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June 29 2007

Issue #2 of DeathRay Magazine features "10 Minute guide to Firefly". New British Sci/Fi Magazine's Second Issue has a two page spread on Firefly. Sort of a "Primer" for those unfamiliar with the 'verse. It's available in the US... saw it at Border's today. :D

Cause no SF-fan ever heard about Firefly. That'll help keeping the magazine sales up... really original!

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Fire-who now ? ;)

Not seen this in the shops, has anyone read it ? Any good ?

(though I don't really buy magazines anymore anyway, too spoiled by free stuff - and up-to-date news rather than 4-6 weeks behind - on the web)
A friend told me about it. it's a show in space, but with horses. Maybe I'll check it out some day, but I don't like tv too much, there's never anything good on; just dumb entertainment-crap ;)
Deathray isn't too bad, there is a lot of "filler" in it but it's nicely produced (if a little complicated to navigate through) and has some decent long reviews. It is the second new scifi monthly to hit the stands recently, following SF Now. In my opinion the grand old SFX is still better than its newer rivals by some way.

Ah, good old SFX, when they put photos of Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover they always designed it so her head obscured the bottom of the 'F' in the title, which meant you got some odd looks if you were reading the magazine on the train.
silvius - :) Too true, re: SFX, and too fun!
Except for leaving off Book in the part about crew- I thought it was a pretty good article - what I could see of it. I'm going to look for it at Borders and see what I think close up. :)
Nice to see Firefly/Serenity in further press. No matter how small. Thanks TD, for the find.
Isn't next month's issue of SFX the one with the interview with Nathan Fillion in it?
I hadn't seen or heard of this magazine, so thanks for the heads-up. Will check it out. Still prefer SFX to any other so far.
This new magazine looks like a good one, and of course any Positive exposure for the Sereniverse is always welcome. I freely admit that I'm partial to SFX myself, but this is a good magazine, just starting up, and worth looking at.
-Especially this month's issue! :)

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