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May 15 2003

The Daily Herald sums up Buffy one of "one of the best dramas in TV history".

But also advises that "this is not the time for neophytes and naysayers to jump on the "Buffy" bandwagon and discover what all the fuss is about" due to a decline in quality...

"Tom Lenk's wimpy Andrew" -- ARGH! I liked most of what he had to say, but not this!

Andrew is anything but wimpy. He stood up to the First, he is trying to deal with murdering Jonathan, he is helping the Scoobies out the only way he knows how. He's not wimpy! And he's so funny.
I want Andrew to be my neighbour. Well, after he's done time for murder, of course. Lorne can live on the other side.
I think I'm in love with Andrew. After the way he said "You luuuuuuv them" to Anya, I was hooked.
I loved Andrew in Storyteller, *sings We are Gods, We are Gods*. I reckon Tom will do very well after Buffy finishes.
Tom Lenk has been magnificent this year! And he's hardly whimpy. Look at how he's accepted the fact that he'll probably die in the upcoming fight with the FE. He's made remarkable progress over the year.

Clearly, the author must have been high on something when writing this article.
It's a very complimentray article (if bland) so let's give it it's due despite the Andrew comment. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Andrew working at Wolfram & Hart in the near future.

I did like the props given to the sixth season in the article. Nice not to see it referred to as "too dark" for a change.
Yeah, it is a pretty bland article, I must admit. I really just posted it in the spirit of completeness I've been having the last couple of days - I've decided that, since it's the last chance we'll get to read articles like this, it won't hurt to read even the more boring ones.

As for Andrew, I love him /so/ much. Aww.

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