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June 30 2007

Me Links to Me! In Which Joss Brings Up A Certain Auction, Among Other Things

Hey Peeps. I know you’ve been linked here before, but as the dread hour approaches (it’s just like that really tense sequence in “Far and Away” right before the Oklahoma Land Rush where Criminal Minds Guy totally disses Tom Cruise’s gnarly horse except there’s no sad Native Americans and I just lost many many potential bidders with my “Far and Away” love, didn’t I?) I cannot help but nudge. And, by way of compensation for said nudging, check in with my e-peeps. Answer some R.A.Q.s (recently asked questions.)

First of all, why the auction? Because I believe the chance to sit next to me, with my distinctive yet unsettling odor, will cause people to give Equality now Eleventy Kabillion Dollars. Each. I might have numbers slightly wrong. In fact I might be dining alone. But the fact is, when Kai and I said to each other that it was time to stop talking about the problems and start doing something, this was the first thing I thought of. It had been on my mind for a while, not just as a chance to help a cause, but to create a really memorable, uncommon fan experience. Uncommon not just for them but for me. Hear people talk. Dive in, get silly. The cause is deadly serious, but mixing the serious and the silly is more than my stock-in-trade: it’s almost a mission.

I have read your words (not the long ones with many syllables, but a lot of them) and the question “Why not a raffle?” has been broached. In truth, I’d thought of doing both, but this being my maiden voyage, pared it down. Maybe I made the less awesome choice (see above re: dining alone) but it will, at the very least, get the name Equality Now into a few more eardrums, which is not nothing. I’ve heard some Browncoats might be pooling a raffle into a bid, which I think is perfect. I hope that flies.

Why all the background checks and ‘right to refuse’? To protect against false bids and scary people. The latter was designed more for actor-types than people like me – I have seen some wildly creepy fandom around my actroid buds – but it’s standard and it’s safe and there it is. It does make the process less giddy, but it’s practical, which we have to be right up until we start ordering appetizers. (Hmmmmm, appetizers…)

Will the evening be awesome? The evening will be scumptralescently awesome, as long as the following subjects are avoided:

Buffy Actors
Buffy Key Grips
My Face
The War of the Roses (the war, not the movie)
Odors, Mine
Hammacher Schlemmer

So there you have it. I can’t wait. And let me bring you all up to speed on some other stuff as well. Par examplar: Comiccon. Panel? Why yes, thank you for asking. Saturday afternoon (mere minutes after waking from that fabulous, non-lion-mentioning evening) I’m doing a “Darkhorse Presents: Me” panel. Slightly less intimate than the dinner, but I’ll try to keep it lively. Really lively would be announcing that I’m actually moving ahead on a greenlit filmed entertainment. Dontchya think? Pretty sure that’s not gonna happen by then, but know that I am working around the clock (well, near a clock) to put together a number of drool-worthy projects. I’m tired of down-time. I’ll keep you posted, either at the con or here on this very webular page. Be like Xander in “The Zeppo”: Have Faith (Oh, ZING!) (I’m so over.) I know the Con will bring knowledge of at least one thing new – a small thing, but it grins me to think on.

That’s enough for now. Let the auction commence! (at the appointed time.) Have a great 4th of July – something totally historical happened then! And thanks to all the peeps at the Singalong. Marty and I had a crazy good time, even if we felt bad for poor defenseless Dawnie. (Every time you tell her to shut up, remember who wrote what she’s saying.) (That’s right. The kid’s with me.) And huge props not only to Mr McClung but to the video making peeps. I was particularly happy to see Kristine Sutherland getting the love. Long overdue.

And so…I vanish!


Vanishing man, be gone with your weird rash!
COME BACK....the link goes to nowhere! this a philosophical thing, like the spoon?
I went to a Once More, With Feeling screening a month or so ago, and those people who screamed "shut up, Dawn" were...annoying to say the least.

Once. One time. That is exactly the shelf life of that "joke", even though I didn't like it the first time.

The fact that Joss wrote Dawn's lines and has expressed that he likes her as well was in no way helpful to try and convince these people who scream EVERY SINGLE TIME Dawn speaks to stop doing it.

I’ve heard some Browncoats might be pooling a raffle into a bid, which I think is perfect. I hope that flies.

That's my cue.

Okay, after a number of parallel conversations, the "pooled group bid" idea has been given the go ahead. As I've suggested already, it does mean that any group wanting to do this needs to designate someone as their bidder who will go through the pre-qualification process.

One way it was explained to me: "[W]homever bid on it on eBay and won it would have the legal responsibility of falling through with payment rather quickly. Once in a while, someone may bid thinking they will not win, and when they do, they panic and seemingly run away. This is why we are having the bidder qualification."

So here's my sense of the way to make this idea work (and this is me talking, not the auction people, although I believe it is how to ensure consistency and compliance with things):

If you're going to pool a group bid, it can't be done with people in the group saying "I promise to give the designated bidder the money if we win". It really needs to be "here is my portion of the group bid" and all that money needs to actually be in a pool under the control of the designated bidder, so that if the group bid wins, it can be paid ASAP without the group scrambling to pull the money together.

Now my high-horse lecture bit: Don't mess this up. They could always, if they wished, proclaim this to be against the rules of the auction. They didn't. So if you do this, take it seriously, please.

(Off-topic, I discover this post right as I'm testing my new interim DVD player using the DVD of Joss' "strong women characters" speech that I had burned for Portland's charity screening.)

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Works here, Not A Cat But Nearly As Bouncy.

Not to side track, but the CSTS screenings are on target to reach $100,000 or there abouts, I understand. So hopefully Equality Now do well from all this.

Dinner things a great idea, both in the amount of money it'll hopefully get and the experience for all involved. Officially jealous, officially broke, officially off to bed.

