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July 03 2007

Nathan Fillion in negotiations to be a regular on Desperate Housewives. "Delany and Fillion would play a woman and her much younger husband who move to Wisteria Lane with the woman’s daughter (Fonseca)."

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If this works out, all I can say is, bu-bye FOX! Thank you, Nathan!!!
While I fully support Nathan getting paying work, I have to say that not even he would get me to watch that show.
C'mon. bix, it's an enjoyable guilty pleasure.
My feelings for Desperate Housewives fluctuate (I do enjoy Kyle MacLachlan), and I have to say that Nathan Fillion would definitely insure my viewing pleasure!
I knew about Dana Delany coming to Wisteria Lane, but Nathan? I just may have to start watching again.
Love him. But won't watch. I felt guilty enough watching The OC.
I'm glad Nathan's getting a gig. But this? Er...I guess I could try watching it...
Gotta agree with theonetruebix. I was tempted when Kyle MacLachlan joined the cast, but not enough. Nathan would make it even more tempting but I just can't imaging more than a cursory glance.
Grey's Anatomy is more than enough "guilty pleasure" for me.
Nathan should be a big damned movie star :( *grumble mutter bloody stupid Hollywood suits*
Well, I'm an unashamed Desperate Housewives watcher. But I do feel it was becoming a bit repetitive during season 3. I hope it strikes out in some new directions next season. Bringing in Nathan Fillion should help.
I'm done with Desperate Housewives and have been for quite some time. I stopped watching after Season Two when it circled the drain, went down into the sewers, and jumped a whole family of sharks. I'm happy for Nathan but this show started strong and then devolved into slapstick, goofy crap.
I'm an on-off watcher of DH, but having Nathan there would probably make me a much more devoted viewer :) It isn't a great show, but for mindless entertainment it does the job. If only the Terri hatcher character would stop being so ultra annoying.
Frack... Are they forcing me to start watching it again?
So would I have to watch this from the beginning to get it - or can I just jump right in where Nathan's episodes start?
Cider, I think as long as you remember that everybody either has slept with, wants to sleep with, or is currently sleeping with everybody else, you've pretty much got it :-)
Cool, Vigilante and Lois Lane together at last !

Stopped watching after S1 when it failed my 'missed it' test (if I miss an episode and don't care then why am I watching in the first place ?) but I thought it was entertaining enough with a decent cast of talented female leads (and attractive to boot - desire, thy name is Marcia ;).
LOVE Nathan--Desperate Housewives-not so much but would watch for Nathan but does he really look MUCH YOUNGER than Dana Delaney
You can't get further away from the "raggedy edge" than Wisteria Lane, I think it might be rather fun to see Nathan there.
b!x, sometimes I think you and I are the same person in different bodies...and genders...and sides of the country. ;-)

Seriously, no power on earth could get me to watch this show. They could have a reunion of the entire casts of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, The Wonder Years, Life Goes On *and* a special musical appearance by The Police and Rick Springfield and I'd still not watch it...probably. ;-)
Well, he'd be in familiar company. Doug Savant and Richard Burgi were on Firefly after all.

I've always watched DH off and on, but this might make me a slightly more regular watcher. Or at least when Nathan's on. :)
As somebody who has suffered more than his fair share of Desperate Housewives, most especially season two which was some of the most awful television I've had to endure since Sex and the City thankfully went away, I have to say that no matter how much of a fan of Nathan I may be I won't be watching this rubbish even for him. That said, my girlfriend is both a DH and a Nathan fan so at least she will be happy with this news, should it happen.

There goes my hope that the mysterious guy Kate was with after leaving the island was her husband, as played by Nathan. Having him as a semi-regular on Lost would have more than made up for the loss of Drive. This news? Not so much.
If the words "Desperate Housewives" were replaced with "Lost," I would be ecstatic. But since that's not in the cards, I almost hate to say I won't be watching.
No, no, no, Nathan (and Nathan's agent and/or management)--movies, movies, movies.

