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July 02 2007

Sarah Michelle Gellar Opens Harrod's Sale. There are pictures.

Someone's knees are no longer bruised from stuntwork.

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For me these pictures raise a vexing theological question:

Can a Catholic be reincarnated as a pocket dog?
The "posing with dogs" has a suitable picture here.
There are more suitable pictures, thricewise! Pictures distinguished by their entirely suitable-ness, their thorough suitability!
It's like a beautiful fairy tale.

Slinks away, mortified.
Dog's mouths are just bursting at the seams with pathogenic bacteria, so it's like a fairy tale but with sores ;).

Hmm, think maybe someone wanted to dispel any bag-dress induced rumours ? And yowza, that's some pretty effective dispelling, I may have to lie down I feel so 'dispelled' ;).

(also where exactly is Fayed clearly looking in the first photo ? Dirty sod ;)
She looks stunning! I think she gets more beautiful the older she gets.
I miss her blond days, but she looks great with brown hair, too. Hopefully we'll find out when "The Air I Breathe" and "Suburban Girl" will be released soon.
Someone cast dis spell on you, Saje?
She looks gorgeous. I'm loving the darker hair.
Forgetting for the moment that I'm having a huge deja vu (because wasn't this already posted last week?), her hair, makeup, and shoes look spot-on gorgeous (especially the shoes), imo, but dang! What happened to the garment choices?

That silver jumper is all rumpled up like a trash bag, and the belt on that white dress (which to me looks like the canvas sail Ariel wrapped around herself after washing up on the beach with legs) is up under her breasts! Makes it look like there's zero waist.

She is a lovely young woman, and I defended her irridescent sack dress last time she was fugged, but man... maybe the firing of the stylist would be a good thing.

Still, moot it is, because I'm sure she really doesn't give a fig (or fug?) what I think. :/
Willowy, SMG might not give a fug, but she's already been fugged for the satin short jumpsuit.

I was watching "Ted" during my run this morning (I'm thinking about starting a workout plan entitled "Exorcise with Buffy," badum-ching) after seeing those photos, and it struck me how much work SMG has had done on her teeth. She's not approaching Hilary Duff levels yet, but those are some even, white chompers, yo.
Wow karosurly, thanks for that clue-in. Had no idea.

Her toofs were blinding white as far back as OMWF, and maybe even before, but that's when I remember noticing and breaking out the shades. I do envy folks that have the wherewithall to acquire perfect teeth. It's always been an insecurity of mine (I have a fangy canine and they could be whiter), but boy, has anyone priced good dentistry lately (no insurance)? Hooo, mama!

Anyhoo, she'll be glad (she took such good care) when she's 80. ;)
She does look beautiful. She looks like first-season Buffy more than the emaciated seventh-season Buffy.
She hasn't looked that radiant in a long time. She looks absolutely gorgeous and healthier too!
Great PR, although that white dress makes her look a like she just popped in from the closest Star Wars con.

(Mind you, the geek in me thinks THAT would be incredibly exciting!)
A white dress? That looks like a white coat to me, lol. She looks great.

As someone mentioned at smgboard, the designer of her silver outfit is the daughter of Harrod's owner. So that could be why she chose that one. SMG makes it work.

The coat looks great, love everything but the hotpant.
The clothes be damned! That girl is sexy no matter what she wears. Of course, my ideal girl wears ripped jeans and a band related t-shirt (Pearl Jam preferably but Metallica or Nirvana also being acceptable) so all this fashion talk goes way over my head anyway. Doesn't matter what a girl wears as long as she knows how to rock.
She *is* kinda pretty. And al-Fayed thank gosh isn't really tall;seeing her next to t all guys reminds me of me and my ex (I'm 5' 10", she's 4' 9") and not in a good way. Off-putting.

And even with insurance dental bills are so scary I'm past 30 years since my last visit to one. (and yes i have all mine)

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My goodness she looks lovely. Someone said Radiant and I couldn't agree more but then, I always say that. The girl couldn't take a bad picture.
Love the hair light, dark or red. She just has one of those faces that hair color doesn't really matter. We should all be that lucky.

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