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July 03 2007

Quick mention of Runaways at The A.V. Club.

They're reviewing comics bi-weekly, so we should see more Joss love from them in the future.

Joss Whedon has been scripting the monthly Runaways comic recently, while Vaughan has written some upcoming Buffy Season 8 issues, which is no wonder; Runaways is about as close to Whedon's shows as non-Whedon comics get—clever banter, emotional wrenches and all… A-

I can agree with that! I am loving Joss' writing of 'Runaways' and I' really looking forward to seeing what BKV does with Faith!
So is this week's issue of Runaways not available until tomorrow everywhere in the U.S., or is this just my local shop? They're open, but no shipments today.

Obviously I'm kind of liking the series-- I walked to the shop today and left a bit disappointed. I shoulda realized.
Sunfire, sometimes the publishers will supply the day before a holiday, but I had checked: this time everything is being released tomorrow. Of course mostly it is that the Post Office isn't delivering today anyway!

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