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June 28 2007

Joss Whedon and Marti Noxon attend Buffy Sing-a-Long. Fan account (with photos) of Wednesday night's Buffy Sing-a-Long in Los Angeles, at which Joss and Marti put in a surprise appearance. Variety has a write-up as well!

(Added Variety write-up link -Zeitgeist)

I have to move to LA and start holding events down there. Heh.
OMG! I'm in those pictures on the blog! I'm the girl in the Doublemeat Palace shirt being high-fived by Joss! Gah!!

Joss is cool, guys.
I'm just dying of envy here. And trying to figure out if there is any way humanely possible for me to afford a trip to L.A. next year, assuming there will be an annual repeat, tied to the Joss's birthday/Serenity charity events.
Of course never in a million years would i get "high-five with Joss lucky", but I can dream. Thanks for this fun report.
Great photos! I wish I had been there, so close and yet so far....
I probably would have vomitted. Good thing I'm on the East Coast...
Ah, Joss and Marti are so cool! And I am... so... jealous.
Man, that is so sweet.

I wish somewhere near me would do one of those sing-along things...
I probably would have vomitted. Good thing I'm on the East Coast...

Yeah, cos no matter how hard you project, it's just never going to reach across a continent, lucky L.A.

This is why these guys are so very cool. Free evening ? Well, you can sit around in your pants and watch "Everybody Loves Raymond" repeats OR you can go out of your way to make thousands of people extremely happy. They chose ... wisely ;).
That's great - thanks for the link to the photos - High Fiving with Joss? how awesome is that?
Again, me with the envy! So very fabulous!
How sweet of them to sneak in like that. The caption under both pictures of Joss is perfect.
Damn you L.A. and your Jossy goodness! I'm going to the Seattle one tonight. Looks like we have a lot to live up to...
That is the coolest thing ever! Joss and Marti totally rock.

So, Joss- since the Bay Area isnt all that far away, you'll come on up to our OMWF too, right?
*sigh* I wish Joss lived in Portland.
I like what Clinton says were some of Joss' first words to the crowd:

“Um, you guys…Dawn’s okay.”

Yeah, he mentioned the climax-y poppers during "Under Your Spell." Something like, "It's not like there was some kind of subtext you were playing on..."
Subtext ? Weren't they just really good friends ?
Subtext? What subtext? It is all right there in the text:
"You make me COME plete"
I'm seriously all fangirly about this. How awesome is that?! I haveto move to LA.
While I have to say that the Dawn-bashing puts me off the Sing-a-Long experience a bit - I do not hold to that - it sounds like this showing was a very cool experience! I hope that Joss and Marti had even nearly as good a time as they gave to everyone in the audience!
I am so absolutely green with envy but still thrilled for all you lucky folks who got to see this with Joss and Marti there!! I've never been to one of these but it must be absolutely fantastic to see this on a big screen!

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