Bix, you do raise an interesting point. The Browncoat group bid would likely work I think, so it puts the official bidder in a funny position. If people promise money they can't afford, even just a few, it'll leave a big shortfall. Personally, I'd be tempted to use Paypal to group the money (there's a few services to do this outside of Paypal's control), and then use Paypal's 'refund within 30 days' feature if unsuccessful.
'fully posable'

I want to know if we get to choose which Joss will show up for the dinner. I myself am leaning towards Jedi-Joss.
one would imagine the light saber would be a great way to keep the conversation away from the above mentioned topics.
I have been fighting my desire to go to ComicCon for the last 6 months because of the craziness at work during July. Now I don't know if I can withstand the lure. Damn!
OK, I understand that lions are off topic (both of the African and Detroit varieties, I'm guessing), but I'm supposing that means bunnies are a suitable topic.

For whomever the lucky bastards are that can pony up the no-doubt large sums of cash that will be required, that is.


Don't forget, winners-to-be, those of us who are as broke as convicts would appreciate a recap after the glow subsides. (Or a nightcap. Those are always fun.) Please.
That's precisely why, gossi, I wanted to make sure people understood that the only way to do this is to actually pool the money, not merely promise it if the group bid wins. The group bid has to be based on cash-on-hand, or the thing is far too risky for all sides.

As for the fact that there's an actual Comic-Con panel, now I really do need to figure out how to go without having to ask for time off of work which would just annoy my boss. I have still yet to see the man speak in person. (Joss, not my employer.)

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I'm very excited about the auction starting on Monday, it should be very interesting to see how this plays out (and hopefully results in big bucks for Equality Now!). And I am REALLY excited about seeing Joss at Comic Con, even though it will probably be from very far away in a packed room with tens of thousands of other people (ie not at a private dinner).
Bix, I've mailed you about the cash pool. There needs to be some investigation on Paypal refunds to make 100% sure they're refundable without fees, but I think that's the case.

Also? Sicky. (Also, Sicko. It's great).
Oh gosh, I'd love to bid, I would. I have so many questions that are so important to me that I'd love to ask- about Tara, for example (what a surprise!). But, you know, with twins not too long out of pricy colleges (Carleton and Grinnell- lots of aid and borrowing!) and one of them just telling me he is going to get married, and a third kid just finishing up, money ain't there to do it. I'd be able to use my miles to get a ticket, but no way is there going to be, like, $1000 to do it. Maybe $84.60.

But a raffle- sure, I'd do that. And it's for a good cause (hey, one of my kids is spending this summer working as an aid in congress for Representative Danny Davis, D-Chicago- props for that, huh? It's a good cause, too- just made me thing of that. But I digress!).

But hey, if anyone wins, can you ask a question or two for me? :-) Lucky dogs!
Word. Anyone want to speculate wildly on the mini announcement and the possible announcement about greenlit filmed entertainment? (something mini re: Buffy S8 and possible greenlighting of Goners?)

p.s. - a big WOOOOHOO!!!! re: the screenings approaching/surpassing $100,000 :))

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I note that Firefly and all things versy were not on the "avoid" list, so I'm good.
Win an evening with Joss, but then be verboten to bring up Buffy? Talk about torture. That's the way things go, though. Charmed by the opportunity of a lifetime, and then you can't talk Tara... er, um turkey! Gravy and all the fixin's.
zeit, notice he said "[p]retty sure that’s not gonna happen by then" regarding any news about greenlit filmed entertainment . Kind of goes with the NZ radio interview where he seemed to express some frustration -- "hopefully within the year I'll be doing something other than turning in drafts of scripts" -- about the process.
If my financial aid came in during July, and not August, I might not-foolishly-because-its-for-charity-right?-right? bid on a scumptralescently awesome evening.
-I'll have to wait for news (goners!?) at the con instead.

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*cries* I want to go the dinner. I want the watch. I want the poster. I want the gorram book, gorramit!! *cries harder, really big tears, with much unlovely sniffling*

Really lively would be announcing that I’m actually moving ahead on a greenlit filmed entertainment. Dontchya think? Pretty sure that’s not gonna happen by then...

O.o Such a tease! *crosses fingers*

Oh, QG will be so mad she's not at home. I hope she can at least get a few minutes online wherever she's at.

ETA: And what the heck's wrong with the Lions, huh? Besides the obvious stinkingness, I mean.

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FYI, it occurs to me that the real way to make the "pooled group bid" raffle idea work (I think people have been having different conceptions of it) isn't to see it as "if the pooled bid loses, the poolers all get their money back", but "if the pooled bid loses, the pooled cash goes to Equality Now anyway".

I think some people have been perceiving it as the former, when I think the latter is better all around.

ETA: That also addresses gossi's mention of the idea of refunding if the pooled bid(s) lose, by simply eliminating any refunds. Poolers are, in essence, simply giving money to a pooled donation to Equality Now -- via the auction if the pooled bid wins, or via direct donation if it loses.

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Oh, I think I got it. Joss... are you a lion?
Although I have zero chance of winning the auction because I can't win a Super Lotto Plus jackpot at a moment's notice (but then again, neither can the witchy sisters on "Charmed"), I hope this auction does raise that Eleventy Kabillion dollars. Too bad you can't talk about food or a certain girl who's Queen of the Comics these days. Then again, it's a chance to learn about Joss, the man--which is always a good thing.
I also notice that while lions can't be discussed, he didn't forbid discussing tigers or bears (oh, my).
Well, good luck to all who will be bidding!
Was he talking about BC Lions, Detroit Lions or Christians vs Lions??

So, I need to win the lottery tonight so I can bid outrageously for the dinner and also go to ComicCon! Right, I'll just check that off my to do list.

Have fun, ComicCon goers - ask lots of questions, especially about Goners, mifeng.
Here's me with no money. Gah. *rereads* What's this raffle?
Bix, that might fly. I suppose it might limit the amount people will pony, but in my world it seems fair and in the spirit of the thing.

Question: I wouldn't normally put this out on the interweb, but I have no idea how to contact Joss's people to make this one discreetly, but if this was repeated at some stage I think it'd be nice to connect to the CSTS screenings. As in, one of the guests be one of the CSTS organisers or attendees randomly or something, to encourage involvement. But that's just chicken wings talkin'.

PS: I think Joss was joking about not talking about Buffy. Unless I'm wrong.
Sama- Don't you worry! :)
I hope one of the lucky winners is a Whedonesque-faithful. We need recaps! Summaries! Direct quotations from the man himself!