But maybe I'm just saying that because Desperate Housewives is not now and never will be on my TV radar. But since obviously millions of people don't care what I think, it probably could help NF's career. All I ask is that the world appreciate his star-quality.
All I can say is... Nooooooooo! Sorry to folks who like the show, but I saw it once and will never watch again.
Geez, I wake up outbid and now I read this?! I like Dana Delaney and love Nathan of course, but I never could get into this series. Not my kind of show.
Ok I LOVE Nathan and if he were going to be a regular on Lost I would be all for it! In fact I'd be jumping up and down, twirling my arm around my head like a lasso, and shouting "YEEEEHAW!!"

But I never could get into Desperate Housewives. I'll probably try to stick out a few eps that he's in....I mean hey if I can make it through The OC to watch Morena without actually dying (though I was was painfully bad), then I can definitely do it for Nathan too.

So really? No hope of him becoming a regular on Lost??

[ edited by kballgetlost on 2007-07-03 20:15 ]
I think this will bring Nathan a great deal of exposure to the masses. That is what he needs more than anything and has never gotten up to this point. I've never watched DH, but I'm all for anything that brings attention to him by a large number of people.
I thought he had an exclusive deal with Fox or has that expired?
Maybe Fox have let Nathan out of whatever remained of the contract due to not having any shows on the schedule that they wanted to axe as quickly as possible, Simon. Couldn't possibly risk giving the poor guy a series that might go a whole season, now could they? :)

If the obvious theory that the fourth season of Lost will be all about Jack finding a way back to the island to save those left behind (including Locke, I'd imagine) from whoever it really was that "saved" the Oceanic 815 survivors at the end of season three is true the how cool would it be for Nathan to reprise the role of Kevin Callis and return to the island with Jack and Kate?

Pointless new potential boyfriend character on Desperate Housewives or actually interesting role on Lost where he gets to fight polar bears, smoke monster security systems and most likely make out with Evangeline Lilly? Tough call! ;)
I'm not a fan of DH, either, but I'll watch for Nathan. He brings so much to every role he does, I'd gladly sit through anything to see his work.

And it's not like he's a mega-star and can pick and choose his parts. I doubt he turned down a staring role in Scorsese's latest epic to do this. It might not be Shakespeare, but it's a very popular show and great exposure. And hey, while it's a cheese-ball show, it has fun with its concept, and there are good actors on it: Felicity Huffman is amazing, and playing Dana Delany's husband is nothing to sneeze at. Kudos to him if this story is true.
I adore Dana Delany, and my wife is ca-raaaazy about Nathan (ever since his "One Life to Live" days!). But after enduring the crapfest that was Season 2 of Desperate Housewives, there's no way we're coming back.
I am with theonetruebix and everyone else that just can not bring themselves to watch D.H.

I love Nathan..from One Life to Live...Two Guys and a Girl(and a Pizza Place) movies from Blast from the Past(even though he was a doody head in that)to WAITRESS!!!!...and of course Firefly,Serenity..and hell Buffy....(I also liked him in Miss Match even though he was a doody head!!)

But I gave up on DH after season 1 and from what I read I am glad I did.
I am happy he will have a regular gig, maybe him being on that show since it is on ABC, he can pop over to Lost.
I just can not watch.
My first reaction was ... Nooo (even though I"ll admit to watching DH) but then, well why not. After all its not about me but Nathan's exposure to the mainstream masses... which may lead to movies.

I agree that season 2 was crap...season 3 picked up somewhat as to story, and if they could get a good arc for that couple (Dana and Nathan) it will be good for Nathan... after all this show will not get cancelled after 4 episodes.

More importantly for us Lost fans... DH and Lost are both on ABC - so I have not lost hope for Kevin's return ;-)

So I hope this works out.
Coolpeace just mentioned this too, but yes, If Fillion is on Housewives (an ABC show) then he could also recur on Lost (and ABC show). Julie Bowen was a regular on Boston Legal while appearing on Lost at least once a season as Jack's wife. Alan Dale is a regular on Ugly Betty and did an episode of Lost last season (as the character he first played in season 2). Because it's the same network, it's much easier and much more worthwhile for them to juggle an actor's schedule so they can be on two of their shows, especially two of their most highly rated ones, which Lost and Housewives are. Similarly Katee Sackhoff will be a regular on BSG next season while recurring on Bionic Woman (SCI FI Channel and NBC are both owned by NBC Universal and both shows are produced by NBC Uni too). They're not going to make Fillion a regular on Lost, but having him in the ABC family actually increases the chances they can have him around when they need him on Lost much more.
This is freakin huge. This is a major show. Good for Nathan and boo-hiss to all the people who are snubbing their noses at DH. Obviously plenty of people watch this show so if you don't watch...oh big. This is good news for Nathan. I for one will be tuned in and cheering him on.

