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July 03 2007

ABC and Fox extend option for Tratchenberg and Dushku's shows. Michelle Tratchenberg's "The Hill" (ABC) and Eliza Dushku's "Nurses" (Fox) were both excluded from the fall schedule announced last may, but are receiving second lease of life through networks extensions for the cast.

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Even though FOX has never been kind to any of the Whedonverse for the most part, they have been especially taunting to "Tru Calling" which I admit was not the most developed show, but it had a lot of potential. I hope this pans out for both of them, though I think we've had too many shows with the word "hill" in them. One Tree Hill, The Hills...
I really don't want Nurses to get canceled. Please get picked up by another network because at this point, I just don't trust FOX.

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