Good luck to everyone involved. At times like this, I wish I were a little closer to the west coast.

ETA: Wild specualtion: Goners. Greenlit. Or Firefly II, Electric Boogaloo. That might just be wishful thinking, however. ;)

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ETA: Wild specualtion: Goners. Greenlit.

Heh. Is no one reading what Joss has actually been saying this week, including in this post? ;)
Joss, you always make me giggle.

Alas I too am as "broke as convicts" but will be eying the auction with a drool-stained face imagining that I am the lucky high bidder...

Ahh to be of the affluent.
Hammacher Schlemmer

Oh yes, I bought something once from them ... then I sent it back. It would be a short conversation anyways.

Oh dear joss, if it goes well this year (no drooling on your person by some stalkerish person who slipped through ropes somehow), please do it again during next Comic-Con when I'll have oodles more money? Please, please, please? I'll buy you a pony or something.

Oh, and that picture of you here at the L.A. Sing-A-Long? How cute was THAT!! (yes, I'm not above sucking up, but it's true, very cute)
I think the raffle money should definitely go to Equality Now no matter what. Less hassle, less paperwork, and more true to the spirit of the whole thing.

I'm in.
bix, my speculation never gets me anywhere. I've read the post, and really, really can't get my hopes up. So the old standby stands, 'til I hear more from the man himself.
I agree with C.A. Bridges here. I'm planning to contribute through some of the raffles coming up, too. I just hope the auction is very successful.
I thought there was no spoon ?

OK, OK, you're all bummed about the "War of the Roses" thing but don't despair ye fans of 15th century English battles, technically it was Wars of the Roses, plural. Ha, Joss has totally shot himself in his clay, 'The Core' loving foot, his error virtually begs for questions on Henry's tactics at Bosworth and their relationship to protestant reform.

Not much wiggle room re: Buffy though, soz.

Good luck to everyone with the cash and lack of shady, possibly CIA related past to bid, hope you raise a bundle for Equality Now. And if any of the winners feel like undergoing experimental surgery to directly connect their optic nerve to a streaming media server, well, let's just say i'm not against it, 'K ?

(speculation: the mini is about Angel S6, the greenlit not-quite-announcement is surely 'Goners' ? Didn't the big fella once say he had a procedural idea too ? Cos even a not-quite-announcement about Joss being back on TV would be w00t-worthy IMO. And i'd love to hear about some indie comics stuff. And a cure for cancer would be pretty cool. Or malaria)
Also, back to the "pooled group bid", there are two ways to look at it:

One giant pool of all interested people. This would result in a very large bid, but would require a single person (the designated bidder) to be holding onto a rather large amount of money.

Many smaller pools of people in the same location/region. This would result in smaller bid size, but would not require a single person to be holding onto a rather large amount of money.

While the former has a much better chance of success, the latter is more manageable.
Like (most) everyone else, I don't have nearly enough money to even dream about bidding. But good luck to everyone who is bidding!

Dana, your kid went to Carleton? I was thisclose to going there in the fall! It was my first choice for a year or so, and I was really excited. But, man, North Field is a small town. And the people at Carleton are so nice (is that a legitimate complaint?).
Joss wrote
I know the Con will bring knowledge of at least one thing new – a small thing, but it grins me to think on.

Do you suppose he is talking about the comic book? Or something else?
I have a crazy idea. Remember when people were bidding on buying Mal's Browncoat from Serenity for Nathan and Nathan said he didn't want people to do that and Nathan didn't know what he would do with the coat anyways and said he would probably put the coat up for charity auction.

Well, as I remember, all the collected bid money the Browncoat group collected was given to Equality Now!

Collect money for a bid and tell everyone ahead of time that their money will be donated to Equality Now whether they win the bid or not.

There that is my crazy idea. Hey, it is not a crazy idea because B!x had it first!

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The amount of money raised by the screenings for Equality Now is fantastic.

And I have to join the chorus of people without sufficient funds to put up anything that would approach a winning bid, but I do hope some lucky Whedonesquer gets to go.
Collect money for a bid and tell everyone ahead of time that their money will be donated to Equality Now whether they win the bid or not.

Um, I suggested that already. ;)
Bix, I'm not sure the later would be that managable, as then you would have many people organising regional bids, which means the organisers of the auction would need to rubber stamp lots of regional bidders, who are in turn handling regional money. Or, in other words, it's more chance of somebody buggering up. In my head.

And, to clarify, I have no horse in that race as obviously I'm not bidding, being the other side of the pond.
Yeah, well, that's easy to say now, after you suggested it. Where's the proof, eh, eh ?

*looks up-thread*

Good god, what the hell is that on your shoulder ?

Will the evening be awesome? The evening will be scumptralescently awesome, as long as the following subjects are avoided:

Buffy Actors
Buffy Key Grips
My Face
The War of the Roses (the war, not the movie)
Odors, Mine
Hammacher Schlemmer

You know what's not on that list? Why Joss writes strong women characters. So whomever wins, don't forget to ask him that.

I'm too poor to enter, so I'm just going to be watching from the sidelines, cheering on the PDX Browncoats bidder. (go, b!X!)
The first question you should ask, whoever wins, is who's playing Wonder Woman.
I'm not sure the later would be that managable, as then you would have many people organising regional bids, which means the organisers of the auction would need to rubber stamp lots of regional bidders

These pooled bids are not going to look any different from the standpoint of the auction organizers than any other bids. The only thing they need to do is accept or reject the designated bidder's pre-qualification -- and that's the same as it is for any other bidder.

Everything else is the responsibility of the local bidding-pool organizers.

FYI (big surprise!) I've just registered a domain for the pooled-bid thing. I'm setting it up now. It will spell out a few sensible guidelines people should follow.

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Sorry, B!X, missed that. Whoo-hoo, not a crazy idea!
I loved the "photoshopping"done on the banner in the store. Very funny.
Wow, what an insanely great Joss-post! So envious of you few, you lucky few (you band of buggered), that get to bid and actually have a chance to take a meal with the man.