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I appreciate the need to work, and when I think of some of our clients, it ill behooves me to get at all snootified or judge-y, but it's a big step between that and actually viewing it... I did watch it a few times at its beginning, and wild horses couldn't... well, you know the rest....
I'm only speaking for myself here, kerfuffle, but my nose-snubbing of Desperate Housewives comes from many wasted hours of enduring the show to keep my lady happy. It's an opinion based on far too much experience of the show rather than just not liking shows like that in general. I honestly do think that it is a truly awful, pointless series and the fact that lots of people do seem to like it doesn't make my opinion any less valid or make me wish any less that Nathan's talents were being put to better use. Lots of people seem to enjoy watching a series about people dancing with minor celebs too. That doesn't mean the show actually has any quality to it. ;)

Joking aside, DH is no doubt popular and I would imagine that everyone here is happy that Nathan is getting work but that doesn't stop us wishing it was on a show we could actually enjoy to watch him on.
Like 'Smallville'.

*runs awaaaayyy*
Agreed FiveHorizons. I would much rather see Nathan in something like, oh say, The Tudors. But I'll settle for DH. And thanks for the Dancing with the Stars mention. Now I can't get the visual of Nathan doing the cha-cha-cha out of my head.
Legs of a dancer. Nuff said.
Well... I love that Nathan could be on a big hit show like that... but I don't think I can watch it, even for my Captain. I hope it gets his name & face out there, though, and more people become fans.
I am not trying to snub my nose at DH, kerfuffle.
I am super excited for Nathan. I have been following his career since his soap opera days.

I know a ton of people watch it and that is great for Nathan. He deserves ALL the success in the world, he is a wonderful actor.

I just think that what I feel and some others also I guess is that we just can not watch the show. It is not our thing.
No nose snubbing to Nathan at all.
On the bright least he won't have to worry about getting cancelled (at least not for a few seasons anyway).
No love for DH here, huh? Doesn't the fact that they want Nathan win them any points? At any rate, it's only an arc, so he won't be tied to it forever. If he takes it. Supposedly he already turned down a regular role on another new show. Personally, I hope it works out.

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Nathan deserves this, but they don't deserve him.
DH is crap TV, but it would get Nathan on a much-more widely watched show. Exposure can only work in his favor. Sadly, as much as I hate DH, I would have to tune in to catch Nathan. I'm pathetic...
No mention that Nathan and Dana Delaney were on Pasadena together? He played a married minister that she seduced.
Oh, that's funny. I never watched Pasadena. Yes, I see NF's involvement with Desperate Housewives as purely a strategic move on his part, which I give a standing ovation. They're getting a great actor if the deal goes through, so more power to them.
DH sort of drifted off my viewing list a while ago, but I'd certainly be willing to tune in again. Whether you like the show or not, it seems like a great opportunity for Nathan. I'm sure everyone here wishes him the best, in any case :)
I think this is good news. Desperate Housewives is still fairly watchable even though it's become increasingly unbelievable, repetitive and seems to have lost the dark comedic edge that it started with. But it could still be a really good career move for Nathan, and I'm sure he'd bring something to the show.
Is anyone else getting flashbacks of Nathan's "Pasadena" stint? I know DH isn't technically a soap, but it has so many elements of one. I admit I watched the first season, along with practically every woman in America. If he were to be on DH, I admit I would have to Tivo.
Cider asked:
"So would I have to watch this from the beginning to get it - or can I just jump right in where Nathan's episodes start?"

