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June 27 2007

Sarah Michelle Gellar to open Harrods sale. 2nd July 2007 sees Sarah Michelle Gellar conducting the countdown to this years Harrods sale.

Not too sure if this had already been posted, but searched and could not find this previously on Whedonesque. First posting, so sorry if there are any mistakes.

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Can anyone say "free clothes"?

And on a side note. Does anyone know what Joss is up to these days? It feels like forever since there has been any word about his upcoming projects. Is he finished writing his script already or what? I need some new Joss-super-duper-ness. Comic books just aren't cutting it.

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tricewise...bold choice. But what if thricewises turn out to be something just icky?

Anyway, welcome :)
She should have fun. :)
Period at the end of the link title added, moved part of extended description to description so it looks better on front page and RSS readers :) Welcome aboard!
"I consider myself a world class shopper and what better place to put my skills to use?"

LOL and I might even go but maybe not.
I hope she gets something stylish yet affordable.....
By Grathor's Hammer, look at these prices...

Maybe one day, SMG will want to play Buffy again! :)

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