Pretty sure he's joking about there being no Buffy talk (Hammacher-Schlemmer however? Dead serious), but even if he is sooo tired of talking about the show, if I WERE to ever get the chance to talk with him, I'd have to bring up:

How (unmentionable show) changed my life and gave me courage at a very dark time.

How (u.s.) gave me hope and delight in television entertainment again.

How (u.s.) brought me here! To many true friends and hundreds of like-minded acquaintances.

How proud I am to be a part of his fandom, how I so admire his dedication to what's right in the world, and how I so enjoy the brilliance of it all (yeah, I know, suck up).

How my daughter would not have had her oh-so-fitting and lovely name were it not for Willow.

Then, I'd kiss him on both cheeks (L.A. style, so as not to alarm), and be on my merry way, heart warmed to have been finally able to thank him.

Or... I'll just bump into him in a comic store some day, give a little wave and a "Hi Joss", put my head down and and run out.

I know most of you have thought about it too. What would you say to him?
What would you say to him?

"Pass the salt."
I'm also too poor to enter, and as someone on the east coast, I have a better chance of growing 20 years younger than ever seeing him live.

Also? Sicky. (Also, Sicko. It's great).

I love you, Gossi!
If people can't discuss lions at the dinner, can we discuss them here, or should we just read between them?

Gonna reiterate my idea -- donate what you can afford to Equality Now and spend three hours *imagining* you're at the dinner with Joss ... :)
Be like Xander in “The Zeppo”: Have Faith (Oh, ZING!) (I’m so over.)

Now *that's* some funny. I'll be chuckling about that one late into the night.

So, sitting across from a comic genius (as well as contributing to a good cause) is totally worth draining my savings account, right? Assuming, of course, Joss loosens the reins and answers questions about the Buffy Key Grips.
What would you say to him?

After the nervous stuttering episode was over and I adjusted my cowl to hide the wart (kidding), probably that, honestly I don't know. I think if you pre-plan it, it'll come out all wrong. What can you say to Joss he's never heard before? Better to just be sincere and let that Whedon love shine in your eyes. Now if I were at the dinner ... hmmm, "One moment, Joss, let me consult my notes please."
Buffy Actors
Buffy Key Grips
My Face
The War of the Roses (the war, not the movie)
Odors, Mine
Hammacher Schlemmer

In my fantasy meeting with Joss, I would have a list prepared with what to talk about:

My kids
The Weather
My kids
Ugly people
Insect infestations
Serenity (the diapers)
Faking orgasms
The best way to tie your shoes
Random lists

Anyway, once I understand how the whole money thing works, I'll contribute something. Maybe I'll post a bunch of things on eBay just to raise my contribution. I just won't advertise the auctions as such, but it's one way to do it.
Well, I am now extra super duper excited to be going to my first ComiCon this year. I'll go wait in line right now for that DH panel if I have to! Should I? Oh dear, I'll be that creepy guy in a tent outside the venue for the next month...

I'm also excited to be going to the Buffy Sing-A-Long in Seattle tonight. Come on Joss, why only give L.A. the love? Fly yourself and Marti and the latex used to craft Balthazar up here for fun, thrills, and hopefully no Dawn bashing action.

Sadly I don't think I'll be able to bid on the dinner unless I sell a kidney or something. Oh well, all I ever talk about are lions anyway...
If there's any justice in the 'Verse, a certain fellow (let's just call him "theonetruebix") should, somehow, get to be one of the dinner guests.

Just sayin'.
m'cookies: ...a certain fellow (let's just call him "theonetruebix") should, somehow, get to be one of the dinner guests.


In my lame fantasies of winning the lottery and buying all 5 chairs at the dinner and paying everyone's way, I was trying to decide who I would take and I came up with:

gossi (cuz Goners is his site after all...)
lilbird (just to see if she's really real)
Wiggs (so she can hug Joss's head :D)
If there's any justice in the 'Verse, a certain fellow (let's just call him "theonetruebix") should, somehow, get to be one of the dinner guests.

I agree, although I do think that "pass the salt" for three hours might get a little dull.
Joss, its about time you pimped yourself for charity!

Seriously though, getting the chance to sit down and talk to you about everything under the sun would be a dream come true for me...I would totally love to empty my bank account into Equality Now's hands, however I don't think my parents whom I am still financially dependent on would appreciate the gesture...but this minor set-back doesn't not crush my dream of eventually sharing a meal with you...thats right, mark my words, Boss, I plan on buying you one day. Or at least renting you...that makes it less creepy, right??

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Pass the salt.

No, I mean, here is the site to explain the "pooled group bid" idea.
Joss, its about time you pimped yourself for charity!

I think he might be prostituting himself for charity, MySerenity, not pimping. Pimping would happen if he offers to rent out someone else and then take a cut of the money for himself. Or for charity. Whatever.

Boss, I plan on buying you one day. Or at least renting you...that makes it less creepy, right??

Your offering to rent him is further evidence of prostitution.
Photoshopped or not, those are big poseable biceps.
I just registered for Comic-Con. If I have to fly down after work that Friday and then fly back Sunday night, so be it. But I'll work that part out later.
Lucky b!X. You better take lots of pictures.

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b!X - Yes, I read what he said. The fact that he doesn't think its gonna happen IS what makes me think he is talking about Goners. If it was something he was sure he was going to be able to announce then it would be something else. Get it?
I just went to The Auction Job website -- nice work, b!x! (your name looks funny with an exclamation point after it...) I'll be stopping by there to see about groups to connect with.
Heh. Of course he's talking about Goners. My point was that

Anyone want to speculate wildly on the mini announcement and the possible announcement about greenlit filmed entertainment? (something mini re: Buffy S8 and possible greenlighting of Goners?)

suggests a possible announcement about the greenlighting of Goners, when what he was saying is that he's "pretty sure that’s not gonna happen by then". That doesn't sound like a "possible announcement" to me. It sounds like the opposite.
Right, which was my point. We're saying the same thing, its just there is no html tag for 'yeah right' or 'as if', although I am working on an ajax thingy that makes sarcasm and frustrated mock-belief possible in 3-D! :)
No way that I could ever bid on this or even contribute to the pool from Australia, but I've already donated all my remaining money from my US bank account + attended a local CSTS screening, so I feel like I've done my small part, at least for the moment.

