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"Oh, BALLS."
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May 15 2003

A last 'Buffy' moment. Wrap party tidbits you won't have read before and who from the cast and crew will be watching the finale? (Register to read article but it's free).

Wrap party details:

"Guests were summoned to the minimalist-chic Miauhaus by invites printed on parchment paper, wrapped around pillar candles and hand-sealed with wax. When guests arrived, their first few steps sent them through a graveyard that had been built on-site. Inside, walls were airbrushed with 10-foot-tall original pieces of art of the show's heroes and villains; seafood nibbles were served out of an ice-lined sarcophagus; and skull replicas were used as vases for blood-red roses."


And wouldn't you just love to be watching the finale with Joss and eating pizza.

I can't register because I'm a klutz and can't fake the US zip-code format properly. Doh. Who among the cast will be watching the finale, then?
If you can change the country to the United Kingdom, it shouldn't be a problem. But anyway Joss is having a party at his place with the writers and having pizza, Marti Noxon is going to that one. Nick Brendon and his wife are having friends over. Anthony Stewart Head will be watching it in England with his daughters. And no one is sure about Sarah, Michelle and James as they are out of the country.
Cheers for that info, Simon. I did try changing it to "United Kingdom" but it still complained about not having a zip code. Oh well. Forms like that hate me anyway :)
I think I made up the zip code, 12345 or something like that.
See, I'm not clever enough to think of that ;) And now I want to go round Joss' house for pizza.
I registered with no problems, and I'm in Australia.
I did manage to register in the end, because luckily it turns out I live in the same zip-code as Simon :)
Fill in The Netherlands... no zip-code needed, apparently.
Speaking of wrap parties, I've been posting on Craigslist trying to see if there's anything scheduled in Boston. Anyone here know of anything? I have four other replies from Craigslist, all from people who want to know if I've heard anything.

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