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June 28 2007

River is Triumphant Today. Chris at has an interview with Michael Leavey of Diamond Select Toys about their newly-released "River Triumphant" statue.

The interview also mentions that the "Inara Strikes" statue is available for pre-order.

EEEEEE! TFAW sent me an email last night (which I ignored until I saw this topic, as I thought it was about my Buffy comic) saying mine is coming a few days. SO excited!
The beauty of action figures is that they are works of art that nearly anyone can afford. I like the intention behind making these statues in scale with the action figures, but, they do not serve as a replacement in that regard.

One wonders, if they had simply continued the action figure line with, say, half the quantity but at twice the price (still much more affordable than statues!), if we could not have had the whole crew by the time the DVD hit the shelves. But I seem to recall that they had no second wave in production -- they gave up the action figure line before the film had even been released and we may never know why. But at this point, with the existence and size of the fan base clearly established, I'd encourage them to revisit the more affordable form of art.
I'm sorry to say that I will not be buying this. I don't think it looks a thing like Summer... :/
I want it, although I have to agree that it doesn't look that much like Summer. I'd probably buy it despite that, though, except this whole thing where it's $100.
Wow. I love statues so much more than figures, but they get so pricey. I want nerdy decorations, and I hate when my red-pants Buffy falls over. Stupid skinny legged girl.

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