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June 29 2007

New additions to the Moonlight cast. Shannyn Sossamon and Veronica Mars' Jason Dohring have joined the show. Lead actor Alex O'Loughlin is now the only remaining member of the original cast.

Sossamon will replace Amber Valletta as Coraline, while Dohring replaces 60 year old Rade Serbedzija.

Dohring was mentioned in our last post on Moonlight.
Gah! Sorry about that. In my defense, that detail was added into that other story quite some time after it was posted up. It was news to me.

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Sounds like David is cleaning house and doing a make over on this series. I certainly hope so, EW did a bite on "Moonlight" last month and they weren't very kind in their report. I suspect that was on the initial pilot before David took the helm, but that's just a guess on my part.

I know we still roll our eyes on this series, but the fact that David Greenwalt has stepped in has certainly changed that tune. If the network gives him a little running room, I think he may pull a bunny from his hat yet again. Go, Dave, go!
Well looks like I'm gonna have to watch it now, whenever it may come to the UK.
Jason Dohring! Glad he found a place for next season.
I second the Jason Dohring happiness. But that actress is - if I understand the Britishism at all - a plank. And is Coroline a common name somewhere or a blatant Neil Gaiman rip-off? Don't get me wrong, I'm crossing my fingers for DG and the show.

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She was decent in Dirt.
JD, oh baby now I'm excited for this show!
Yea I am too! I didn't know that David Greenwalt had any conection to the show at all, now finding out that JD is a part of it also...sweetness!
OK, I've only seen A Knight's Tale with her in it. And I'd have to look up something to get her name right, which I'm currently too lazy to do. But I maintain that she was lumber-y in that. If she just has to be smug and evil, though, that might work.

And Jason Dohring as an evil immortal. I'm hooked. And I'm going to be smushed like a bug again. I just know it.
Sometimes I reckon bad (or wooden) actors actually work quite well in certain parts. Keanu Reeves for instance, doesn't have much range, but when he plays slightly detached, either otherworldly or cynical (i.e. hard-boiled) characters he does a pretty decent job IMO because it suits his 'style'.

Ms Sossamon may fit that mold (though i've only seen her in "A Knight's Tale" too so hardly a fair crack of the whip). And 'plank' by itself is usually used to mean 'idiot' so maybe not quite what you meant dl ?
I remain skeptical. Neither Jason Dohring nor Shannyn Sossamon perk my enthusiasm for this Angel/Forever Knight wannabe, so far. David Greenwalt will have to pull in some mighty fine writers and directors to make this one fly, IMO. But if it works, I might be there.
Obviously the J. Dohring casting was a smart move. It's drawing us in like crazy- self included. Now I will at least give the show a good chance.... whether the show as a whole deserves it or not- must admit.

I'm looking forward to checking out the HBO series based on the C. Harris "Southern Vampire" books, as they are truly different, and amusing. They have a cool main character, a (human) clairvoyent (sp?) barmaid with a self-depreciating sense of humour,. They are set in an slightly (okay, more than "slightly") altered world, where vampires have "come out" as a group, thanks to the availability of synthetic blood, and it is now illegal to kill them.

And I have high hopes for "Pushing Up Daisies."

Is there anything else I should be checking out, tv wise?

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I,too am getting very interested in Moonlight, because of David Greenwalt and the addition of JD. "Pushing up Daisies" sounds great and is from the writer who last did "Dead Like Me" a terrific series. Other possibilites? "New Amsterdam" which has an immortal (not a vampire) NYPD detective. Someone pointed out that this plot sounded like Pete Hamill's book about an Irishman confined to Manhattan if he wants to stay alive-so he stays and lives 400 years. The only downer is -wait for it - it's on FOX.
I'm going to be watching out for Pushing Daisies, Sarah Connor Chronicles and The Bionic Woman. I might have a look at Reaper, too.

Did anyone else think for a while that Moonlight and New Amsterdam were the same show?
Well, it's got David and it's got Jason, so I'm gonna watch it. I definitely was before, but now at least I'll look forward to it with something resembling a modicum of interest!
angel fan, after Dead Like Me, Bryan Fuller did the fabulous Wonderfalls with Tim Minear and last season was a writer on Heroes. Pushing Daisies is getting incredible buzz and I can't wait for it.

Pushing Daisies and Bionic Woman are the two new shows I am looking forward to the most this fall (since I have to wait until January for Summer's Sarah Connor Chronicles).

I will give Moonlight a chance since it really isn't going to be up against any other network shows for me this fall. I think I can pass on Wrestling, some country singer reality show, and Las Vegas.
As far as that upcoming HBO vampire series, well I certainly hope Alan Ball (the creator of Six Feet Under and the one behind this new HBO series) can make potpourri out of shit, because the Charlaine Harris novels the series will be based on are horrible, horrible books, filled with weredogs and werejaguars and a bunch of characters that sound and act like Anne Rice Xeroxes. The fact that Paquin's involved ensures me watching it, but it's got pretty insurmountable odds against it - namely the beyond awful source material.
And 'plank' by itself is usually used to mean 'idiot' so maybe not quite what you meant dl ?

Well, no, not idiot. I meant wooden, in the sense of rigidly fibrous and unresponsive. I don't dislike all wooden actors. I like Keanu, though I admit that he's wooden like all the critics say. But I feel that he's responding to everything as quickly and honestly as he can, and his integrity is impressive. In the case of Ms. Sossamon, I get wooden in the sense of not caring, but of course she's young and might have improved already.
jason.cinema does have a point about some excessive were-animals and cute bits in the Harris books, but there is absolutely nothing Anne Rice-like about the characters or the books.

I've only read a couple, but Harris has some clever ideas that I think may translate very well, with some editing. I guess Alan Ball thinks so too. They strike me as having real potential for something distinctive and different- vampire -wise. Guess we'll see. the case of Ms. Sossamon, one could always watch "40 Days and 40 Nights" with her and Josh Hartnett to see if she improved. That or her episode of Law & Order: SVU ("Doubt" as Myra Denning);)

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