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June 30 2007

Fox changes airdate for last two episodes of Drive. The network will now air the episodes of Nathan Fillion's short-lived series on Friday, July 13, back-to-back starting at 8pm (eastern)/7pm (central).

Original plans had the network burying the show further by airing the episodes on the 4th of July when most people would be out watching fireworks.

Though I'm not sure about choosing Friday the 13th to do it is any better. LOL

I am thoroughly confused.
I think that's what they want.
I guess Fox wanted to show "So You Think You Can Dance" even on the 4th because it's so popular. If they really wanted to bury it, they'd have the final two episodes available online, but not tell anyone. At least it will show them. It's too bad there won't be an ending
it's a shame that we didn't see enough of amy and nathan. scream it with me: AMY! AMY! AMY!
Sigh. Programming DVR now...
Fox? Is that still in business?
*Sigh* Sure wish they'd have the decency and common sense to allow Tim Minear to film an Episode 7, for "closure". Then they'd have a story arc and enough material to put out a dvd set. Darn. We get what we get....
Ah Friday, the TV graveyard, and current home to Gina's ill-fated "Standoff" -- which is also a great show. After the short run of "Drive," I was tempted to call for a Browncoat boycott of FOX, but, "House"...
I wonder if in the show, the masters of the race would have kept moving the finish line this way.
Look, you got your wish, Fox, it's not even on anymore! Stop fraking with my shows! It's done, it's gone, let Tim Minear take it somewhere else and eventually make a movie out of it, but don't start moving it around pretending that you care about the fans and their hopes and dreams when all you're doing is airing them out of courtesy. Shoving them into an 8pm/9pm timeslot on a Friday night is just another stab.
Well it's about time a Tim Minear show got a chance to air on a Friday night...
on Schedule for 7/4/07 now says says movie special Anger Management

I'm hoping they stick with the 7/13/2007 date, because the person who made the Drive banner has already changed the date which means it has changed for everyone that was hotlinking to it on myspace and elsewhere.
Some even have it as a clickable link to To watch Drive episodes 1-4 online
At least one person was gonna blog about it and said several people had asked about the banner in her profile.

14 DAYS to sweep myspace and the rest of the internet! Whoo-hoo! We have to at least reach the people who already watched. They need to know!
Well, I for one am as happy about the date switch as I can be, mostly because now I don't have to curtail any of my Fourth of July celebrating to go home and watch Drive. Granted, I have to wait nine days to see the "conclusion" of the show, but at least I know I'll be able to watch it.
I wonder when they are going to show the episode of Standoff that was originally scheduled for that night. Are they now canceling the burn off of the canceled Standoff so that they can air the canceled Drive? It is enough to make your head spin.

Thank you, thank you, thank you guys!

Never meant to get hooked on the silly thing, but I did, and have been waiting for the other eps.

I wouldn't have known of this change but for this site.

So, uh, wouldn't like, uh, more people watch if it were possible to know when it was gonna, you know, like, be on?

Or am I just being silly here?
Bollocks, here's me on holiday in the States looking forwarding to seeing it on the 4th. Now I'll miss it.
Don't worry Simon, you can watch Anger Manager instead.
Well I did get the Buffy Omnibus Volume One in some comic book store today so it's all good (even though Dark Horse says it won't be out till the middle of next month).
Doesn't matter that much to me besides the delay, either way I'm working and recording. But sheesh, I finally get hooked on Standoff despite my total and complete dislike of the female lead, and now they're screwing with that even more? Wasn't canceling it enough?
tehabwa, no chance.
TamaraC, uh, what, exactly, are you "no chancing" about? I mean which statement.

Anonymous1 (haven't we met?), possibly.

I just started a Yahoo 360 thingy, but have NO idea how I would go about getting a banner, shiny, slimey, or otherwise, onto it.

Oh, I see you've put a -- what is THAT? a LINK of some kind?
Sorry, I just don't know how to put it anywhere, as it were.

It's not like Fox is going to resurrect, is it?

Oh! That's what the "no chance" comment was, wasn't it?

Gee, here I'm new here, and have spazzed out my first attempt to join the group.

My Very, Very Bad.
Welcome, tehabwa. And yes, my cynical bitter "no chance" comment was in response to you wondering if more people would watch it (or resurrect it).
tehabwa, welcome also!

I don't think we have met unless anonymously.

If you click on the ('How to' tips) above the add a comment it shows how to make things into a clickable link or to quote things.

Here is the drive banner as a not a clickable link:

You don't have to actually make the banner show up anywhere. You could just write about I am here...and maybe others will view it...and can use it elsewhere...and post about it...and suddenly millions of people will know that 2 new episodes of Drive airs Friday 7/13/2007 and watch them.

Hey, it could happen.

Hopefully, we can at least inform the people who already watched Drive. What if we don't get a DVD? This may be their only chance to see Episode 5 and 6. It is so sad.

I could also win the lottery. Serenity sequel, sequel, Serenity set we can tour at Universal Studios and hold weddings and shindigs. I buy lottery it is possible!

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2007-07-01 07:45 ]
Um, that's for putting stuff here, right?

Originally, you -- or someone with an IDENTICAL NAME, asked if I had a place to put the banner, like a web site.

I just got a 360 account, but have no idea how to put up a banner.

Also, I don't expect resurrection of Drive.

It has just long bugged me that, for people who are presumably interested in ratings, that is, getting people to watch stuff, making it impossible to actually watch stuff seems, oh, I dunno, counter-productive.

Maybe a little dufusy.
Sigh* Sure wish they'd have the decency and common sense to allow Tim Minear to film an Episode 7, for "closure".
TDBrown | June 30, 13:17 CET

"Decency and common sense"? Surely, you jest.
I mean, come on...we're talking about Fox.

It was me. We have unique names here. Unlike myspace where you could have duplicate pretend names.

And yes the "add a comment ('How to' tips)" is how to put things on

I have no idea what a 360 account is. It is okay though, hopefully others will use the banner. Look everyone else, here it is again:

Just hoping to reach some Drive viewers who want to know.

Seems like a lot of what Fox does is counter-productive. And on "Decency and common sense". I'm afraid they will never really air episode 5 and 6. I'm also afraid they will air it on the 4th despite saying on their wouldn't that be foxy.

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