It's strange, but after Equality Now sent me the package for my donation, I learnt a lot more about what they're trying to do, and became convinced that it was a really good cause that I should donate to again consistently in the future. I'm personally so glad that Joss is doing this, and I agree with b!x that all the pooled money should go to EN anyway, regardless of whether the bid is successful or not. It's just the right thing to do.

Also, YAY GONERS!(?)
As someone who lives overseas (alas outside of any US territory... or even Canada), and not being exactly the richest person in the world, I've gotta say how envious I am of the people who get to bid on it, either individually or as a group bid.

That's an amazing initiative from Joss, and imagine if they can actually bundle up the numbers from the CSTS screenings with the numbers from this auction. It would actually be cool if every bid sent in could be turned into donation for Equality Now.

[sidenote: ignore any possible typos, just came back from a wedding, and although I'm avoiding to go to bed just now, because I'm still kind of full, I'm also a little bit under some alcoholic beverage influence, so weird words, might be expected. And I was just so excited to see some purple name on the front page, that I couldn't not send a comment in.]

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I bet that Joss will have nightmares of the entire three hours consisting of the same question, repeated over and over: "So... Joss, why do you write these strong female characters?"
Hey there -- Forgot to mention I'm also doing a signing on Saturday, I think right after the panel. I won't sign lions! They're wild and with teeth! From the wild! God! Don't bring lions.

Also, this talk of 'pimping' or 'whoring' myself for charity is offensive and inaccurate. Since I'll be having the most fun that night, I'm clearly 'johning' myself for charity.

And what up with my tags getting flipped around, thus rendering them even more abstract than I like 'em? Why? Whuh - whuh- hu Whywhy?

Lastly, if anyone thinks I DIDN'T wait till my family had left the house and take a picture of myself with my lightsaber, all I can say is... that's exactly right! Amazing what they can do with the pictureshopping these... days... not a sad fan man... henh...

Excelsiorcize! -j.

"Sometimes when I freestyle I... lose confidence..." F of the C
I would hope no one (Jubal Early maybe) would ask you to sign lions, Boss :) I'll edit your tags if you want, but you know how those deer tend to fall in line any which way they choose.
Won't you be Companioning yourself?

So, anyone who wants the swag could just sponsor me -- not interested in stuff.

Any takers?

Don't all say "Sure!" at once.



I WOULD like to know how the person in an earlier comment manages to drool upwards.

Cute trick!
I'm clearly 'johning' myself for charity.

Joss said johning. Hehehehe. And created another new catchphrase.
OK, so Whedonesquites are planning to say to Joss

Pass the salt.

So, uh, why DO you write strong women?

May I add an item -- after all, you've got 3 hours to fill, and we all know what a shrinking violet Joss is:

"So, according to your Profile on Whedonesque you are located in my house: WHERE?

I mean, I've looked and looked. Are you, by chance, somewhat SHORTER in person than you seem on the DVDs?"
No, no its Whedonesquers not Whedonesqueites and we're going to ask if Ben and Glory are somehow related... we have that nagging feeling.
Well, I know at least one panel I'll be going to at ComicCon. I'm afraid of what the lines for signings would be like, though; they were daunting enough at much smaller cons.

The only question I can think of to ask Joss at the moment is "Why am I still awake?"
By the way, should I ever get to ask Joss a question, I promise not to ask anything about the content of Goners. He's given us enough to chew on. I just want to be at the point where we're talking production information, not spoilers.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2007-07-01 06:47 ]
So B!x are you just gonna pester him with the "when when when?" question?

[ edited by mifeng on 2007-07-01 06:51 ]
So B!x are you just gonna pester him with the "when when when?" question?

I don't pester.
Ah, the ever-present dilemma of 'get a close seat for the panel' or get a spot in line for the signing? I guess since I have a couple of his autographs, I should go for the panel. Ah, what am I saying, I always pick the panels. It's the reason I'll probably never have any BSG autos...*sigh*.

Or, since there's two of me (it happens when you marry an equally nerdy nerd), maybe I could do both...but no, I can't have one of us not enjoying the panel to hold a place in line. And I hate people who trample others to get somewhere at a con. So I guess it's panel only this year. At least there's a panel of Jossy goodness, though. That totally makes my con.
I would love to hear some new Serenity news out of ComicCon... beyond the new comic maybe... Good luck to the bidders!

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2007-07-01 15:28 ]

refuge5, please do not sign your posts - z.
*Sigh*, totally on the outside looking in, broke is an understatement and applies to my foot as well as my so-called bank account and 2000+ miles of ocean between me and there = stop feeling sorry for myself and hope someone from whedonesque wins a spot at the table and posts a detailed report along with a few photos and .... damn, my run-on sentences are not getting any more coherent.

He CAME BACK. Whoo-hoo!
its Whedonesquers not Whedonesqueites

What happened to Whedonesqueteers?

Anyway, cool auction, next time try and do it somewhat closer (though I suppose the price of a plane ticket (nearly $2000 in my case) from the other side of the world will still pale to the cost of actually winning the auction).
Joss would be in good company "johning" himself out.

The lightsaber picture is great. I've been forwarding it to everyone I know. *winks*
Man, I wish wish WISH I had the kind of money to bid on this, Joss. Would make my year!

I really hope Goners gets the big ol' light of green some time soon,, I wonder what the new thing is?
My name is Nix and I love Far and Away too.

I'm so ashamed.
Awww, I so much wanted to talk about key grips, those unsung heroes. They are sorely missed in season 8.
Anonymous1 - You are correct!

I take full credit.
Holy wow. I had no idea the Purple One was a Flight of the Conchords fan. Though it shouldn't surprise me, as they folk the party harder than pretty much anyone else does.
"Oh my god, she's so hot. She's so f*cking hot, she's like a curry. I gotta tell her how hot she is, but if I tell her how hot she is she'll think I'm being sexist.
She's so hot, she's making me sexist... Bitch."

[ edited by Vince on 2007-07-01 12:17 ]
Well, the hell with you, if we can't bring up Keefer or Palmer. Talk about sucking the fun out of the room.

