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June 28 2007

Important note for prospective 'Dinner with Joss' bidders. Says Auction Cause: "High-profile auctions often need to pre-screen interested bidders in order to maintain the integrity of the fundraising promotion. Please provide us with the following information and we will call you to verify." So if you plan on bidding, be sure you've done this before the auction begins on July 2.

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FYI, while I await word on whether or not the "pooled group bid" idea (discussed in the previous thread on the auction, and elsewhere) is permissible under the rules of the auction, keep in mind that if it is, groups deciding to go that route will need to pick a bidder who will clear the pre-qualification process.

I might not have any information on the group bid idea until Monday, when the auction is set to begin.

ETA: Also, Auction Cause has already been alerted to the fact that the link to Joss' auction on their website currently is incorrect, and it will be fixed.

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Dang! Even if I won the lottery this week, it wouldn't be soon enough to collect my money and pass the pre-screening in time. Guess I won't buy 50 lotto tix after all.
Can someone explain what, "maintain the integrity of the fundraising promotion" means? Does this mean they don't want deadbeat bidders? I'm not sure how one person winning vs. another person winning can affect the integrity of the fundraising. Maybe they want to keep out the riff-raff? (in which case I'm screwed)
Does this mean they don't want deadbeat bidders?

Basically, yes.
I'm kinda loving how whenever a charity dinner thread disappears off of Whedonesque's front page, another one comes along. So I've filled out the form in the hopes that I can bid on Monday, still with no hopes of being a winner, but I would love a screen capture of my bid!
Nice tags, b!x.

I filled this form out before I remembered my eBay credit card isn't under the name Amanda Hugandkiss. It's either Eika Rumba or Ivanna Tinkle.

Doesn't matter - all three of us are deadbeats.

I do see why they're doing some pre-screening... but seriously, if I were working for that non-profit, I'd have a real problem with "maintain the integrity of the fundraising promotion" as opposed to "make sure you are financially qualified to bid" or something less euphemisistic. It's kinda Yuck-Speak.

But since I think they're maybe donating their services, I'll try to shut up now... I just dislike this kindof corporate-speak.

Love the prize, though...

"WALLY: I was beginning to realize that the only way to make this evening bearable would be to ask Andre a few questions. Asking questions always relaxes me. In fact, I sometimes think that my secret profession is that I'm a private investigator, a detective. I always enjoy finding out about people. Even if they are in absolute agony, I always find it very interesting." -- Andre Gregory &
Wallace Shawn, "My Dinner With Andre"
It could simply be that they want to ensure it's real people bidding and not someone who is going to put the ticket up on eBay at a higher price for personal profit. Grrr at that sort of person...special hell...
I will have something to post on the "pooled group bid" idea shortly.
I'm slightly unclear on one thing -- are the other items mentioned in Joss the Jedi Master's eBay page covered under the blanket of this "prequalification?"

Also, I noticed something wonky at eBay. Unless you're a Seller, it doesn't appear there's a way to register a credit card. In the limited time I had to look around, it seems as though registering your card as a Buyer is only required upon initial registration with eBay and that's if your e-mail address is unverifiable. I sent customer service an e-mail inquiry but their canned message says 24 to 48 hours to process. Good grief.

So I explained this in the comments section for the prequalification form. I've always paid through PayPal anyway when I purchase on eBay and my information is registered with them; credit card, bank account. So I hope I pass.
Well, the form does ASK if your card is on file with eBay. It doesn't say it has to be.

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