Season 1 was, for the most part, pretty well written and entertaining enough for its humor and the acting chops of the leading ladies (and most of the men). The show also looks great (the way it's shot, the sets/setting, the cast). If you've got the time, go ahead and catch up with the DVDs. I only watched the first couple episodes of Season 2 before dropping it (felt Season 1 pretty much wrapped things up and that I didn't need to go any further with the series), so I can't vouch for the rest of the series. According to my sister and many DP viewers though, apparently Season 2 is the pits (funny, Lost had a sophomore slump too) and Season 3 seemed to regain the show's footing and points toward improvement (again, like Lost, IMO), but she said it still ain't as good as Season 1.

The show is pretty steeped in its own twisty continuity from what I gather (I've seen the odd random ep of Season 3 and character relationships and past arcs are referenced and sometimes even important), but if you're only watching for eye candy and to see Nathan act again, I guess just pick it up during Season 4.

I'm considering maybe watching again. I kinda miss it. When HBO's dried out sometimes throughout the year, there's nothing else to watch on Sunday nights. The prospect of having to rent and watch a full two seasons' worth of episodes to bring myself up to speed though, um...Might just go against my viewer nature and skip it all, jump back in with Season 4. We'll see.
Personally, I'd prefer to see Nathan on Firefly: The Next Generation rather than DH or Lost. And maybe it's just me, but I feel really depressed to read that Nathan is supposed to be playing the MUCH YOUNGER spouse of Dana Delaney, who is mainly, oh, about my age. Aieeee!!!!
Kris, having seen all of seasons 1 and 2 and a healthy (unhealthy?) amount of season 3 of DH I can say that whilst I did notice a serious dip in the quality of the show in it's second year it was never a show that I would describe as entertaining. The first year was watchable (as long as I had alcohol available) but only in the sense that I didn't always feel the need to be looking for the remote control. The second year had me constantly wondering why I was putting myself through the pain each week. Amazing what you will do for the love of a good woman, hehe.

By the third season even the other half wasn't interested enough to watch every week, which hopefully means that even the possibility of Nathan joining the show won't be enough to get her back into the DH habit.
So this might be one of those things where you sit on your couch, finger ready to hit the mute button for those times when characters other than Nathan are speaking, correct?
Really? Geesh...I love my Captain and all but there is no way I'm watching DH. Grrr arrgh.
I'd watch for Nathan, but it'd be painful.
"Watch for Nathan" sounds like a telethon. If it's gonna be that big an ordeal you guys should seek sponsorship and donate the proceeds to charity ;).
Oh, this is getting a little buzz. I just saw a front page story about this on buzzsugar. The headline was funny.

Is Nathan Fillion getting 'Desperate'?
Ahh...but not everyone wants Nathan to join the cast. Here's link to an open letter urging him to turn down the part.

I don't care what they say. Nathan is already getting tons of new buzz from the rumor of this alone. Think how good/amazing it will be for him if he takes the part.
Come on, the man did "Pasadena"! DH is a hit show with a lot of buzz and potential to launch stars. Sure he's getting a lot of buzz on his own merit but this is a prime opportunity for him to get his lovely face out there for all the women to swoon over.
Oh lord, only people on the internet could try to get an actor to turn down a worldwide hit TV show role so he can sit and do, well, nothing instead.

The reason Nathan doesn't get big movies or big talk shows is because nobody knows who he is, sans us. The way to get around that is to appear on something people actually watch.

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Wow! Tough crowd. This is fabulous for Nathan. Huge!
Yeah, I am seriously baffled that people would be against this, to the point of campagining on the internet against it! Desperate Housewives came in 10th for the this previous season, and averaged 17.5 million viewers. Your average person has no idea who Fillion is and this would be a great opportunity for him.

As for quality, I enjoy Desperate Housewives. The first season was a hell of a lot of fun, and I remember plenty of great moments and lines ("Rex cries when he climaxes" is especially classic). True, season 2 sucked, but the show was entertaining again this past season. Is it great TV? Nah, but it's a satirical soap opera, and on those terms, it does what it's trying to do.
This is an awesome opportunity for Nathan. My 20 year old daughter just whooped and said, "Yes! This is just what he needs to be recognizable to everyone, Mom. This is mainstream television."

I for one will watch and I expect I'll have fun doing it too!