Nah, really. What a dreamy evening this'll be. As for myself, I think I'd rather be the waitress that night. I'm a talker, but when it comes to the few "public" people whose brains I admire, I can get so far up in my own head thinking I have nothing worth contributing. (Plus, those guys above? Key to my game. Without them, I got nothing.) So, popping around an animated table filling wineglasses and having some brief quick-witted back and forth silliness about Tonight's Specials while letting others who are just dying to do the talking... um, do the talking? Sounds just right.

If zeitgeist doesn't have his heart set on it, then my money'd haveta chip in towards Caroline winging across the pond for the evening if she'd wanna. Have you seen the way she photographs a curry?!? (Plus, there's this little site thing she does...)

[ edited by barest_smidgen on 2007-07-01 14:21 ]
But who will take care of the scary people! They need love too. Its hard being shunned for life because one hasn't read the script for your lives :(
lessee, if Joss comes back again, how can I sound so sad that he'll invite me minus the bid, and with whatever money I can offer, to come to the dinner... sniff sniff, Joss, please, sir, may I have sme more?

Not so good!

Ormaybemidgets- Northfield may be small, but it's might. Two colleges, a bank that got robbed a century ago, and Minneapolis just 35 miles away. And the college was superb- my son now works as a teacher in Brooklyn but is in Hong Kong for the 4th summer in a row. Oh, and just yesterday told me he's getting married to his girlfriend, who oddly enough is a Grinnell graduate and knew his twin brother (Not in THAT sense!) before she met him- in Hong Kong!
Why am I soooooooooooooo Pooooooooooorrrrrrr!!!!!!????!!
Tess, I don't know, but I can say this with authority: If money is, in fact, the root of all evil, I'm freakin' angelic. Sad, isn't it?

(Yeah, yeah, I know. It's actually "the LOVE OF money" that's supposed to be the root of all evil, but I was on a roll, so leave me be.)
That link ( opened 22 tabs in Firefox before I shut it down, so I have changed it to what I assume is the landing page.

I recently had dinner with a longstanding personal jesus hero, so I'm sorted for the next couple of years. So I won't be bidding for myself. But I would love to donate some $$ to a pool to give someone else a chance.
what about doing the raffle and if you don't win (as seems unlikely) you donate the cash anyhow? How much were you going to make the tickets?

So if we are unable to talk about a certain show, and then he asks us what we do for fun, and some of us have projects that are about the show... Sad.
Do not -- I repeat NOT -- ask Joss if there's a connection between Ben and Glory.

He's libel to knock you upside your cranium.

(You guys of all people should KNOW how he gets.)
Thanks for the comments on Dawnie, J - came out of the Chicago sing-along a few weeks back feeling like it was wonderful... just except for the "Shut up, Dawn" stuff. Couldn't do it, didn't like it. To repeat what I posted elsewhere, how can you answer "The hardest thing in this world is to live in it" with "Shut up..."?

Wish I could bid!
When she said Whedonesqueteers, she was being ironical ;)
Uh, yeah.

Could someone clue this newbie in to the "Shut up, Dawn" stuff?

I assume it's because she whines, but, I must agree that "shut up" in response to one of the All-Time Greatest Lines EVER is just, well, not quite right in the head.
The basic thing with Shut Up Dawn, as I understand it, is to tell her to shut up and/or call her a bitch whenever she speaks, because her whining is seen as annoying. But, of course, shouting at a fictional character is not annoying.
Those of you planning on going to Comic Con now that we know Joss will be there, do some research into Saturday passes, as they are NOT being sold this year. I believe you need to buy a 4 day membership to get in the door on Saturday.

That being said, I'm excited to hear any news he has to share. Probably nothing on a Serenity II but I'll keep hoping anyway . . .:)
o. I'm glad that at the OMWF here no one has gone so far as to call Dawnie a bitch. Hisses, and the occasional "shut up, Dawn!" but nothing so mean spirited.
what about doing the raffle and if you don't win (as seems unlikely) you donate the cash anyhow? How much were you going to make the tickets?

As to the first part, that's been covered here already as the intent.

As to the second part, let me clear up some continued confusion: I'm not running a raffle. All I did was make sure that the "pooled group bid" idea wasn't against the rules of the auction, and then put up a site to explain the idea.

What people do with the fact that it's okay to do is sort of up to them.

That said, it's important to remember that anyone wanting to create a group pool needs to get cracking, because they're going to need to choose a bidder, give that bidder the pool money, and have that bidder pre-qualify for the auction. And the auction begins JUly 2.
The Dawn-bashing here in Austin has gotten out of control lately. I've heard people yell the most awful things ("Beat her! Kill her!" and things I won't say here) that go against everything Joss and Equality now stand for. I'm so glad Joss addressed the thing that seems to escape these "fans"-that he created Dawn!

Our sing-a-long host said he's done letting people have free reign on Dawn. Should be much more enjoyable for everyone now.
[wiping away tears of sadness and from laughing]
Would that I could go, let alone bid. Or vice versa.
Anyways, what a lovely way to spend an evening! (Actually, what a lovely birthday present this would make for me!)
All I ask is that whoever wins this has to write a DETAILED report of the goings-on.
If they don't already have a blog, they have to start one. If they can't do that, then they have to come HERE and write a big-assed review of the evening starting from when they walked into the restaurant and ending with when they got into their car to go home.
Good luck, lucky bidders.
I think this auction thing is neat.

Oh and if anyone has MySpace Comic Books as a Myspace friend, check their latest bulletin. They are doing a video interview with Joss on Monday and are looking for questions. I would post about it on the front page but unfortunately the info is bulletin only and not on the actual Myspace page.
leiasky, where did you get the idea that Comic-Con isn't selling Saturday only tickets? Their website indicates that they are...
Thanks for the clarification, I was reading all the stuff on refunding money and thinking what a nightmare and not the point. I was also hoping for a link of some kind so thank you!

I keep reading here all these people who are NOT going to bid, are there people here who ARE?
So... is Whedonesque doing a pool?

I'm not rolling in money myself, but the idea of a pool is a nice way to contribute at least a small amount.
Isn't her name Marti?
TamaraC - I must have misunderstood that last time I read the booklet that I got. In re-reading, it says they sold out Saturday last year and probably will this year - thus preventing on site registration for Saturday tickets.

