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July 04 2007

Big Damn Chefs Cookbook sales resulted in $1000 donated to Freedom from Hunger! Apparently as of mid June, more than the necessary 330 copies were sold, and $1000 will be(or has been) donated to the charity!

Additionally, there is an extension in deadline for submission of recipes and articles for the next cookbook, due to be out in 2008. Bigdamnchefs, you rock peeps!

Oh, and I finally picked myself up a copy of the cookbook today, can't wait for its arrival!


and lookfing forward to Vol 2
That's a really cool idea. I hadn't been aware of this.
you havent??? lol. Yeah I think there may have been some folks not aware of it. I mean way more than 330 cookbooks can be sold, and everyone needs food! Albeit I know that some people dont cook, but myself, I would like something way different than Kraft Dinner or Ramen noodles hehe. I have been cooking for myself for over a year now, jsut simple thigns and I tend to actually cook 2-3 times a week enough for a few meals and I supplement that with outside food and my mom and dad's cooking.

As a vegetarian I am surprised there were quite a few recipes in there. And they look delicious. I can't wait to try them out... I never owned a cookbook before, all the recipes i have, are from internet sites...and a few are photocopies from books.

I have thought about contributing a recipe or two... I found to have worked for me.

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Very glad to have contributed a few recipes, as well as have purchased a few copies.

Well done!
Nope-- honestly I don't read all the threads here and this is my main source of Serenifly news. I'm very comic-spoiler plot-debate ooo-shiny attracted. I'm less into collecting things, but it can be quite fun to read about them.

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