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July 02 2007

Kirsten Beyer, One Thing or Your Mother, and the end of the Buffy books. Slayerlit has a new interview with author Kirsten Beyer, new to the Buffy world but author of other tie-ins, about her S2-set book, and also that it is the final book of the Buffy novels.

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Great interview, I anticipate getting this - but it is still some way off being released at the moment, it's due to come out in 2008!

I don't know if there is anyone in a position to have an idea about this (Krad?) but.. what are the chances that another publishing house would be interested in obtaining the Buffy license? I am ecstatic over the Buffy & Angel comics, and the efforts going into them, but I'm not sure they're are enough to feed my cravings for new Buffyverse stories!

Is this the end of Buffyverse novels?
Is this the end of Buffyverse novels?

God, I hope not. It has been a while since I've bought a Buffy novel, but decided recently that I would start purchasing them again.

Boo, and rubbish!
You know what would guarantee that the novels continue being published? Putting ONE THING OR YOUR MOTHER (or Chris Golden's DARK CONGRESS) on the NYT bestsellers list. LOL

Seriously, I have some moderate hope that the franchise may be picked up by another publisher, and I base that on the stunning success of the comics. Buffy is a marketable literary product again, and perhaps a small publishing house might be willing to run with it.

We can only wait and see.

P.S. I'd really like to thank Kirsten for taking the time to do the interview, and for Patrick Price at Simon & Schuster for approving the information she shared with us.
*thrash* Noooooo!
Hmm... I've never read a Buffy novel and especially couldn't imagine reading one from all the way back in S2 at this late stage, but this interview has me oddly compelled. More early Oz/Willow sounds delightful, the demony-bit seems Hush-reminiscent and cool, the prospect of Dru with a dark little child of her own pleases me beyond all reason and who wouldn't love more Snyder? Happily imagining possible first names for our fair principal. Bob? Donald? Harvey? I might just pick this one up.
A very informative and enjoyable interview. It's a shame that this is the last of the tie-in novels.

And just when so many of the recent additions to the range have been so damn good (Blackout, Go Ask Malice, Portal Through Time all spring to mind - and I have no doubt that Christopher Golden's Dark Congress will also fall into this category).
I've read a couple of Buffy novels over the years but to be honest the nature of the show doesn't lend itself to the format, in my opinion. The comics are an okay substitute for live action as you at least have the artwork to provide the visuals but for me television shows like this don't translate well to books, simply because I'm accustomed to seeing the action going on in front of me. This is especially true for a show like Buffy in which the action is so important to the core of the character.

I'm not much of a reader these days anyway due to an intense lack of free time and other than my ongoing obsession with all things Tolkien I just can't seem to find time to sit down and concentrate on a book. Still, sad to see anything Buffy related coming to an end.

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