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June 29 2007

California Browncoats produce exclusive mugs for charity at Comic-Con. The California Browncoats ( are doing a run of 500 each of two different mug designs (by two of our favourite Browncoat graphic designers/artists) and selling them as a Comic-Con exclusive, the proceeds of which will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Oh, oh! I want, I want! I wonder if mifeng takes bribes....
First a panel at WonderCon, now a Comic-Con exclusive! I'm so proud of us! :)

BTW, St. Jude is Mark Sheppard's charity, which is why it was chosen for this year's fundraiser. More details on that later, I'm sure! :)
I'll bring it with me.
Are you gonna show up?
-sorry, the computer has gone mad and double posted itself.

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I've got the Browncoat version in my possession now. They look great. The brown is a little darker than the mock up. (And thanks to lexigeek for that cool mock up). We will be spending the next few weeks hand writing the edition number on the bottom of the mugs, putting them in gift boxes, and adding the certificate of authenticity and prize drawing ticket.

We will be selling them in numerical order for the online pre-orders. That means the quicker you order, the lower the number you will get. We also encourage you to help out those that can't make it to the con and pick them up a set. If anyone orders them online and can't pick them up, just give a copy of your paypal receipt to someone who can.

The Serenity ones are supposed to arrive today. We will have pics of them up very soon. We will also have the pre-order page up on the site in the next few days.

Many more details and cool Comic-Con announcements coming in the next few weeks!
Nice work, guys!
I saw them, too. Sign me up for one, just as soon as the order page is set up.
Are you gonna show up?

You couldn't keep me away! Just not sure it'll be on the 3rd or 4th.

I'll send you the money with the b-day card. :)
Just got home with the Serenity mugs. Imagine what 600 lbs of mugs in your car does to your ability to stop :)

They look fantastic. They are cobalt blue, and actually looked almost purple in the sunlight.

Posting pics is on the agenda for the evening.
St. Jude's Research Hospital is a great cause. And those mugs are sweet. BTW, isn't St. Jude the patron saint of lost causes? Seems kinda extra appropriate to Browncoats :)
Those are really shiny. Too bad they aren't available online. *hint hint*
Lexigeek, Just think...Instead of my Yankees coffee mug at work I could have a Browncoat mug. *wink*
Lexigeek, Just think...Instead of my Yankees coffee mug at work I could have a Browncoat mug. *wink*

Lexigeek, I'll pay you extra to send her one, but secretly replace it with a Red Sox mug before you ship it.
That's just wrong ;)
Actual mug pics are up.



I would love to have one of those!

Hmmmm. How do I swing a trip to California? :)
Hmmmm. How do I swing a trip to California? :)

Still trying to figure that one out myself.
oh the mugs look great!
certainly think i'll be trying to grab hold of a couple to bring back to australia with me!
eeeeeee! only 19 days to go until i'm in LA! totally can't wait til Con!

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