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June 28 2007

Podcast of todays Joss interview on NZ radio. This is a link to the audio podcast of Joss Whedon's New Zealand radio interview from this morning (bFM, 8:15am, 29th June NZ time). He talks about Equality Now, Buffy, Wonder Woman, comics and more...

The link is to the main page of the radio station, you need to click on the heading 'Joss Whedon Interview Uncut' under his majesty's picture.

Awesome. Starts with the screenings and what Equality Now is.
It is great to hear Joss' voice, and even greater that they are asking really interesting questions covering some fascinating topics. Thanks for the link zillah, I am really enjoying this!
I love the interviews where they ask Joss a wide range of questions on a variety of subjects, and this is one of those. A tour de horizon. I have revised my Netflix Q accordingly.

A rough transcript of his comments on Goners: "It's a supernatural thriller that I'm trying to get the studio to make. I'm rewriting it again. And it's a slow process, and after working in TV for a while, slow processes are a little frustrating. I'm working on some other stuff, but it's all too embyronic to talk about at this point. But hopefully within the year I'll be doing something other than turning in drafts of scripts, which after 18 months of Wonder Woman is getting a little old."
Thanks for posting that, zillah.

I'm also hoping someone posts a report from last night's L.A. Buffy Sing-a-Long, since Joss and Marti both made an appearance.
I should have added that it was related to the 'Can't Stop the Serenity' screening in Auckland, NZ on the 23rd of June. I would have posted something about it at the time but there was nothing to link to.

(and thanks for the thanks)
Sex tours in Malaysia?

Sex tours in Malaysia?

Why don't you e-mail the prosecutor in the case and inquire?

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Thanks, zillah. That was great to listen to, but after hearing what he said about Wonder Woman, I find myself very disappointed that he didn't get to make that movie. (Previously I was only disappointed for Joss - now I'm disappointed for all of us who don't get to see his vision.)
Thank you so much for this podcast. I got really giddy when Joss Whedon mentioned my favorite film of last year by my favorite director! Gah! Mr Whedon I love you even more than I thought I could!!
Was it just me, or did it end rather abruptly?
I can't get the podcast to play for me. What about Malaysia? I read a very interesting and frightening and depressing article in the LA Weekly about a guy who investigates human trafficking, and his most recent mission in Southeast Asia, which aside from the usual horrors of human trafficking, discussed uranium enrichment and the possibility of nuclear weapons being available to entertwined organized crime and terrorist organizations. It may not be available online until next week.
Rough quote regarding Equality Now:
"It's got recently the first conviction for someone running sex tours to Thailand and Malaysia and places like that out of New York, and human trafficking is another big issue of theirs."
Thanks, Pointy. I recommend the scary article. It puts details on something I've been feeling lately, like everybody who should know what's coming is sleepy and drift-y, like people seem to have been before both of the World Wars. This one would really be World.
Well, good for 'Equality Now' but i'm a bit disturbed that that's the first successful conviction for a 'sex tour' operator in the US, I mean it's been going on for years from all over the West (UK too obviously). Though I suppose it's maybe complicated by the fact that, for the most part, it's not actually illegal in the destination country ?

Good interview that, cheers zillah. Interesting to hear about his desire to do something less mainstream in comics, I hope he makes it happen (in Joss' case it'd really just be a matter of time and choice since i'd bet any small press would give their eye teeth to publish a book by him, no matter what the subject matter). Give him his head in the way Warren Ellis is given his and I think we'd see something really special.

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