And it's for ABC- perhaps they'll ask him to guest on Lost more?
Which I'll like just fine. :)
There are good actors on the show, and Felicity Huffman only won several awards for Transamerica and was nominated for an Oscar, so for that reason I'm for it. Just disappointed it's not something darker and edgier. Maybe they could make it more like the film American Beauty and have it on later at night.
An actor's career has to be built. He can't just start miraculously picking the roles y'all want him to be in. Nathan can't make people put him in great movies, because although he is talented enough, he is not well-known enough to carry one. We are a devout fan base, but we are too small. This is an opportunity for him to make an impression on mass audiences and casting directors. He has to get written about and talked about or he will never be offered choice roles. Instead of always complaining about the "crappy" roles he is forced to take, I suggest being more proactive in your support for him. You can start by writing to ABC TV and telling them what a great actor he is and how you will watch the show only because he is in it. You might add a mention regarding his character returning to Lost as well, since it is also an ABC show. Voice your fandom if you want better roles for Nathan.

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Stephen McPherson - Chief Program Executive:

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Off topic, but I have to say: American Beauty is a great, great movie. It's on my mental best of list, and I doubt it'll budge position.
I am not an avid viewer of Desperate Housewives, but I've watch quite a number of episodes, mainly from season three, but also some from the first two seasons. It seems like a good show to me and I am surprised by the antipathy towards it. This is a great opportunity for Nathan Fillion should it come to pass.
Ahh...but not everyone wants Nathan to join the cast. Here's link to an open letter urging him to turn down the part.

Oh fandom, how much I love thee. Everytime I think you turn sane, you do something bat shit crazy like this. Wouldn't have it any other way.

As far as I am concerned, if Nathan wants to star in Desperate Housewives that's his own damn business. A fandom does not own an actor. Hope he gets the gig and it goes well for him.
I love my Captain. But even he can't get me to watch DH. What is wrong with his agent?! To me, this is SO MUCH a step backwards. I know actors gotta eat, but I would rather starve than be on DH.

Sorry but JMHO...
Good idea Ninja Mali. I was all for not watching DH but your post has made me change my mind and edit my original post. I reacted too quickly to something that was repugnant to me. Shame on me. I love my Captain. I will endeavor to support him in his choices.
i'm also with theonetruebix on this, i cannot watch DH, not even for Nathan & Dana, whom i worship based on her China Beach days. i'm super glad Nathan will be working tho', and hopefully the exposure will lead to more movies or his own tv show/a better tv show.
I'm surprised at all the non love for Desperate Housewives. It's not something I watch, but, I have seen a few episodes and they were entertaining. That was a while ago, maybe season one. Still, has it gotten that bad? Bad enough to not even check out to see the Captain? People make is sound like he's joined the cast of the WWF.
Now that I think about it, I'm very worried about the impending writer's strike in Hollywood, and not only the Writer's Guild but SAG and possibly DGA. This could put the kibosh on a lot of shows out there, so let's hope for the best.

Hollywood Today Story
Tonya J, this bluster and silliness has been going back and forth since last fall. There is something about it almost every week in Variety. The contract expires at the end of October and I feel that they will have things worked out by then. There really wasn't very much unscripted picked up for next year which would have been the leading indicator that the studios were going to play hardball. Just my uninformed opinion.
Woot for Nathan! I've never seen Desperate Housewives, but I'm excited that maybe people in my life other than my immediate circle of friends will recognize The Captain now. If my mother ends up recognizing his name...I'll know he's made it to the A-list. (;
Plus, then I can drag more people to Firefly and Serenity screenings...
Could I PLEASE request that those of you alluding to end of season events on Lost et al make use of spoiler text.

Not ALL countries in the world have yet had an opportunity to view the finales.

Exactly what Gossi said!

DH is one of the top 10 shows on television. A lot of people watch it whether people here like it or not.

Nathan is as awesome actor. He needs exposure on a big, mainstream hit show, and THIS is his chance.

People who never knew who he was before will fall in love with him. He'll be on major magazine covers and get a lot more attention from people who can do great things for him.

