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June 28 2007

Whedonesque is five. Still going strong.

And still bloody brilliant.
What's Whedonesque?
May the mighty entity that is whedonesque endure forever and beyond. I'm guessing it's active in several dimensions :)
Only five? What took so long?
(Of course I haven't been here all that time and I should just keep my big mouth shut)
"Happy birthday! Yeah, many more. Happy birthday"

Here is some protein cake as "chocolatey tasting as possible"!
Firefly The Official Companions sure come in handy.

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Wow! Five years? That's quite a while in the internet. Happy birthday!
Congratulations, Caroline. Thanks for coming up with this site which is such a great community to hang out in, for the other Whedonesque-related sites, and thanks to all those who keep them going.
Congrats, and heres to 500 more!
Wait, isn't this self-linking? :)

I signed up about 3.5 years ago, but it has still gone by wicked fast. Here's to the next five! [raises lemonade, as that's all I have at the moment]
Awww! Happy birthday! So... technically, Whedonesque is old enough to start kindergarten now!
Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet obsession. I so love you, Whedonesque. SMACK (big kiss from Harm).
Congratulations, and thanks!
Only five? What took so long?

Well, you know what they say - time takes time. Cheers, peoples!

p.s. - its self-linking if you do it, its meta linking if we do it. That's just how we roll!
Happy birthday Whedonesque, and many, many more to come! :)
Happy Anniversary to Whedonesque! I gotta say, it's an honor to talk to you guys about not only work I had a hand in, but work that I consider myself a huge fan of. The best shows and movies of the last decade has birthed one of the best sites available. Here's to many, many more anniversaries!
*gets a bit teary eyed but happy*
Happy Birthday, Whedonesque! You make every day better.
Happy Anniversary!! I want to thank everyone who links here for making it possible to keep up on what is going on in the Whedon universe and of course Caroline for giving everyone a place that is kept civil.

I like it here.
I second newcj :) I like it here.

*raises tall glass of something bubbly*

Cheers Whedonesque!
I just wanna congratulate everyone behind Whedonesque (Caroline, Simon, zeitgeist, and others I may not know of) and everyone who comes here for discussion and linkage.

Happy five years, Big Black, and I'm proud to have been a part of two of them!

Can you say, "Best fansite ever"?!

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We've got five years, stuck on my eyes
We've got five years, what a surprise
We've got five years, my brain hurts a lot
We've got five years, that's all we've got

Happy Whedonesque Day.

I kiss you, you're beautiful...
Happy fifth birthday, Whedonesque! You're now old enough to go to kindergarten :) Thanks for the informative links and the thought-provoking chats!
[sung to Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday"]
Happy Birthday Whedonesque,
Happy Birthday Whedonesque,
Happy Biiirthdaaay!

Congrats on 5 and may you--no, WE--have 50 more!
: )
Many Happy Returns! Thanks for an awesome site. It rocks!
Happy birthday, Whedonesque! And here's to many more.
Happy Birthday! Feel the love!
Cheering Caroline's Bowie bit, I offer a Neil nod:

Hey, hey, my, my!
Whedonesque can never die --
There's more to this website (blog) than meets the eye
Hey, hey, my, my!

Love this place, its crafty makers and thought-full denizens, and that Joss feller whose intense creative gravity has drawn us all together. Happy Five, everyone, and many more!
I share my birthday with Whedonesque? Woot!
Happy Birthday, Whedonesque! Thank you for my little stop of Whedon wonderfulness every day on these crazy Internets.
Congratulations on 5! Yes, this is a great place to be. Here's hoping it's around for many more to come.
Happy Birthday Whedonesque! May you have many many more successful years ahead of you.
Happy Birthday Whedonesque! Here's to the next five years!
I've had several posts lost to connection problems, but really wanted to get through to celebrate this time. I saw a post from Firefly Fan for the first time in a long time, just now. You and Willowy were my role models on this board, along with SNT, who I miss. This is a magnificent place, and I hope it somehow outlasts us all.
Hey, shouldn't this be posted on ? Then Whedonesque could link to it and we could all sit around toasting marshmallows as the universe imploded.

Happy birthday Whedonesque, and many more. I attribute your longevity to a stylish rather than fashionable colour scheme. Black's just never going out, right ? ;-)

(and well done to all the mods who help to make it a place worth hanging around, even absent ones - whatever happened to SNT anyway ? Good job sirs and madam, thank-you all ;)

ETA: And happy birthday Ameer ;).

