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"Because, sir, to be blunt, the last time you became complacent about your existence turned out rather badly."
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July 02 2007

Cheating on your partner with...Netflix? BtVS and Dawn being a ball of energy mentioned as tools of infidelity.

While I've never watched shows or movies with an SO, I so watch with family members. My mom and I watched Buffy and Angel together. Any watching of an episode before we could both sit down to do it would have been grounds for an insurrection. :)
Seriously, we're supposed to watch 'Buffy' together. But I'm still on Season 4, and Kurt's already on 5. I'm going, 'Oh my God! I can't believe what's happening!' but Kurt already knows Dawn is a ball of energy! It's so annoying.

I'll admit to laughing out loud on the Metro when I read that in the Express last week. I hope his boyfriend didn't tell him about Ben and Glory too-- I'd be mad if someone spoiled that.
Hahahaha, this was great. It was such a hilarious article, and just so ridiculous. The most hilarious aspect is that I just got netflix!
I loved this article. And... it was really true. Not, "why'd you break up?" "He watched Good Will Hunting without me!" true, but true enough.
Yep, I can relate to this. I can't count the number of times my daughter will blurt out that she knows the ending to whatever show we just rented on netflix cuz she has no patience and never waits for me!! Maybe I should hide them, then we can watch TOGETHER.
Sometimes when I watch shows ahead of my husband, I'll watch again with him and pretend I'm surprised at what happens so he won't know...I don't think he suspects a thing...
Ben? Glory? What? (Oh come on, someone had to.)
Ha! I can't relate to this personally, as I don't share my Netflix with anyone, but I know how mad I'd be if I did, and we agreed to watch a show together, and then they jumped ahead of me. Because I have a lot of time to watch DVDs, it would probably be me jumping ahead of them though. I would need a Netflix partner with as much stamina as me.
I can see it being a niggly sort of thing like leaving the seat up or putting empty juice cartons back in the fridge but it's not gonna cause any damage by itself unless things are already rocky.

(i'm now imagining the insults though: "You ... you Netflix Whore !" or maybe "Don't wanna do the dishes huh ? Fine, no problem. It just reminds me of the time TARA GOT SHOT AND SPIKE TOTALLY GOT A SOUL AND WENT MAD !" ;)
"Don't wanna do the dishes huh ? Fine, no problem. It just reminds me of the time TARA GOT SHOT AND SPIKE TOTALLY GOT A SOUL AND WENT MAD !" ;)

Haha, brilliant, Saje!

I enjoyed this article - so true! My husband watched all seven seasons of Buffy with me - he had seen every single episode and he never gave anything away. What a trooper!
I'm definitely a "power-through-a-series" type, and my boyfriend's not...he wants it to take months and make it last. Which means we've ended up Netflixing at least two series at a time, switching at the season finales, PLUS queuing movies in between each disc of a season. It drives me slowly mad when we finish a disc and all I want is ONE MORE EPISODE...and instead I get "Hotel Rwanda". Which, while an excellent film, does not evoke quite the same emotions as, say, Seaquest DSV. He tried, but did not succeed, at doing the same thing to me when I made him watch all the Whedonverse, since I had them all ready at hand. (;
It's also possible to cause family and workplace riot and mayhem if you're a spoiler whore.

We get episodes weeks after they air in the US and, thanks to TWOP, (Because I would never download episodes, nup, cos' that's ILLEGAL) I tend to walk around with a smarmy "Oh, yes, that episode of Lost/Heroes/ screening in a month is STUNNING' but I won't tell you what happened."

Oh, the power!
Really funny stuff, made me glad I'm single again. And if anyone had ever spoiled me for so much as a single minor plot point on Buffy, they would so be deader than dead. The real, final, "you don't come back" dead. :)
My husband and I watched BtVS and Dead Like Me and are now watching Angel and Battlestar Galactica together and there is just no way we would let each other get ahead because that would just be wrong and the fun of sharing each other's reactions to the programmes would be lost.

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