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June 28 2007

Buffy S8 as an Example of Transmedia Storytelling. Another Gender and Fan Studies post at Henry Jenkins blog discussing (among other issues) how standalone stories differ in structure from those designed for "transmedia expansion."

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They're a bit wrong about the statement that Fray and Tales take place in alternate universes, just different time periods.

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What feigenbaum7 said. At least I hope "Righteous" is canon, since it kind of burns itself into your heart in permanent burn-ink. Who knew the heartrending potential of trochaic, um, septua-meter (maybe)?

And zeitgeist, you hold the universe together one punctuation mark at a time.
Yeah, Fray is, without a doubt, canon. I don't think it matters if Tales of the Slayers is canon (though I'd argue that it is), because (as Geoffrey Long said) the stories in it don't have any "real impact on the 'canonical' Buffyverse." However, if a story's good, it shouldn't matter if it's canon or not, as long as you enjoy it.
Well, in fairness, 'Fray' doesn't have any real impact either since it hasn't happened yet (though IIRC, didn't it imply that Buffy was the last Slayer and that, during her 'watch', magic left the world ? Course, maybe 'Season 8' will take us there, story's not over yet ;).

And yep, 'Righteous' is pretty powerful. He's been talking about inequality for a long time but Big Purp clearly still has the fire in his belly.

(isn't it in common metre though ? IIRC it was mainly four line stanzas of iambic 4/3/4/3. No idea why that metre's so evocative but it really carries you as you read it. Something to do with your heartbeat maybe ? Dunno, but it definitely works, no doubt about that)
And zeitgeist, you hold the universe together one punctuation mark at a time.

It must be said ;)
Common metre--thank you Saje! I never could tell my iambs from my . . . trochaic things.

It sounds simple and innocent to me, and the slayer in question is simple and innocent, so the darkness of the ends (her end and The End) hits that much harder. In the good hard-hitting way.

Common metre--that concept makes my day!
Heh, happy to oblige Pointy ;). It's also called "ballad metre" because it's popular in hard-core speed metal. Or maybe ballads, not sure.

(that's true about the simplicity of the rhythm and the sort of innocence conveyed and I also think because of the ease of reading it gives the words a certain momentum, almost an inevitability, as if the ending's unavoidable. Good stuff)

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