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June 28 2007

Moonlight's new female lead. Underworld's Sophia Myles gets the call. (As does Veronica Mars' Logan according to AICN and TV Guide -ed.)

Looks like they went for someone with previous vampire experience.

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According to AICN, the vampire mentor role has also been recast, now going to Veronica's Logan himself, Jason Dohring!
While I'm not familiar with her work in anything vampire-related, she was fantastic as Madame Pompadour in the Doctor Who episode "The Girl In The Fireplace." With her and Greenwalt on board, I may just be looking forward to this show.

...seems like all roads lead to Doctor Who these days.

ETA: Which is NOT a bad thing :)

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...seems like all roads lead to Doctor Who these days.

You say that like it's a bad thing. :)

I'm still on the fence about this one. I'll try it out I suppose. On the other hand, New Amsterdam looks pretty good.
Loved Sophia in Moffat's wonderful 'The Girl in the Fireplace'. Too cool. May have to give Moonlight a chance.
Girl in the Fireplace is the best episode of Doctor Who I've ever seen. And she was great in that. With Dohring and Greenwalt as well my interest in this series has gone straight from zilch to high.

FWIW, last I heard she was Tennant's off-screen girlfriend as well.

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Whoa, I skimmed this thread and missed Dohring! With that additional bit making three or more reasons to watch, I'll give it a shot.
I too have missed all her roles except the Dr. Who guest appearance, but that sole performance definitely made an impression-- she was a total scene stealer. The addition of Greenwalt makes me want to tune in, but aagh the death slot of Friday night gives me pause. Ah well, hope springs eternal :)

As a side note, I wonder do networks actually believe that viewers don't handicap new shows' life expectancies when deciding what to give a chance?
Loved the Doctor Who appearance. She is also very good in the upcoming movie Hallam Foe. Gotta add myself to the zilch to high list...
Wow, me seventeen! I absolutely loved her in that Who episode and even IMDB'ed her after watching it to see what else she'd been in. A friend IM'ed me about Dohring's addition earlier in the day, which ensured that I'd at least check Moonlight out, but with this news I'm actually kind of excited about it. Go figure.
Count me as one of the many who was taken with Sophia Myles as the Girl in the Fireplace.

I went out shortly after to get Tristan and Isolde (opposite James Franco, also starring Rufus Sewell). That was worth seeing -- probably best described as Romeo and Juliet meets Arthur/Gueneviere/Lancelot, though T+I may well predate both of them (it does R+J for sure).

And what Angel/Buffy/Spike fan wouldn't recognise another permutation of the star-crossed lover story?

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Must confess I don't remember her from the Underworlds but she was (obviously ;) great in "The Girl in the Fireplace" and fine in 'Extras' even if she didn't have that much to do. Certainly made 'Moonlight' more interesting to me anyway (though it's yet another instance of the seemingly unending exodus of good-looking British women over the pond ;).

(think T&I is older than the medieval, largely French influenced, Arthurian stories - Camelot, strange women lying in ponds distributin' swords etc. - but not the 5th century Welsh/Cornish warlord original)
I thought we were an autonomous collective... ;)
think T&I is older than the medieval, largely French influenced, Arthurian stories

The standard version of the Tristan story comes from the same period as the late medieval Arthurian stories — in fact, it's one of them. As with the rest of the Arthurian stories, of course, its origins go back farther and aren't entirely clear.

Of course, the movie bore little relation to any of that. But . . . Sophia Myles was good.

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With the sire / ex-lover angle, this actually sounds more like Forever Knight than Angel. Although the similarities between those two have been pointed out before. Either way, it sounds like a fun show.
Yer foolin' yerself zeitgeist ;).

Ah, cool Gordon, not seen it or read it so I don't know where I got that impression from (current contenders: 'thin air' or, leading by a nose, 'my arse' ;) but you're absolutely right, the *cough* ever reliable *cough* Wikipedia has him as one of the knights of the Round Table, so cheers for that ;).
Well, lets see what David can do with this before we pass judgement. He certainly has a fine eye for talent.
J.Dohring? I'm there.
Casting in real life is imitating my Buffyverse fanfic casting...
Jason Dohring . . . now I'm definitely watching!
I just saw that episode of Doctor Who called The Girl in the Fireplace and it actually made me choke up at the end. This happens, sometimes, when actors are so good or the writing is so directly connected to true emotion. Always a bit embarrassing to be sitting there on the couch nearly with tears coming out of my eyes, though, when my housemates are about. Really good episode.

I too later read that Myles and Tennant ended up dating, and maybe that is why they were so true with eachother (in addition to the good writing). Plus I am a sucker for BBC babes.

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