Anyone going to Comic Con should get a 4 day pass, or pre-register now, rather than take the chance there will be a Saturday pass available when you get there.

Sorry for the confusion!
Oh and if anyone has MySpace Comic Books as a Myspace friend, check their latest bulletin.

I've sent a question. It is not a question I've ever mentioned before. (And, no, it isn't about Goners.)
I wish I could get away to this. I hope someone records "Dark Horse Presents: Joss!"

[ edited by Pointy on 2007-07-01 22:48 ]
I can't afford decent curtains for our kitchen window, where all the sunlight comes blasting through turning our home into a dry sauna... so I'm out of the bidding war once it goes over $1.50. Nertz.

Though, I would be more than glad to buy Joss dinner someday. Or at least invite him over for dinner. Well, I'm actually not a great cook, so we'll just order out -- something involving meatballs, which, of course, means red wine. Joss will be in charge of the wine.

Am I typing out loud again?
If everyone who signed Joss's birthday post put $5 in the pool, it would be $750.

Is there already a pool?
AthenaMuze, I'm going to bid. I've set a ceiling on what I can afford on this though and I expect to be out of the running in the first 3 or 4 days.
I would definitely put in $5.00 along with others here to get Equality Now more money. I'm going to be bidding on the artwork and other lower-priced items, so we'll see what happens.
If we do a Whedonesque pool, I can surely find $5.00 to spare.
I can spare £5.00 for the Whedonesque pool...if there is one! Hey, that's nearly a whole $10!
I just received an email saying that I've been approved for the auction, so I'm definitely planning on bidding!
Cabri said
In my lame fantasies of winning the lottery and buying all 5 chairs at the dinner and paying everyone's way, I was trying to decide who I would take and I came up with:

gossi (cuz Goners is his site after all...)
lilbird (just to see if she's really real)
Wiggs (so she can hug Joss's head :D)

And I thought we were friends.
Whedonesque pool!
Whedonesque pool!
Whedonesque pool!

I've got $5 plasticy money. $10 even. Don't want to win. Too Anonymous.
I know! I know!

You should send the NEWEST member of Whedonesque -- who happens to be a terrific note-taker!

Joss would love to meet her.


Sorry if this idea is already in this thread.

I was thinking that people who are already qualified to bid and then get outbid could maybe become a pool bidder. Does that make sense? Would that work b!x?
Anybody can attempt to organise pool bidding, you just need to be sure you understand things like fees, the legal side etc, and actually have other people to pool with.
OK. That's it. Send me. I need to persuade him to change his focus to hot females over 40. ;-)
So sorry for signing my post, bad habbit... and again... good luck bidders!
Lioness: And I thought we were friends.

Tell you what, if you promise to hug Joss's head, you can come in Wiggses place. :D
-Lioness: And I thought we were friends.

Tell you what, if you promise to hug Joss's head, you can come in Wiggses place. :D-

Ahem....who's bringing you browncoat mugs? :P
HEY! You already met him once and became a Whedonesque celebrity-for-a-day! No horning in on the head-hugging action. :P
oh... OK. I give. :D Still one of the best days ever.
Although dinner...that would be cool.
*counts pennies*
Nope, not me.

I'll still bring you the mugs.
What is the title on the book that Intellectual Joss is holding?
It appears to be Tarzan and the Ant Men.
Tarzan happy!

Tarzan luv intellectuals.

[ edited by Pointy on 2007-07-02 17:36 ]
Could I prevail on someone to take a look at the auction page? I thought I had been cleared to bid but only see a grid at page bottom, underneath which should be the items to click and bid on. Don't see anything yet. Thanks.
I don't think anything is listed at the auction page yet. I'm not sure what time today the auction is set to begin.
I do not see a grid or items, but I didn't apply to bid, so I'm not sure what I should see, Tonya J.

Glad to see some Dawn love in this thread.

If not allowed to talk about Buffy, feminism, or food, that pares my favorite conversational topics down to comics, science, and pirates vs. ninjas. Except I would talk about Buffy anyway, because I'm deviant and I suspect the host could not actually avoid that topic even if he was serious and he tried. ;) And I really want an answer to the Ben/Glory connection (is there one?).

[ edited by Sunfire on 2007-07-02 16:37 ]
When the auction does open, please do post a new entry about it on the front page.
I have definitely been approved to bid (not that I have the kind of money this auction is going to require) and the auctions have definitely not started yet. All of the eBay auctions I've seen before that required bidders to be on the approved list were still visible to everyone, approved or not.
Our approval notice said bidding starts at 9pm PST, so we've got a while...
I'd be interested in supporting a Whedonesque pool. I've had my squee moment this year - would love for someone else to have a shot and share all Whedon goodness here.
9pm... really? On the east coast it will be the 3rd. Arg -- how misleading.

Anyone know how long the auction will last? Summer tv bites, so this is my entertainment. lol
The auction is supposed to run to July 12.
Should I be concerned that I've not heard back from Auction Cause about my status? I filled out the form, received the acknowledgement email saying they'd be back in touch before the auction goes live, and that was it. No email or phone call yet. I feel very 'non-approved of' at the moment. :(
Thought I'd have heard from them by now but maybe they've got a long list to go through and I'm far down it. I don't know. Just feeling a little antsy about it right now.
Any ideas on whether I should reply back to the email or call them or just continue to wait and wonder?
Syren - my approval took a long time too, far longer than I expected, and came very late at night, after midnight pacific time. I think it's just taking them awhile to get through all of whatever it is they need to get through. I wasn't too worried though. I was anxious about not being approved by the beginning of the auction, but the I realized that the auction runs through the 12th. That's plenty of time to get in on the action. And if the bids got higher than I was going to be able to bid anyway before my approval came through, then nothing would have really been lost. As is, they still say they need to talk to me on the phone, but they still haven't called yet.
Thanks, Sarrava. I feel a little less stressed now. : )
I filled out the form on Thursday and thought I would hear something maybe as of this a.m., but since I've heard nothing yet, I was feeling a wee bit anxious.
But, as you said, if I'm outbid early, no harm, no foul.
Their email states that they'll get back in touch before the auction goes live, so maybe they'll be getting people approved all the way up to that time. Since your approval came through at such an odd hour, I'm guessing they don't keep normal, 8 to 5 business hours, so that does make me feel better as well.
I'm guessing they don't keep normal, 8 to 5 business hours, so that does make me feel better as well.