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Congratulations on the first five years, Whedonesque, and best wishes for many, many more!
Happy Birthday, Whedonesque - you crazy five-year-old!
Aww, Happy Birthday Whedonesque!

Thanks to everyone who makes this such a great place to spend time.

(And Happy Birthday Ameer.)
Happy Whedonesquiversary!

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Happy Anniversary, Whedonesque!! I feel truly privileged to be a member of this fantastic site. You people make my day! :)
Happy birthday, Whedonesque. You don't look a day over four and a half.
Happy Birthday Whedonesque, although according to this the 'official' birthday is 15th July. Maybe we can celebrate then too.
And still bloody brilliant.

Here here.
Yippee. Viva Whedonesque!!
Now imagine, where we'll be in the next 5 years....
Now imagine, where we'll be in the next 5 years....

Here, here. Probably.

Here's to a very happy B-day to my homepage, best site ever.
Happy Anniversary and thanks to Caroline, Simon and all the other mods who keep Whedonesque the best place to lurk on the internet.
Many Happy Returns Whedonesque!

And this seems a good time to say it -

The place really does look great!
Happy Birthday, Big Black.
Yay! May we have many more anniversaries!

I realised the other day that I've been here for more than 2 years, and it really seems to have flown by. I guess that's a testament to the quality of the site, because I've never stayed in another community for as long. Credit obviously goes to the mods and admins. Cheers and many thanks for maintaining the Big Damn Site.
Five whole years! May you have many more, and may this one be as good as my fifth birthday! As I recall, there was finger-painting. And cake. No pony or plastic rocket, though.
Still just a baby!
Happy birthday, Whedonesque! And many Happy Returns!
Long live Whedonesque! Happy Birthday :)
Congratulations who ought to be congratulated!
Congratulations! And thanks for making it a civil, amiable place to be, though it must sometimes be like herding cats (Ben is Glory?).
Congratulations and may there be many more years. Thank you admins and mods, Caroline, Simon, Zeitgeist, SNT (when you come back to us), for keeping it civil and on topic. It's a great place to learn the latest, discuss the current topic, or just read other's thoughts and reactions.
This place would not be nearly so wonderful if it weren't for the work of Caroline, Simon, Herb, and Zeitgeist. Thank you, Mods, and happy birthday to Whedonesque! (And, of course, thanks to his royal purpleness for giving us something to come here for!)
To the very best Whedon site, my homepage, and the place where I proudly boast elsewhere of being a longtime member. Sites go in and out with startling regularity on the web, so the longevity of this blog is a testament to the dedication and love of its wonderful creator and mods - Caroline, Simon, Milo, Herb, and newly-minted zeitgeist (hooray!). SNT - we miss you darling, come back when you can - and the brilliance of its populace in recognizing and cherishing such a rare web place. My heartfelt LOVE to all of you on The Black, The White, and The Library.

*Raises coffee cup* And to Joss himself, for giving us a reason to have met one another in the first place. *mwah!*
Hey! I was 5 in 1962, yer young whippersnappers..
Happy Whedonesque Day! I raise a glass to honor this site which is my refuge from work. Thanks to the wonderful people who post on the black, the mods, and to Joss - whose storytelling keeps weaving new people and thoughts into my world everyday!
Happy Birthday Whedonesque!!! Thanks to everyone who makes it a great place to visit.
Congrats on 5 years, and thanks to everyone who contributes to the community here. Special props to the mods and admins for keeping things civil-like.
Happy 5th Birthday Whedonesque!
Happy 5th and keep 'em coming!
Anyone else find it funny that the post linked to had only one comment, and it was completely off-topic? ;-)


Happy b-day, Whedonesque.

BTW, to commemorate the occasion, anyone have any links to the comments that started some of our memes? (Ok, so I missed some of them and I'm curious where they came from!)
Were there really only a handful of users in the first two weeks? Apparently I joined on 14 July 2002 and ended up as user 27 (!) which seems weird to me.
I'll post some links (this will be updated): -original Ben is Glory? - just fun - "Secret Unveiled: River is made of Chocolate" - the Party Thread

Special mention for me personally, this thread may be the first interaction between myself and my lovely beyond words (then future) wife. And because I know nixy is lurking out there somewhere... here's the Love (LURVE!!!) Threadtm which also includes one of my favorite Simon quotes: "In the early days, you can tell a person is interested in you if they keep talking to you despite you declaring your shipping loyalty for Buffy/Riley.".
Wow! I wasn't even 50 when this all started! Happy birthday, whedonesque and a million more, and much good cheer, and much good to talk about and muchly of much!
Still #1 in my heart. This is the best site on the 'net bar none. Caroline, thank you so much for giving us this little corner where we can speak our minds and hearts in a peaceful matter without one member stepping on the other. And, of course, we have the finest MODs on this planet. Simon, Milo, zeitgeist, and our beloved soddingnancytribe, I truly believe you must be superhuman to handle all the tasks we put you through and yet, still give us a friendly smile. Don't even get me started on the friends I've met within this room.

