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July 01 2007

Drew Goddard Writing A Secret Movie. Drew Goddard is writing a new monster movie for J.J. Abrams' production company Bad Robot, codenamed "Cloverfield."

The project now has a director as well.

Cloverfield, eh?

Well, if they follow the example of Doctor Who and use an anagram as the codename, the real title could be...

Cod Liver Elf!

You heard it here first.

... Um, well, anyway, good luck Drew!
Giant monster movie!? I am so there.
Interesting...I'll go see it. I love Drew's work.
Anagrams... How about I, Clever Dolf?
Deliver C.O.F.: Cash On Fire? Cash On Fee-livery? Never mind.
Staring Alan Tudyk as the Clever Dolf?
Doe sit really have to be a name? MAybe they're doing a hide in plain sight trick and that's the real title.
I believe it's the code name for "The Dark Tower," the series of Stephen King novels.
I think you might need a gold star there, Nebula.
I'm pretty sure its not the Dark Tower. I saw a teaser trailer for it last week during a sneak peak of Transformers. Really good trailer that makes me excited about the movie (while at the same time telling you nothing about it), but it definitely doesn't look like Dark Tower material.
If JJ Abrams is taking on yet another major project, I guess he isn't going to have time to check in on "Lost."

So he's working on Star Trek, and Dark Tower, and "Cloverfield." I guess the notion that Dark Tower and Cloverfield are the same is arguable.

It's definitely too soon for Dark Tower to have a trailer, but if Goddard is just writing this mystery monster movie now, how can there be a trailer already?
I think the movie is about a super cow. Underdog is going to cause a lot of copycat films let me tell you.
"That cow has tasted human flesh, it's a man-eater !"
Damnit Simon! You beat me to it. That's what I was thinking. Evil mutant cows. Perhaps created when some waste from a nuclear powerplant contaminated the "cloverfield" they grazed in, combined with the Bovine growth hormone.

"We will fight for Bovine Freedom, and hold our large heads high. We will run free with the buffalo, or Die!" - Cows With Guns (You can google it)
I love Cows With Guns.

If you order the CD, Dana Lyons sometimes writes you a personal note! :) At least he wrote me one.
Just saw Transformers, and I was antsy all through the trailers until FINALLY the last one was for "Cloverfield". I'm so pumped for this, it definitely looks like something we never have seen before.

And speaking of Transformers, out of nowhere Tom Lenk pops up in the film and I was just like "OH MY GOD, it's ANDREW!" Loved it (both his cameo and the movie)!!
The trailer was one of the most amazing trailers I've ever seen. It left everyone scratching their heads. I can't wait to hear more about this!
Confused now. How can there be a trailer if it's still being written? But yay, it sounds very cool.
Shey, I've heard that it's just a teaser. It's only supposed to give small bits of information to get people interested, so the whole thing doesn't have to be finished. From what I've heard online, it's accomplishing the goal of gaining "buzz".

I've also heard that it's shot the same way as The Blair Witch Project was. Hand held cameras and shaky images...

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