THEN he will get more movies, and maybe, just maybe, major movie star Nathan Fillion could help revive "Serenity" (and/or "Firefly").
I don't watch "Desperate Housewives," though have seen bits while flipping channels. Based on Mr. Fillion's addition to the cast, I will give it a shot, though. I do know that for season two, series creator Marc Cherry was less involved, but he came back full-time for season three, with the reported result that the show improved. There was also a short article in the Los Angeles Times today about Dana Delany joining "Desperate Hosuewives" that I found funny -- for those who know nothing about "Waitress," the following is a bit of a spoiler for Nathan Fillion in "Waitress." Didn't say anything about Nathan Fillion by name, but said that the character of Delany's husband was "the best-looking gynecologist" in town. Talk about typecasting :)
Well, I suffered through an entire season of Smallville for the all too occasional James Marsters fix, so I suppose I'd at least give this a try. But I really dislike DH, & I gave it a good chance, about two thirds of the first season before I just couldn't take it anymore.
But 1)I'm a TV snob who watches practically nothing on broadcast network and
2)My personal dislike of this show doesn't mean I'm not happy for Nathan. Just hope it leads to bigger and better things.
I watched--and enjoyed--the first season of Desperate Housewives...and never watched again.
I hope he gets the show...and gets even more recognition.
He'd be perfect for that show: good dramatic actor, pretty in the face...and with the funny, too.
" looking gynecologist in town..." indeed!
(Personally, if my gyno looked like Nathan, I'd have to find another doctor!)
; )
Thank you for saying, madmolly. :)
(Personally, if my gyno looked like Nathan, I'd have to find another doctor!)

I wish I could find a doctor like that!
I watched 4 episodes of the first season of DH and gave up because I couldn't help wincing at the situational comedy-type humour. Not my brand of humour, that's for certain. I also commented to a friend that based on its plot, it was the most anti-feminist, female un-empowering show on at that time that I'd seen. She (a DH fan) got really offended.

If the captain is doing this as a career move, good for him. I won't be watching though.
Yeah, as somebody who is officially on record as being extremely anti-Desperate Housewives (on record several times in this thread alone actually) I would never request Nathan turn down the gig if he gets it. Simply a dumb thing to do.

Do I hope something better comes along for him so that he can turn this dire show down? Naturally! Am I going to watch if he does take the part? Not a chance in hell! Love the guy but my loyalty has limits. Do I think Nathan should turn the job down? Of course not. Work is work, even if the work happens to be on a really abysmal series. The exposure will hopefully mean that the "something better" will arrive sooner rather than later.
If I could sit through the ridiculous "Drive" to watch him, I can sit through Desperate Housewives. At least I won't experience motion sickness while watching.
On LOST, several of us think that a Sawyer flashback was filmed with Nathan when he was in Hawaii. Kevin says "fugitives from Tampa" and Sawyer one time mentions "Tampa job"

On Jack and Kate being anywhere else, "future, always in motion is" or something like that.

On DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, never watched the show. If Nathan is going to be on it, I will watch it. And I think everyone should keep in mind that with Nathan there is always a chance that Our Captain, the Real Alex Tully or Caleb will show up. Never know. Just like LOST, is Kevin a good husband, bad cop? No one on LOST seems to be totally good or totally evil.

On WATIRESS, check your theaters. Fox SearchLight is still sending Waitress to new theaters. My sister just called and saw an article in the paper about Waitress. Whoo-hoo, closer than an hour away this weekend! I was worried it would be gone.
Who do you think is the breakthrough male star of summer?

Live Vote flag still checked.
* 6542 responses

Shia LaBeouf, "Transformers," "Disturbia," "Surf's Up" 30%

Chiwetel Ejiofor, "Talk to Me" 3.5%

Nathon Fillian, "Waitress" 24%

Nathan only 392 votes behind. 6% behind.
Comments made by several people have led me to feel I should qualify my earlier remarks (not the one about b!x- he's still my doppleganger ;-)...

Nothing on earth, not even Nathan, could get me to watch "Slutty Desperate Housewives," but I am thrilled to pieces that he's getting such great exposure (NO! I don't mean taking off his shirt like the rest of the male cast). I think it's actually the perfect followup to an indy hit like "Waitress," in fact. Think of John Corbett after "My Big Fat Greek Wedding": didn't he get his big role on "Sex and the City" right after? For a while there, it was all about him and, imho, it was only because he chose to stay low-key that he didn't end up a bigger star.

So Go, Nathan go... but go without me. :-)

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