Yeah Caroline, you did it right. Thank you so much!
Well, happy birthday, Whedonesque!! This is the very first online community I ever joined, and it's still the best!!

Thanks to all of you, admins, mods and members alike, my daily fix of all things Joss has brought me much enrichment and camaraderie. Go, us!!

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Happy birthday! Good grief, and I've been lurking here almost that long...
I bow before Caroline. I nod vigorously at Simon and miss SNT something fierce. I love all my friends I've met in this place, and I can't get enough of that zeitgeist. Happy, happy birthday, The Black. You're very pretty.
Aw. Happy birthday!
Happy Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday- you don't look a day over four! ;-)

(In all seriousness, a world of thanks for keeping the flame...extra flamey. :-)
Hey z, thanks for putting those up! What fun revisiting the light-hearted tone of those days, and the eerily prophetic posts of some! Tres kewl. :)
Glad to and glad you enjoyed, I was feeling self-indulgent about a couple of them :)
Happy Birthday, Whedonesque.

You're pretty big for someone so young.
Great site. I'm relatively new to it, but enjoying the fact that there's a great place to find reliable info on the Whedonverse. Congrats to the mods--you run a fantastic site! Thank you!
Scratching my head about that Ben/Glory thread though. Where did that come from? ;)
Well Maddy, see there's this entity...

Happiest of Birthdays, big W!

Thanks to everyone who makes this site a happy stop (or 5 or 6) on my daily web crawl.
Happy 5-year Anniversary WHEDONEsque. Sure wish I'd been in on it from the beginning. Frankly, The Bronze gave me hives - it seemed utterly insular and I have found despite early trepidations that most folks here have been very welcoming, and I appreciate it. Thanks for all the work you do to keep this place going ... Shoots off some mental sparklers and fireworks.
Better run faster.

Hi Will. Amazing, isn't it? I've just been reading through the threads that zeitgeist so kindly provided and I was laughing myself out of my chair all over again. I truly adore this room and the people within.

Here's to Whedonesque! (Toast)
Still going strong.

Stronger than ever. Happy birfday, Whedonesque! You're the best fandom news site out there.
Happy anniversary, and thanks Caroline, Simon and the team.
Happy Anniversary, Whedonesque! Thanks to Caroline for creating it and to the mods and members for keeping it enjoyable.

I must say I loved going back and reading the thread where zeitgeist and barest_smidgen met. Sigh. I met my husband long before anything Whedonesque existed. We met in a record store; that was when they were made from vinyl. We recently celebrated our 25th anniversary. Sigh... And though I haven't gotten him to watch all of the BtVS and AtS eps yet, he's a huge Firefly fan.
Hey, I just celebrated my 4th yesterday, of #2, anyway. And my wife loves Buffy, Angel, and Firefly no end, but even better my relatively new stepkids were intro'd to it by me and are major fans now, all of them. My stepson just wrote me after S7 ended to tell me about his depression it was over. Guess what I told him? :-)
Happy 25th anniversary, Bobbi! I hope you had a rain of silver and a hint of vinyl. Our best of wishes:)
Happy Birthday, Whedonesque!
I just went back and read all the old threads zeitgeist linked to. They made me want to share some good off topic news I have had, because even though I am not always as vocal as others, just having this site to come to has really helped keep me grounded when things get scary.

I got a teaching job!

As I mentioned, I was told months ago that I would be getting laid off from my mind-numbing job in the bowels of Corporate America. The only reason I ever took that job it was because I fell into it when my parents were sick and the job market for teachers was really tight. That was a career ago.

When I was told I was going to be laid off, I decided to try to get a job that could actually be worthwhile. People wanted me to hedge my bets and apply for another job in the same swampy, milaria-ridden corporate field, emphasizing financial security over sanity. I resisted, feeling this was my last chance to stop wasting the portion of my life I spend making a living. Threads such as the "Let's Watch a Girl Get Beaten to Death" helped me keep what was important to me focused in my mind, and kept me from giving into my fears.