FWIW, my email conversation with someone there (not about pre-qualification) tended to happen at very peculiar hours.
Good to know, b!x, thank you.
I was thinking they were an office with "normal" hours which was causing my concern about being approved in time as the day has worn on with still no word from them, but I do feel less anxious after hearing from you and Sarrava. Much appreciated.
I'm not seeing nearly enough items on the list of things to ask Joss.

After all, you're not going to torment him for a full 3 hours with just

Pass the salt. (presumably said every 2 minutes)

Why do you write strong women characters?


Is there a connection between Ben and Glory? (careful with this one -- you don't want him to go all Spike on you)

Come ON, people, let's get with it here!

I also have not had ONE person take me up on either of my generous offers: to give THEM the swag if they sponsor me; or to take really great notes if they sponsor me.

And you guys think you're compassionate people?


No Lions? Well, Michigan tends to pretend they don't exist most of the time anyway. :)
As well they should, Meltha, especially after they dumped the adorable Joey Harrington. bah!
If this thing doesn't start soon I'm gonna go insane. or god forbid has it started and I'm missing it? I just wanna watch what happens. The whole time zone thing has always confused me. If I'm on the east coast what time does it start?
9:00 pacific, midnight eastern.
Thanks. I'm at the tail end of ATS S5 and I keep jumping up in between eps to run over here to the 'puter. You've saved me a few minutes, but then again, as long as I'm here. Not long now.
A poster is up for bidding now so far...
tehabwa: Go for spoilers and backstories!

Why did Wash get fired from his fry-cook opportunity?
Was it really Satsu?
What's Inara running away from?
Does Beast have a crush on Agent Brand?
Which Runaway will you kill first?
How do you deal when writing is difficult?
What letter does the Season 8 subtitle start with?
Where's Rowena from?
Where's Giles in #1-4?
Which X-Man's not coming back?
What'd the midget set on fire?
What does Giant Dawn eat?
What is Cyclops' plan?
Do you think Harry Potter's going to die in book 7?
Who would win in a fight: Dumbledore or Gandalf?
Were you really going to cast yourself as Wonder Woman, or was that just a rumor?
Am I annoying you?
Are you going to eat that?
What is science-fiction ?
Who's your favourite sci-fi author and why ?
Favourite author in general ?
Favourite book ?
What was Book's past ?
Cavemen or astronauts ?
What is the question you'd most like to answer ?
Why did you think it would be OK to regurgitate your food at the table ?
Tastes great/less filling ?
"Wazzaaaappppp", legitimate excuse for cold blooded murder or hip in a post-modern ironic fashion ?
Betty or Wilma ?
OK, I'll play. It's bloody well the closest I'll ever get to being able to "actually" ask Joss questions.

One problem .... saje, your first seven questions are all ones that I would ask as well :)

Do you have a private collection of BtS/AtS/Firefly/Serenity bloopers and if so, what would it take to get you to post some of them on YouTube?

How do you deal with the frustration of knowing that you're a far better film maker that the vast majority of those who get tons of money thrown at them to produce mediocre films/TV shows?
(You do know this, right?)

What do you think of the news satire shows of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert?

What are your top ten favorite films of all time, genre or non?

Are you aware that you film the most awesome dream sequences of anyone in the history of ever?
and ....
Did you direct the opening dream sequence of "This Year's Girl"?

How does it feel to know that Firefly/Serenity DVD's have gone into space? No, really.

Was the title "Objects in Space" a conscious homage to Babylon5, the final two shows of that series being "Objects In Motion" and "Objects At Rest"?

Pass the sub-text.

I would try really hard to resist a Ben/Glory reference :) but if I could come up with a really clever one ......
I would like to ask: what is wrong w/Art as a topic for dinner conversation?
embers, I'm pretty sure his list is jokeworthy.

Also, I've noticed a few of the bids have been withdrawn.
Ah, you think ALL those on the list are jokes, Gossi? Because I could definitely see that arguing politics could bring out angry Joss instead of partying Joss. So as I thought about it, maybe Joss doesn't want to discuss the artwork in the Buffy S8 comics, or maybe he has some deep rooted dislike of Art Linkletter (because everyone loves Art Carney).
Saje, I dig your list.

What did Willow major in in college (or do we know that already)?
Are there questions people don't ever ask you that you wish they would?
Pirate vs. ninja?
Giles killing Ben: um, let's discuss. I'm not sure what my exact questions would be, but it's a fascinating scene, and very telling for Giles's character, yet it doesn't get much mention most of the time.
Ta ;). You'd already asked quite a few I would've.

And yep, Giles killing Ben is a contender for BtVS' darkest moment IMO, it'd be very interesting to hear what Joss had to say about it.
Following up on Giles killing Ben - I'd love to know more about Ripper and will we ever learn more of his backstory?
Yes, he was just so... resolved about it. Solidly resolved. He was solemn but I don't think there was any conflict at all. I always expected it to come up again.

A Giles stand alone issue would please me to no end.

That was brilliant; thank you.
If I had one question in the world for Joss it would be: does this series finale make me look fat?
No problem, tehabwa. I have enough questions for a small posse of people on most topics, Whedon and not. That Giles not-question though-- that's my #1 priority. To be followed by a bunch of other not-questions on the philosophy behind magical use and whether Joss has read and likes any of Ursula LeGuin and Peter Beagle's stories. Also why the Summers women were obsessed with large pitchers of orange juice in Season 7. Good god, that's a lot of juice.
Just got back from checking on the auction page.
Can I just say, "wow"?

It is lovely to see movement in the bids after such a quiet week, but I expect the last day to be the most exciting. *fingers, eyes and toes crossed for good luck*
I'm beginning to think my $50K estimate might even be a bit conservative. :)

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