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July 31 2002

Doubletake ...Am I the only BtVS fan who didn't know Nick Brendan's a twin? It's news to me...

This is either a joke or I'm real slow on the uptake. Apparently, Nicholas Brendon Shultz has a twin brother named Kelly Donovan Shultz. Or maybe I'm just seeing double. In the episode "The Replacement" when Xander was split into two people, Nick's brother stepped in as his body double and even had a couple lines of dialogue. He was also in "Intervention" due to a couple days of shooting when Nick took ill.

He's still working as a stunt double for Nick.
My wife went to school with both of them (Chatsworth High, San Fernando Valley, CA). The first time she saw the show, she was trying to figure out who it was. I've also caught Kelly Shultz on other cable shows. The middle of the night cheese fest Undressed on MTV comes to mind.
So whenever Xander gets thrown across the room by some baddie, that's Kelly? You'd think with access to a twin, they'd do stuff like The Replacement more often. They also wouldn't have to stage most of the shots the way they did in The Replacement. I thought for sure it was a split screen deal. The director could have been more reckless and done camera angles that would make Lucasfilm green with envy. REAL is still a better special effect than CGI. =)
the thing about nick and kelly is that they don't really look that much alike. kelly has more narrow features... you can totally tell which is which when they're both in a shot in 'the replacement'.
he looks enough like nick to fool us, though. just not side by side.
And Kelly's never been Nick's stunt double, as far as I know, ZachsMind.
I read about Kelly stunt doubling for Nick in a recent interview with Nick.
Here's a nice story by Nick himself about having a twin brother. Interestingly, "Kelly gets recognized as me more than I do. (This is probably because I grow a goatee whenever I’m not working, whereas he’s always clean-shaven.)"
I actually do think they look very alike, though they do have some spot-able differences, like the Brothers Feldman. We saw them both on Melrose Ave. a few years ago, and truly, in person - Kelly looked just exactly like Xander to me until I looked at Nick.

We sat next to Nick for a long time once at a quiet coffeehouse in Big Bear while he played chess and drank tea with a pretty young woman. (Or was it checkers? Don't remember...)

I tried not to look at them, but I couldn't help it, occasionally... he really has an magnetic presence. At least I had the class not to ask him to sign my boob or something.
Wow, it's the thread that time forgot. Is it some anniversary I don't know about ? Otherwise, why here ? Why now ?

(now wondering if this is the result of some bizarre bet by property of Mr Gordo - "Watch this, bet I can get them to post just by (possibly) insulting Nick Brendon. Or the world in general". Tube yersel' BTW ;-)

And why would he drink tea with checkers ?

ETA: Sort of weird this BTW. It almost feels like vandalism. Strange beast, this t'intarwebs thang.

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Man, I'm out of it, today - I didn't even look at the freakin' date. (It's those "up 'til 4:30a.m." strike-posting sessions that are killin' me...)

Now this feels totally... odd.

Um... tube, y'all.

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