Well it worked. I will be signing the contract next week, and a couple friends I introduced to BtVS and I are going to the James Marsters concerts today to celebrate. Whedonesque helps me stay centered and without that I could not give the faulty illusion of sanity impression that was needed on job interviews.

Of course, after not being in the classroom for more than a decade, I'm going to need a lot more centering come September, because, "Yikes! OMG! They're going to eat me alive!" seem to be random phases that are floating through my head at the moment. So don't go anywhere Whedonesque or Whedonesquers.
Congratulations newcj ! I'm sure you'll be fine (after they've eaten you alive obviously, it's only up from there, right ? ;-) and equally sure you'll do a great job imparting sense to the youth of today (lawks knows they need it, I mean they don't seem to realise that that's not music it's just a noise or that they don't know how good they've got it or that this was all fields in my day. Bloody kids ;).

Whedonesque: changing lives for the better since 2002.
newcj, I'm a failed teacher (dropped out of teacher training). Kudos to you for having that vocation and congratulations on your new job. The Big W is not going anywhere, and I'm sure everybody will be happy to help you stay centered.
Congrats as well, newcj. Don't worry, you'll be fine. May I ask the subject you teach?
Right on, newcj! We'll all be here to amuse and distract you :)
I can't believe I've only been on this sight for 3 years...I don't remember what the fandom was like before this sight and I never want to be reminded!!
Congratulations, newcj, on the job and pursuing your dream.

Don't worry about being eaten alive -- unless, the students suddenly become possessed by hyenas and what's the chance of that happening again? Umm, you don't live in Cleavland or another Hellmouthy place do you? On second thought, don't take the kids on any zoo field trips and you should be safe.
Congrats, newcj! What age group will you be teaching? Come September, I'll be doing an academic teaching internship with community college nursing students. I'm more than a little nervous myself. :)
Happy 5th, Whedonesque!
*snoopy dancing for everyone*

Congrats, newcj!
Remember to check you chair for tacks and apple for worms.
Walk softly and carry a big ruler.
Wonderful news on the job, newcj! Whedonesque, the people here, and Joss' shows have revived my dreams and aspirations big time. If I'm ever in the position, I hope I'll be able to fulfill mine in some way before I need a walker. Some people find Disney sappy, but I've always loved Jiminy singing this song. However it works; prayer, fate, karma, day-in day-out hard work, don't give up on your dreams:

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

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Happy Birthday Whedonesque!! This has been such a central part of my life since I first discovered it and have met so many wonderful people here. Thank you Caroline, Simon, Herb, Milo, Zeitgeist and the much missed SNT for giving us such a wonderful community to be a part of.
Had to post again to say congratulations, newcj! We're here for you in the black, white and the Library.

TonyaJ, I admit to being sappy. I always have liked that song, too.
I got back from having a great day out with friends watching James Marsters give two really good concerts and I find great messages for me on Whedonesque. Awww, thanks everybody. I'm all teary. It must be Jiminy's fault. (He is never out of place at a sappy moment, TonyaJ and this is certainly one for me.)

you'll do a great job imparting sense to the youth of today

Saje, does that mean I have to acquire sense myself first? Seriously though, I will be happy if I just impart the English language successfully. Though it sounds like snark, it isn't, because:

Madhatter & Bobbi, I'll be teaching English as a Second Language to 6, 7 & 8 Graders, ages approx. 11-14 (see...Yikes!)

McGuffin, Though it is not Cleveland, or a Hellmouth it is...well...New Jersey. Need I say more? I mean, redundant much? ;-)

Remember to check you chair for tacks and apple for worms.
Walk softly and carry a big ruler.

Noted, Love's Bitch.

We're here for you in the black, white and the Library.

We'll all be here to amuse and distract you :)

The Big W is not going anywhere, and I'm sure everybody will be happy to help you stay centered.

Caroline & Zeitgeist & samatwitch, I going to hold you to that because I know that as long as Caroline keeps this place going and the mods keep running it with their very attractive and stylish but solid iron fist, it will attract the same kind of great people I have met here for the last 2 1/2 years. As in the past, I will not be the only person being supported, amused, distracted and centered. Thanks again to all.

Whedonesque: changing lives for the better since 2002.

Damn straight!
Happy Belated Birthday, Whedonesque!

I love this place!
Happy Birthday you big black thing! I don't know what any of us would do without you.
And thank you to the wonderful people who keep it civil.

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