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June 27 2007

'Can't Stop the Serenity' surpasses last year's charity haul -- with only 26 of 48 sites reporting. As the totals roll in, it looks like the second round of BDM screenings for Equality Now will blow away the $65,900.24 raised last year. As of Wednesday evening -- with roughly 55% of cities reporting -- the 2007 chest stands at an estimated $69,338.84.

Wow, over $6100 at Minneapolis! They must've had an excellent auction or stupendous T-shirt sales. ;)
Wow! That's awesome!

Unfortunately, I know that the Cleveland screening only raised a couple hundred, if that.
Sweet! I made it this year and didn't last year - very fun event. I know DC (the one I attended) had two screenings so hopefully that did help.
Oh wow, this is so incredible! There are a few people in each area who worked really hard to organize each of the screenings, and I wish there was somewhere where we could put their names, to give them credit for a job well done. I hope they know how much their hard work is appreciated!
Looking at the CSTS blog just now, I think there are 46 screenings in total.
Wow! I can't wait to see the final total. I was so stoked to make it this year to the LA area screening. It was just electric seeing Serenity with a room full of Browncoats and knowing this experience was repeating all over the world. And it was all the sweeter knowing that we were part of raising a big chunk of change for Equality Now.

I join Embers in sending out a huge THANK YOU to the volunteer organizers who made it all happen for Browncoats to have so much fun and do so much good. You deserve a standing ovation!
That is awesome!
What great news to wake up to! I couldn't be more proud of Browncoats today. Then again, it's really no surprise. ;)
--and that makes us Mighty
Way to go, Browncoats and Company. Done the impossible .... again :)
This is great!!!
Here in Austin, our organizer was Beth, and she did an amazing job! She was working so hard, and looked great in her River costume as well! We had the triple feature event with Serenity, Buffy sing-along, and Buffy/Angel finales. It was awesome from start to finish.

I took my Dad along (he needed a night out) and he had never seen anything from the Whedonverse before. He thought Serenity was a million times better than Star Wars. He just kept saying "wow" through the entire movie. He was very impressed with all the fans and the whole event in general. I was so proud of us. :)
That is uber-awesome, congrats to the organizers:)
It's not listed yet but Arizona Browncoats raised over $10,000.

Yes, we do rock!

There are a few people in each area who worked really hard to organize each of the screenings, and I wish there was somewhere where we could put their names, to give them credit for a job well done. I hope they know how much their hard work is appreciated!

That's a very good idea.
Our event made double what it did last year!!! very good time. Can't wait for next year.

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Excellent work, folks. Thanks to all who both organised and attended. It not only raises money for a cause that needs it, but also keeps Equality Now in the public eye a little.
We don't have the final bill from the theatre yet, but it looks like Vancouver will be close to double their total last year. A really big thank you should go to onetrueb!x for coming up with the idea and being showrunner last year, and to devinpike for keeping it all together this year as showrunner, while getting married three weeks before the screenings!!! looks like Vancouver will be close to double their total last year...

This is something of a common theme this year, and it's pretty awesome. Once all the reports are in, I suspect we'll see a list or chart of this sort of growth so we can see it clearly. It's been a pretty steady string of cities reporting a higher take than they had one year ago.
Random FYI, I've uploaded the audio (mp3) of Scott Allie's (Joss' editor at Dark Horse) talk at the Friday screening in Portland.
Thank you, theonetruebix, for the awesome upload--I love it when they talk about writing!
Oh thanks for the link to the audio theonetruebix! This is really great for the rest of us to get to hear. Dark Horse has been very supportive of the fans, they showed up at the Backup Bash last December.
Thanks for sharing that, b!x! You rock.

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Going back to the count in the post here, the main CSTS page appears to indicate 46 screenings at 43 sites.

With 16 sites left to report, the estimated total is now $73,892.68. Still to report:

Glastonbury Festival, England
Philadelphia, PA
Portland, OR
Auckland, NZ
Austin, TX
Cleveland, OH
Edmonton, AB
Melbourne, VIC
New York, NY
Ottawa, ON
Paris, France
Sacramento, CA
St. Louis, MO
Seattle, WA
Toronto, ON
WesterCon 60, San Mateo, CA
I need to check about, but I think this screenings event represents the largest amount of money a fandom has raised for charity in the history of ever.
Wow, the history of ever!
WooHoo!!!!! The Twin Cities rocks!!!

Christine Kanada aka Roseivy ran our event last year and rounded up that same team and added even more members of the Minnesota Independents - she worked extremely hard and it's paid off!

We pimped this event like no other and even got it mentioned on the local morning news several days in a row as a 'community event'.

Roseivy set up ticket pricing at different levels with 'rewards' for buying packages. One local company, bought 4 ticket packs at $250 each. This earned them a full page advert in our program.

We had a group of about 20 costumed folks and that doesn't count the people who showed up wearing the best looking outfits in the 'verse.

I was lucky to be invited to serve as Emcee and auctioneer - we had only one live auction item, a signed JoChen Buffy lithograph (donated by Dre a member of the MN Ind) but there were tons of 'chinese auction' item baskets. The lithograph brought in $100.

One of the most fun things I've done in a long time was leading the packed theatre in song ... *sigh*

Ohhh, River Tam Gray was interviewing folks and recording to her MP3 player all evening. She dragged me off down the blocks long theatre line and we spoke with LOTS of folks. Look for that file from River Tam Gray on all your favorite Firefly podcasts.

Barbara "knibblet"

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