Alan Ball can make potpourri out of shit, because the Charlaine Harris novels the series will be based on are horrible, horrible books, filled with weredogs and werejaguars and a bunch of characters that sound and act like Anne Rice Xeroxes. The fact that Paquin's involved ensures me watching it, but it's got pretty insurmountable odds against it - namely the beyond awful source material.

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