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June 28 2007

Vote for Nathon Fillian and Chiwetel Ejiofor for Breakthrough male stars of summer. Hey, that is the way they spelled it! Does it count as breaking through if they misspell Nathan's name???

hey now, no love for Chiwetel Ejiofor?!?
Well, whoever that Mr. "Fillian" is, he is currently in 5th place.
The Operative | June 29, 03:35 CET
hey now, no love for Chiwetel Ejiofor?!?

Whoops, you mean there are other men...on...the...list?

Hey, they spelled Chiwetel Ejiofor correctly.

Love for Chiwetel Ejiofor too. And an 20 minute unconditional hug for The Operative.

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Can't tell by the Screening map
or the Box Office Mojo counts but
on our favorite myspace Sandi says Waitress is going to a new theater! Whoo-hoo! So Fox Searchlight is still pushing Waitress to new theaters.

JUNE 29 Box office Mojo theater counts
Waitress (Fox Searchlight) / 314 (-214) / Week 9

Sandi Jun 28 2007 1:01P
Here's how big Waitress has become - it's starting in Janesville, Wisconsin tomorrow. This is a town with two movie houses - a total of 18 theaters. Until the week before last, they were showing only five movie - Spiderman, Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ocean's Thirteen, and Knocked Up. A few weeks ago I had to drive 35 miles to see Waitress in Madison, and now it's just down the street. Guess where I'll be Sunday.

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Dude, in a write-up in a local paper about the Cleveland CSTS screening, they spelled "Whedon" as "Wheadon." Why the hell do people have such a hard time spelling our folks' names...?
They're not exactly hard names, for the most part...
My wife and I went and saw Waitress tonight, and I was pretty surprised at how many people there were, given that I live in a small town in Utah. The theater's owner said they'd originally been planning to switch movies out tomorrow, but it'd been doing so well they were going to keep showing it for another week!

Cute movie, we enjoyed it.
Wow, there's a lot of actors I love in there. Shia! He's incredible.
Nathan is in Fourth place now! Whoo-hoo! Got to vote from another computer!

If you know any Andy Griffith or Keri (Felicity) Russell fans, be sure to tell them that they are in Waitress. Like who isn't an Andy Griffith fan.
Oh cool, Nathan's in second place now.
For some reason, I can't stand that Beef kid.
Live Vote STILL CHECKED! "Live Vote
Who do you think is the breakthrough male star of summer? * 5118 responses
Shia LaBeouf, "Transformers," "Disturbia," "Surf's Up"
30% 1535

Nathon Fillian, "Waitress"
20% "

Shia 1535
Nathon 1023

Difference 512 votes.

Live Vote box still marked

"Who do you think is the breakthrough male star of summer? *5208 responses

Shia LaBeouf, "Transformers," "Disturbia," "Surf's Up" 30%

Nathon Fillian, "Waitress" 21% "

Nathan 1093
Shia 1562

Difference 469.

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