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June 27 2007

Once More, With Feeling to play in DC July 20 & 21. DCist shares the Buffy love.

And I've learned something new: Murray Head of "One Night in Bangkok" (Chess) fame is Giles' brother!

P.S. This is my first post, so please be forgiving if I've done it wrong.

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Two nights in DC and the world's my oyster!

Thank you for le post, lequeen, and howdy. Is The Avalon the theater with the huuuuuuge screen?

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*gasp of awe*
Period at the end of link title addedd. So you're the one who didn't know re: Murray Head? Welcome aboard! :P
I might actually go to this. Well I'm going to try anyway, I'll probably be slightly apprehensive about going to something like this alone, which will most assuredly be the case given that I know of no one that would be interest in going with me. Never been to one before, it could be fun.
Aww, war_machine, you don't have to go alone. Check out the Washington Whedonites Meetup group. They're bound to be there!

And yes, zeitgeist, that was me. Rescued from ignorance once again by blog comments. (Don't know why I spent all that money on a formal education. High speed internet is a much better value.)

P.S. I think I'm getting the hang of this HTML business. That's two new things learned today! Must go rest leBrain now.
If you cant make it to DC in July for OMWF, you can always come out to the Parkway Theater in Oakland tomorrow night.
(I also didnt know about the whole Murray Head thing. Learn something new every day here....)
Pointy, I bet you're thinking of the Uptown Theater in Cleveland Park, which has a 70' x 40' megascreen. But the Avalon (in Chevy Chase) is historically significant (originally opened in 1923, recently rescued and renovated in the Art Deco style). It apparently has a 41' x 19' screen, which still seems pretty big to me.
Oh gosh, I hope to be able to attend one of these events in the near future. They sound like quite a party. I could be a bitchin' D'hoffrym.
why, why, WHY does this happen a month after I move away from DC? Sigh.
What's "One Night in Bangkok"...besides the punchline for a number of dirty jokes? I guess that is a clue that I still don't know about Murray Head. So ASH has siblings? Who'd a thunk.
Would anyone in Northern Virginia like to carpool to one of these? My husband has plans for both nights and I don't want to drive over there by myself. I'm in Springfield--not far from Braddock Road about 1-2 miles outside the Beltway.
I had no idea there was a Washington meet up group. I mean it makes sense if I think about it but I a 90 minute drive from DC so I rarely go there aside from stuff like this so I don't really think of myself as a Washingtonian.

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