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July 03 2007

Firefly at The Mission. Details of the upcoming Firefly marathon in Portland, Oregon.

Portland once again cementing its claim as the unofficial fandom capital of the world. Will Los Angeles take the lead? Who knows.

And join PDX Browncoats two days beforehand for our July 8 shindig (at the same place we had our post-screening party), where we will be gearing up for this event, and maybe talking a little about what to expect.

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Wow! You really can't srop the signal :)
Did you guys need any special permission or anything?

Toronto has soooo got to do this.
It's a public performance, so you have to license the rights to show it. (I have no idea what that entails, since it's the theater that deals with that, as far as I know.)
You can now also find the July 10 screening of "Serenity -- Part 1 & 2" officially listed on the McMenamins Web site.

And BTW, I'm told the theater will be serving its spring seasonal ale, the delicious and smooth Firefly Kolsch. I swear this is a complete coincidence.
Also, Willamette Week coverage of Portland and Whedon. Clearly timed to feed into the Mission event.
Nice writeup in the WW!

I've got to figure out a way to make Olympia closer to Portland . . .
A high-rez PDF of the official poster (suitable for printing) can be downloaded right here or off

Artwork by the great Bill Mudron.
Wow. Is it Serenifly Summer in Portland? Or is this year round?

ETA: Meaning the general theme of Whedon stuff in Portland so far this summer, not the Firefly run specifically.

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